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Trusted teacher: I am a qualified and experienced mathematics tutor. Graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 2011, I started my career by teaching remedial courses in different schools in Brussels. I then specialized in individual academic support by following educational training at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have been giving private mathematics lessons daily for over ten years. The students who follow my private lessons benefit from personalized support. The first session is devoted to an in-depth assessment of the student's mathematical knowledge. The objective is to detect its weak points and understand their origin in order to adapt my courses to its needs. I develop a tailor-made remediation program for each of my students aimed at filling each of their gaps. Over the course of the sessions, the student builds a solid foundation for learning and regains self-confidence. At the same time, I help him acquire a work methodology that allows him to gradually become autonomous in his studies. I have a perfect knowledge of the mathematics program of the College and the High School (from the Sixth to the Terminale). During my formative years, I studied and developed many techniques that make it easier to learn math. The strength of my pedagogical approach lies in my ability to explain in a simple way everything that the student finds complicated. I am passionate about this job because it gives me the opportunity to guide dropout students on the path to success. It is a real pleasure to see them evolve and come to terms with the fantastic world of mathematics. I provide my private lessons in Limoges (at the student's home) or remotely (online via the internet). My distance learning courses take place on an interactive online whiteboard. This board is specially designed to promote student/teacher interaction on the internet. Thanks to this educational tool, my online courses are as effective as home courses. The student only needs an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone to take advantage of it.
Math · Tutoring · Learning & study skills
Tutoring · Korean · Traveling
Are you searching for an exceptional tutor to guide you through the fascinating worlds of Biology and Environmental Sciences? Look no further! I am a passionate and experienced educator with a unique blend of academic expertise and rich, diverse experiences from around the globe. Growing up in the heart of rural Africa, I developed an intimate connection with nature and an early appreciation for environmental sustainability. This profound understanding of the natural world is the foundation of my teaching philosophy. My professional journey has taken me across continents, from the vibrant ecosystems of South Africa to the innovative environmental policies in Sweden and the cutting-edge research in the UK. This global exposure enables me to provide a rich, multicultural learning experience tailored to students from all backgrounds. I hold a BSc in Biology and Biochemistry and a PhD in Environmental Toxicology. With over a decade of teaching experience at the Secondary, Advanced, Undergraduate, and Masters levels, I have successfully guided countless students toward academic excellence. My engaging and interactive teaching style makes complex concepts accessible and enjoyable, ensuring you confidently grasp the material. I believe every student is unique, so I offer personalized tutoring sessions designed to meet your specific needs and learning style. Whether you're preparing for exams, tackling challenging topics, or simply seeking to deepen your understanding, I am here to support you every step of the way. Join me on an educational journey!
Biology · Environmental science · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: Unlock your potential with a personalized guide! Whether you are a beginner or intermediate English student, I can help you achieve fluency in no time. English is an essential language for global communication and essential to succeed in today's world. Therefore, I offer a personalized guide in English to make your learning journey enjoyable and effective. If you are a teenager or adult looking to improve your English grammar, reading, comprehension, writing and speaking skills, this course is tailored to your needs. I also provide specific guidance for those preparing for school or academic exams. For children between 7 and 12 years old, my interactive classes use games, stories and songs to stimulate their interest and immersion in the language in a fun and effective way. With Spanish and English as my languages of instruction, you will feel comfortable and understood throughout the learning process. Classes are individual and personalized to match your learning goals, so you'll see progress every step of the way. Unlock your potential today and join me on this exciting journey to flow! Are you a beginner or intermediate English student? Let me be your linguistic compass! I offer personalized guidance in English for students like you, making the learning journey enjoyable and effective. English is a fundamental tool in global communication and is rooted in most countries in the world, being an essential part of educational programs throughout the planet. If you are a teenager or adult interested in improving your grammar, reading, comprehension, writing and speaking skills in English, this course is designed for you, adapting to your initial level. In addition, I offer specific guidance for preparing for school or academic exams. Both Spanish and English are my languages of instruction, ensuring you feel comfortable and understood every step of the way. In addition, classes are individual and personalized according to your learning objectives.
English · Tutoring · Spanish
Trusted teacher: Hi ! I'm Steven and with a hundred hours of private lessons under my belt, I'm here to help you with your lessons and homework so that you can succeed, all at an affordable price, because teaching must be accessible to all! We're going to work together, what do you think? I am a student of Quantitative Economics and Statistical Modeling, and I am here to help you succeed in your studies. Whether in maths, French, economics or other subjects, I am here to support you and share all the knowledge I have acquired. I am friendly, very available and attentive. And when it comes to work, we work seriously! My goal is simple: to support you and give you the tools you need to progress and succeed. No pressure, just friendly, personalized help so you can achieve your goals. But be careful, seriousness, learning and excellence will be there! So, are you ready to succeed together? Still interested ? You are right, because your success will be my success! First, we'll take the time to get to know each other a little. You'll tell me what you want to improve and what's problematic for you, okay? Then, together we will set clear objectives for our sessions and for your progress, is that okay with you? At the start of each session, I will explain the concepts to you in a simple and clear way so that you understand. No complicated jargon, just straightforward and accessible explanations. Then, we will move on to practical exercises so that you can apply what you have learned. Practice makes you better, and I'll be there to support you every step of the way. At the end of each lesson, we will take a quick look at what worked well and what can be improved. Your opinion is important so that I can adapt my methods to your needs. If we work well together, your grades will improve, that's for sure. No stress, just friendly, personalized help so you can achieve your goals. Seriousness, learning and excellence will always be there. So, are you ready to try the adventure? Interested for good? Contact me now and together, let's work for your success! See you soon !
Tutoring · Learning & study skills
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Private online mathematics lessons - Qualified and experienced teacher (Limoges)
Benoit is friendly and patient and has a good sense of when to challenge and when to take a step back. My son, who is 8, really likes his lessons very much. He loves math, especially working with big numbers, and at school it isn't always possible to work on calculations as he would like. After few lessons he already learned new techniques for calculations he likes to experiment with and Benoit also managed to challenge him to try some new and more advanced things. I think this type of lessons is more tricky to prepare, at least until the teacher gets to know well the capacities and character of the child, as there are not based on the child's curriculum or homework to be done. Benoit is always open to discussion and if my son finds something too challenging, they take a step back and try another way or just agree to try another time when my son feels ready for it.
Review by DIANA
Helping Business Administration students around the world (Sohag)
I recently had the privilege of being taught by an exceptional finance analysis instructor. Her teaching style is truly commendable. She possesses an extraordinary ability to convey complex financial concepts with utmost clarity and patience. Her dedication to ensuring i comprehend the material is truly admirable. She consistently goes above and beyond, taking the time to address individual questions and providing additional support until ei feel confident in understanding. What sets her apart is not only her excellent teaching skills, but also her profound professionalism and extensive experience in finance analysis. This is evident in every lecture and assignment. Her practical insights and real-world examples enriched our learning experience and provided valuable context to theoretical concepts.
Science and math tutoring for primary and secondary school students (Şişli)
I am pleased to share my positive experience with Mavi. Mavi's professionalism and deep knowledge of mathematics. Mavi's teaching approach is organized, clear, and engaging. She possess a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all students. The personalized attention given to each student's learning style ensures a comprehensive understanding of the material. What stands out about Mavi is not only her expertise but also their commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Students benefit from a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and open communication. In summary, I highly recommend Mavi as a math teacher. her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to student success make them an invaluable asset.
Review by ANTONELA