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2 sql teachers in Tallinn

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Trusted teacher: Mastering MS SQL Server: Database Development and Management Description: Unlock the full potential of database development and management with our comprehensive MS SQL Server course. Whether you're a budding database administrator, software developer, or IT professional, this course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the power of Microsoft SQL Server. What You'll Learn: Introduction to MS SQL Server: Understand the fundamentals of relational databases. Explore the architecture and components of MS SQL Server. Database Design and Normalization: Design efficient and normalized database structures. Learn best practices for creating scalable and maintainable databases. SQL Querying: Master Transact-SQL (T-SQL) for querying and manipulating data. Implement stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Data Modeling and Indexing: Create effective data models for optimal performance. Implement and optimize indexes for fast query execution. Advanced Querying and Reporting: Explore advanced querying techniques for complex data retrieval. Generate meaningful reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Data Security and Permissions: Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data. Manage user roles and permissions effectively. Backup and Recovery Strategies: Develop comprehensive backup and recovery plans. Learn to restore databases in the event of data loss. Real-World Projects: Database Development: Design and implement a fully functional database for a real-world scenario. Performance Optimization: Identify and optimize slow-performing queries and database structures. Why Choose Our Course: Hands-On Labs: Apply your knowledge through hands-on labs and real-world scenarios. Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced database administrators and SQL Server professionals. Career Guidance: Receive insights into career paths in database development and administration. Certification Preparation: Prepare for Microsoft SQL Server certifications to boost your credentials. Who Is This Course For: Database Administrators Software Developers IT Professionals Students and Enthusiasts interested in database management Join us in this immersive journey to become a master of MS SQL Server. Enroll now to acquire the skills needed to build and manage robust databases that drive business success!
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Learn basics of SQL programming with no prior knowledge (Tallinn)
Arpan is extremely professional and easy to communicate with! On top, he is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience in the process, which made my lessons of SQL, with no prior knowledge, be an absolute pleasure. What I liked the most is that he presented every new piece of information by either relating it to something familiar or explaining the context, so all things make sense and are, therefore, easier to understand. Totally recommended and the perfect person to start your SQL knowledge with!
Review by LAURA
Math and physics lessons for middle and high school students (Casablanca)
So far, I've been getting help with my IGCSE 's in Math and Computer Science with Amin. In most of the lessons I've been with him, he's been really helpful and responsible. He has also been very patient. He helps me become more confident in my answers and makes the lessons pretty fun! After my lessons with him, I do understand my topics more and am able to go to my classes in school without feeling lost. If you're ever struggling with Physics or Programming, I'm sure he can help you too :)
Review by MANIJ
Econometrics & Statistics - For University & School Students. SAT, IB, A-Levels, University Courses (Amsterdam)
Nick's approach is patient and thorough, informative and imaginative as well. He always comes up with his own examples in order to test my knowledge on a given exercise and helps me get to the answer at my own pace, rather than handing it to me. He doesn't use a one-size-fits-all method, but rather tailors his lesson in order to get out my full potential, even in a field I find difficult. He makes himself available for additional questions and is overall great to work with!
Review by DENI