Trusted teacher
Trusted teacher
Arabic You will learn what the letters of the Arabic language are and the movements in the Arabic language. How to write letters in addition to learning new words. At the end of the lesson, you will learn how to read from the book directly and the rules of the Arabic language. We will learn how to write letters from the beginning and the movements, in addition to the rules of the Arabic language. If u wanna learn how to speak Arabic in a perfect way or to read quran, and also if u wanna learn English for ur carrer or studying and French language ur First lesson now!

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It has changed from the originally planned time. The sound of zoom was so bad that I couldn't hear it at all. However, the teacher is kind and I need to study English so I would like to try again in a good WiFi environment
Great start to first lesson, preview goal setting and dialogue repetition for different forms. 2 pieces of homework to review next lesson. I’m confident in Tutor Mennat and have booked further 10 more lessons.
Very kind and professional with kids

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