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7 music teacher training teachers in Austria

Individual lessons /// partner lessons /// parent-child courses /// groups of small children (max. 5) Group discount by arrangement /// social tariff by arrangement Do you feel like, ... ... learn funny songs and dances and invent your own rhymes? ... to go on musical journeys and practice mystical rituals? ... to dream up your own fantasy world and learn exciting rhythms? Then take a look at the "Land of a Thousand Friends"! There you are already waiting full of joy: Klaus, the piano, Ukiuki ukulele, bong bong bongo and many more. Music, educational magic bullet! You cannot start early enough to support our youngest and the older ones also benefit from the healing effects of music. Far from - right or wrong - exhausting your own potential becomes a matter of course. The shared experience helps to strengthen social bonds and to make contact with oneself and one's own wishes and needs. It calms and relieves childish fears and promotes confidence in one's own strengths. The joy of learning is celebrated in a playful way. Just do it, try it out, help shape it and experience it. And last but not least, it's just a lot of fun! I see improvisation as a natural way to explore new things and enable learning processes that are based on trusting one's own intuition. She is there from the first music lesson to give children and young people not only playful space but also to strengthen their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities by becoming an active part of creative processes themselves. Bringing the entire family into the complex process of learning and experiencing musical forms of expression is essential. They are necessary for creating structures that make it easier for children to practice regularly. I would like to communicate the importance of their role to you because it is of considerable advantage when teachers and parents pull together. I see the educational work as a constant learning process that takes place on both sides. In my opinion, with pure knowledge transfer you only get to a very clearly defined and unfortunately rigid point. Understanding is the exciting thing and not the fact. And for a clear understanding you need patience and a lot of joy in development processes. The extensive knowledge that I have acquired in numerous musical projects during my time at Porgy and Bess and also in areas unrelated to the music industry (community service, social and learning care, childcare) are a priceless treasure that helps me cool in any educational situation Keeping your head, dealing flexibly and improvisationally with unforeseen challenges and always maintaining a respectful and appreciative approach. Keeping an eye on the needs of everyone involved is very important to me and nothing gives me greater pleasure than the success of my fellow human beings.
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Singing lessons with a coach. Learn to sing correctly and with joy! (Graz)
This is the first lesson I had with Miss Betina, she seems very patient and encouraging to me, I believe she is a great teacher, she can directly point out my weakness while having vocal practise, and kindly mentioned that she will train and improve my vocal.
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