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    Trusted teacher
    Create a fulfilling life according to your desires and your passions is your will? This coaching is for you. You will get to know yourself and become the one you want to be deep inside of you, I am here to guide you at your own pace. What I am going to teach you is not a miracle recipe to be happy, nor will it be the magic potion for you to become a star, nor be popular or even an outstanding speaker. What I propose is an introduction to your inner self. What I propose to you is a journey of personal development on all levels of your life, both professional and personal. I propose to you to discover the satisfaction in the small things like way of happiness and not towards the happiness. I invite you in this program to get to know you, to know your desires, the things you like, the things you want to avoid, the relationships you want to attract to you. In this personal coaching, our focus will be solely on your person, what you aspire to be, what you are in the depths of your being. In this program, you will be able to free yourself from your taboos from your culture, your education, your prejudices, your complexes, your phobias and all the obstacles that stand between your self today and your great self. tomorrow.
    When I started photography as a photo model, I was curious to see what it could do. For some, they are afraid to expose themselves, to reveal themselves, to show themselves as they are, their deep nature. I was able to discover facets of my person through the photo shoots and discover that I could give a vivid emotion in a static photograph of nature. Having had experiences with various photographers and in all areas of photography, I want to give the opportunity to other people to have the confidence and ease to pose in front of the camera, in front of the flash, in front of people who fix you for hours and stand up to the demands of professional photographers. It will be largely coaching, self-reflection and personal development. There will be theory and then practice.

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