This course is for university students who would like to master data essentials and database querying. We learn normalisation, ER diagrams, DDL, DML as part of this course. Immerse yourself in practicing logics via different exercises. The couse will be tailored per your specific needs.
Learn python from scratch. This course will help you learn python from the very basic and will help develop your to think in a logical manner while programming with python programming language. We will cover functional as well as object oriented concepts in a fun manner that are easy to remember.
This course is for absolute beginners who would like to take the first steps in web development. The couse will cover all the aspects of HTML5 and CSS3 along with a personal portfolio. You will learn the web basics along with concepts like frontend and backend This coure will further be tailored per you pace and needs. Please drop a meesage for more information. Additionally I will help you with your assignments and creating webportals. .
Java programming classes for beginners. You will learn from the very basics of Java programming to advanced concepts. This is an indepth course to learn and master this language. By the end of the course you would be able to apply advanced concepts using java streams and concurrent programming. The classes will be tailored per your need and pace.
Learn Algebra in a fun way. The course will help you construct mental models and help in easy visualization of problems. This will involve a lot of exercies and practical explainations to theorems. The course will help you understand and sharpen the logical thinking.

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Sanyam, is very good at teaching. He explain in different ways so that I can understand it.

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