Nothing can get the blood pumping more than listening to a high octane, heavy metal riff, lick or solo. However there is more to this style of music than what meets the eye and needs a bit more care attention than you may first think. If you are looking to learn what makes a shred solo, what makes a riff catchy and what keeps the neighbours up at night this is the class for you. Covering techniques from String Skipping, Hybrid Picking, Sweep Picking, Pinch Harmonics, Legato. Wigs and leather not required.
At some stage in their lives EVERYONE owns a guitar, some sit in the corner of a room gathering dust while others are used to express, entertain, make a career out of or just used by someone to mime along to a Guns N Roses track. Whatever your goals, if you are a beginner, intermediate or even an undecided guitar player or owner I am here to help YOU learn your favourite songs, understand them, and most importantly explore and define your very own style!
Joe Satriani is a name that rings many bells for millions of players and listeners of instrumental guitar music. With hits such as Surfing With The Alien, If I Could Fly and Always With Me Always With You, Satriani paved the way for a new type of play style that sounds like something out of your favourite sci fi movie. In this lesson my aim is to demonstrate and teach the techniques and ideas behind his playing style from very articulate skills such as Legato, Advanced Bends and the use of the Lydian Mode. This will also allow you to break out of the box you may feel like you're in and open for mind to new ideas! Playing like Satch is no easy thing but with persistence and willingness to take on a challenge you can expand your ideas and skill.

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