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Trusted teacher
Hello, let me introduce myself, Leo from the New3dge school, freelance in visual design for 5 years with various experiences in America, today concept artist for video games and films in France. If you want to learn drawing in order to create your own characters, environments, objects on paper or using digital tools, this course is for you. Tailor-made and adapted to any level, this course will allow you to understand the technical bases of drawing such as perspective, anatomy, colors ... and push them to the creation of complex elements. Each profile being different, we define together your objective during the first course starting from your current level then we develop the desired axis.
Blender is a powerful asset for artists, it allows you to create realistic images quickly and without drawing or photo prerequisites. You will learn with me how to create these images from 0, thanks to techniques developed during my work as a concept artist. These will allow you to go quickly and minimize the technical aspect for more creativity. Example topics: - Textures - Polygonal modeling - Quick modeling via addons - creation of complex scenes - character creation - carving... Whether you are a beginner or already advanced, you will find the answers you are looking for and more. Do not hesitate to contact me by explaining your research.

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Very friendly teacher! Good professional, very good with explaining things, engaging.

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