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I am a qualified English teacher from England. I obtained my bachelor's degree in linguistics at Lancaster University (UK) and will soon have my master's degree. I have been teaching English for over 3 years to students who wish to improve their English language skills or become bilingual. All my students are satisfied with my course and those who had entrance exams have passed successfully. There is nothing like having English lessons with a qualified English speaker ;-) I have done all my studies in English and in the United Kingdom, I consider English as being my first language among all the other ones I have learned. Being a "native" speaker for me is meaningless, the qualifications are the most important as well as the experience (you could have a "native" speaker who makes a lot of mistakes because this person is not qualified in teaching). The price of the lessons is moderate compared to the effectiveness of my courses. I use a variety of methods and can easily adapt to the needs of the student. I offer courses at all levels (beginner, advanced to university level) as well as English courses for IELTS/TOEFL, A-LEVELS or correction of written works. I have worked with children as well as teenagers and adults. My 3 years of experience as a teacher in England have helped me to develop the qualities necessary to motivate my students and teach them effectively. I can deliver the lessons online anywhere in the world. Do not hesitate to contact me to book a lesson, places are quickly taken. If your desired time slot wouldn't be available, I would do my best to adapt myself to your schedule and I would refer you to some of my colleagues. ;-) See you soon!
Are you looking for a qualified English teacher from England? You have the possibility to improve your English while being supervised by your teacher. You can work on your grammar, writing, speaking and pronunciation. Are you desperate to pass your exams, prepare yourself for an interview or correct an essay? Or do you want to go to an English school or follow an English programme? The teacher is open to your requests. Maybe you want to share your English lesson with some of your friends? It is possible to form a group at a reduced price, tell me with whom you would like to form a group. ;-) If not, the lessons are also individualised (private). All levels are welcome (beginners to university students)! The teacher will be happy to receive you. Lessons can also be delivered online, students even learn better when lessons are given via Skype (the teacher takes notes for you online), technology is so cool! :-) Do you have a question? Don't worry, the teacher will be happy to answer you.
Do you want your children/teens to immerse themselves in the German language? The German lessons are usually taught in English in small groups (but can also be taught in French if the student doesn't know the English language). Private lessons can also be organised both in German (beginners) and in English (all levels). Children are said to be fast learners; through the interactive activities, they will be eager to learn the language, remember what they learned and apply their language skills in real life context. Why learn German? German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union. German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It's always a huge advantage to know the German Language when working in Europe and even in non-European countries, most of the time, employers will look after employees who can speak many languages and in particular German. Don't hesitate to contact me should you have further questions. It would be a huge pleasure to integrate your child/teenager in one of my classes. :-)
Hello everyone and welcome to my English and or German lessons taught in group. I organise English and German lessons for children and teenagers and separately adult English group lessons (beginners to advanced). For children and teenagers, interactive activities are used as a way to motivate them, help them remember what they have learned in class and make sure they will be able to apply their language skills in real life context. For the adults lessons, depending on what the students are willing to learn, we can have discussions based on the news, some grammar, writing... I am open to any suggestions, just tell me your needs and I am going to adapt the next lessons for you. If you wish to invite your friends and make a group with them, just let me know and I will allocate you a time slot. For private English lessons, please have a look at my other advertisements. The German lessons are usually for beginners/ intermediate (exceptionally advanced levels in German can be organised only if there is a high-demand). Don't hesitate to contact me should you have further questions. It would be a huge pleasure to integrate you in one of my classes. :-)
Hello!!! I would be thrilled to have you for student. We offer Spanish and Italian lessons at a native level and always make sure to keep a high-quality learning. Do you need a last minute lesson to prepare you for an examination? Do you wish to improve your language level rapidly and efficiently? Are you moving soon to Spain or Italy ? Do you need to prepare yourself for an interview? Well, you have chosen the right teacher! :-) I can make you discover the Spanish/Italian culture through the lessons and make sure that you will be able to speak properly Spanish/Italian once in Spain/Italy (or who knows Brazil... ;-) ). * Students taking their IB/ GCSEs/ A-Levels or other exams can be guaranteed to get the top grades (but you also need to do your homework and revise your notes ;-) ). I can also help students at the university in business, economics... * Students who are willing to learn Spanish/Italian for fun, let's do it! I can make the lessons fun for you and we can talk about many subjects. You have got a question? I'm waiting for you to send me a message. No questions? You can directly book your first lesson and I'll do my best to give you your desired time slot.

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Ophelia is a very good teacher, patient and organised.
Very good
I would like to say it was a very nice experience with the teacher as my daughter learned what she supposed to at her age !! Totally recommend 😊
Très bon contact
Excellent experienced teacher.

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