Each lesson follows the UK's phonics programme 'Letters and Sounds' and aims to assess where your child is and where they need to be. Using games and activities to help cement the phonetical knowledge, your child will recap previous learning each lesson, then build on to this and use it in practice. The lesson is staged in four parts: Assess or recap, Teach new knowledge, Play games or an activity to cement new knowledge Use new knowledge in practice. One hour lessons will include a storytime reading session and addition spelling practice games. Extra homework can be set on request after each lesson or additional worksheets or game apps can be emailed to the students.
English for Year 2 or 3 is a 30 minute class for children aged 6-7 or 7-8 years old. As a qualified teacher in the UK, we will explore the areas of the national curriculum for English and ensure that your child has all they need to progress in English. The lesson will be split into 4 min parts: Recap and Assess - This helps to find out what your child already knows or remembers. Teach new knowledge - an aspect of the national curriculum with examples. Practise using the new knowledge through a game or activity. Consolidate - Use the new knowledge to complete a task and allow students to ask questions or ask for a recap. Emailed homework and extra activities can be included for free with any lesson.

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