Are you applying for a job, study, or grant which requires a professional level of English? Then it's important that your application be error free and clearly communicate your strengths and motivations. Over the past five years I've helped dozens of colleagues, friends, and clients improve their job and study applications (CVs, cover letters, essays), prepare for interviews, and practice presentations. By working together to edit your documents, we'll identify common mistakes and opportunities for improvement. I can also help you customize your CV and cover letter to meet specific position requirements, which can greatly improve your chance of being selected or invited for an interview. As a working professional (I'm an engineer), I have plenty of experience applying to and interviewing with various types of companies. I also have experience on the other side of the table, scanning CVs, reading cover letters, and interviewing applicants. I look forward to working with you!
I'm a native English speaker from the USA, living in Rotterdam. In my job as an engineer, I regularly help colleagues with their written and spoken English. I'm available to help you practice English on a regular basis on weeknights. I mainly work with students and professionals in technical fields who are interested in refining their English writing and speaking skills. I also speak fluent Dutch, as well as some Spanish and French, so I'm familiar with common English mistakes and understand what's causing them. Examples of lessons: - Reviewing written documents together, and identifying recurring errors (work emails, proposals, reports, etc.). - General conversation practice, and presentation practice. I will listen, take notes, and provide feedback on pronunciation and grammar, while we discuss various topics. - Practice speaking exercises in preparation for IELTS exams. - Assistance with job applications (reviewing English CVs and cover letters). I do not teach beginners courses in English, as I have a full-time job and this would require longer/more frequent lessons, and I do not have the training/background required to teach basic English. If you're interested, I'd love to hear a bit more about what you'd like to learn, so I can tailor the lessons to your needs: - What is your previous experience with English? - Why are you improving your English? - Do you have any specific goals? (e.g. certain topics you would like to be able to speak/write about) For our first lesson we can meet at a cafe/park/library/online, and after that, we can choose the location that makes the most sense.

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very helpful and kind teacher

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