Violin lessons with solfege included for well-educated students. I'm moving to your place. I did studies in Switzerland, in Geneva, and I have in pocket my Bachelor and my Master. My methods are: Suzuki and the Russian method. The solfege is included because it is something very important in a violinist's suite.
Piano course gives by diploma and student at the HEM of Geneva. The courses are more for beginners and the method is called BASTIEN. An introduction to music theory is provided and a good atmosphere is guaranteed. Solfege included in the "I like music" method Skype lesson: yesterday_for_me_was_history
Violin lessons given by a professional Master student at the HEM in Geneva. The method is according to level and preferences. The courses include music theory for those who need. Classes can include singing method for those who desire. See you soon I hope, Mr.
I am a soloist and I have similarly finished my studies of Bachelor and Master at the HEM of Geneva. I offer piano lessons by webcamm (skype or facebook) at a suitable rate because I hold with climate change. I think it's the best way to teach without using cars, minibuses, or any other transportation that pollutes our planet. I already taught by facebook video and it works very well, one of my students supports exams on the piano with brilliance, he has made good progress by reading what it is written in the score and has progressed well musically. With kind regards, Mr.
Violin lessons at your home in Germany or Luxembourg. I also offer music theory and a great ambience. I am a bachelor and graduate student of Geneva Hight school of music. I am looking forward to see you as soon as possible as my student. Kind regards Mr.
Hello, I propose you piano lessons on play method. I move to the student's house. And I finished my studies in Switzerland, Bachelor and Master. My methods are aplicable according to your needs and the primondial it is the pleasure to be able to play this instrument. See you soon
Hi, My name is Mihaela and i finished my study in Geneva. I did my bachelor and my master in music. Currently i give lessons by skype or by Facebook. It works as a video. So if you are interested for violin lessons for beginners, or more advanced, i am here to help you.

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Enseignement consciencieux et méthodique, à l'écoute de mes besoins.

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