If you want to get into audio production, I can give you a solid foundation and guide you towards the sounds you want to make. If you're already an user, I can help you with your mixes, give you advice on use, workflow, automation ... I'll adapt whether you come from a classic course or whether you are self-taught, don't worry.
Whether you want to learn the basics of harmony, study your favorite pieces in detail, or expand your compositions, I teach music theory, both classical and jazz. Since these are distance courses, it's easier if you have notation software such as Musescore or Sibelius, and/ or a midi instrument :) All levels.
Computer classes covering several fields; ranging from simple OS management to video game development. High school / university / engineering school support, help with personal projects. All levels. Proposed fields: Programming -Software dev: C, C #, Java, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Scala, Haskell, Rust, others. -Webdev: HTML / CSS + JavaScript, React, Angular, Akka Play, Django -Gamedev: Godot / Unity / Unreal Engine / SFML. More really. Linux/MSYS2 - Initiation to the command line and scripts - Help with system configuration, use of different package managers and use of build systems (Cmake, etc.)

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Maxime a une bonne pédagogie. il maitrise son domaine. il pousse l'apprenant à réfléchir et trouver lui-même la solution. Honnêtement je suis très satisfaite et je le recommande vivement.
Très bon prof qui connaît bien son sujet. très compétent et bon pédagogue !
Je recommande fortement Maxime.
Maxime est un très bon prof, pédagogue et compétent.

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