Konnichiwa!こ ん に ち は! Are you going to Japan? Do you like Mangas? The culture and the Japanese language attract you but you never dared to start? On the contrary, you already have a good foundation and want to take the JLPT exam? Or maybe you have to speak Japanese at work? My courses are adaptable according to your level and your objectives: - Discovery of culture and language (great beginners and false beginners) - Improvement to prepare JLPT 1-5 exams - Professional needs We can work writing and speaking, with a method (Japan Foundation) or any other desired medium. Whatever your motivation and level, Maki Sensei is here to help! (^ O ^)

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It's a pleasure to learn Japanese with Maki-Sensei. Maki-Sensei has very good knowledge of teaching and makes great efforts to adapt the lessons to my needs while making them interesting. She is always very flexible with course content. Maki-Sensei is always in a good mood and she is really passionate about teaching the Japanese language. I highly recommend Maki-Sensei to anyone wanting to learn the Japanese language as well as Japanese culture.
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Maki's classes are always well prepared and motivating for my son who has been taking her classes since October 2021. Maki was kind enough to invite the students she teaches online to her home on two occasions. The first time to do shoudo, and the second to do sumie, to draw the 'tiger'. She is keen to share her culture and ensures the cohesion of her group. It’s a real pleasure to see the sharing that happens with Maki. Well done!
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This was my first class with Ms. Maki and certainly not the last. She is very educational and above all a good listener. I really enjoyed this first lesson with her. I recommend.
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Maki san is a very energetic, patient and passionate person. This makes the course dynamic and interesting. Also, as Maki sensei (teacher) is of Japanese origin, his lessons are authentic and you are guaranteed to learn the basics correctly. Its lessons are therefore perfect for improving your Japanese or for starting to learn.
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Very interesting course and teacher to recommend: Maki is very involved and does her best to promote the Japanese language and culture 👍!
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