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This course is for those who want to start learning the Arabic language or who need to deepen their knowledge in addition to the courses they are already taking. Arabic is a very beautiful language that has a very strong and versatile culture. It is spoken in over forty countries with over 500 million speakers. Also, for people who come to visit Morocco. In my classe, I teach the four skills : Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. I use the communicative approach as a method because it helps students to learn and love the language. You will learn how to write and read Arabic, then speaking this amazing language with confidence. Don't hesitate to contact me !
If you're looking for a French language learning experience that's both rewarding and fun, you've come to the right place! My French lessons are designed to help you acquire solid language skills, while immersing you in the French culture and way of life. We will work on the four main skills - oral and written comprehension, as well as oral and written expression - so that you can become a confident and competent French speaker. Whether you are a beginner or you already have knowledge of French, my lessons are adapted to your needs and your level. I am passionate about teaching this beautiful language and look forward to helping you achieve your linguistic and cultural goals. So, ready to start this linguistic and cultural adventure with me? Register now and together we will explore the fascinating world of the French language!
Learning languages is a beautiful adventure where you can get better results when you get someone to help you! I will be happy to be that person who helps you develop your french skills. I have a french certificate and an experience teaching online. i can also help you with English. Contact me now and we can discuss your goals and i'll create the perfect plan to achieve them.
Hello there ! I'm Majda and I teach French as a foreign language in Morocco. Since Arabic is my native language, I sought to teach standard Arabic to non-natives of different levels. I'm patient, highly professional, and creative. Before teaching you, I will design lessons tailored to your level and your learning style. My lessons are engaging since they are usually based on playing fun games, studying easy audio clips to improve listening comprehension, and reading Arabic short stories. My command of the English language allows me to guide you through the course and help you reach proficiency easily.
I give French lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. The courses can consist, according to the needs of the student, of communication and oral techniques, pronunciation or writing. I have an efficient and easy method to help students do their exercises and excel in their classes. Just be serious when learning, and in turn I am your faithful support to succeed in this task. Courage, will and enthusiasm are the keystones.

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Majda is very knowledgable and patient. Her classes have a nice structure allowing you to learn a lot in a short period of time
Great teacher!
Majda est une enseignante formidable ! Elle a réussie à me donner confiance en moi mais aussi à me donner envie d'apprendre. Merci d'avoir été si patiente avec moi et de m'avoir aidé à faire de progrès. Vous êtes une excellente enseignante que beaucoup d'apprenants aimeraient avoir.
Professeur très agréable et disponible
I found Majda a very pleasant person. She is calm and she explains very clearly. As I'm a beginner, I have some struggles with pronunciation and she repeated each word till I was getting them right :) I would recommend her for sure!

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