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I am a 4th year student of Translation and Interpreting. My second language is French, at C1 level, just like English. Finally I am also available to teach Italian, my level is B2. These classes are specifically for all those who want to improve their language level (from primary, secondary and exam preparation classes of B1 and B2. I also give conversation classes in English and French and practical use); learn more vocabulary and grammar, exam preparation, interactive classes and with a fun learning formula. Classes will be online via webcam.
Bonjour à tous! Present me: Je m'apelle Lidia et je seri votre professeure d'espagnol. I have a diploma in Translation and Interpretation of Languages (French, Anglais and Italian) at the Université d'Alicante (Spain) and ma langue maternelle est l'espagnol. Je suis à votre disposition pour t'aider à améliorer la langue espagnole; If you ever kiss the teacher to vote for a Spanish grammar, vote for vocabulary or to prepare for an exam or for an important diploma, you will vote for a Spanish profession. In what concerns the hours, the three flexible ones and the ones that donner des cours particuliers presque all les jours de la semaine. Pour apprendre l'espagnol, il suffit de me contacter.

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If you're looking for a Spanish language teacher who is not only knowledgeable but also engaging and fun, then you have to check out Lidia! I recently had the pleasure of being her student and I was thoroughly impressed with her teaching style. First of all, Lidia is incredibly passionate about the Spanish language and culture. Her enthusiasm is contagious and makes every class an exciting experience. She is also very knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of the language's grammar, vocabulary, and nuances. But what sets Lidia apart from other teachers is her ability to make learning Spanish feel easy super fun. She uses a variety of techniques to keep her students engaged, such as games and interactive activities. Her lessons are well-structured and she provides plenty of opportunities for practice and feedback. Not only is Lidia an amazing teacher, but she is also a kind and caring person who genuinely wants her students to succeed. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her students are comfortable and confident in their language skills. Overall, I highly recommend Lidia to anyone looking for a fantastic Spanish language teacher. She is an absolute gem and super cute. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Gracias, Lidia, for everything!
Lidia has been my teacher for over 6 months and my French is improving greatly thanks to her. Lidia puts a lot of thoughts and efforts into each lesson, is very clear with communication and patient with my beginners level. Lidia is precise and efficient. From the first moment of each lesson, Lidia sets a strong focus. Lidia has a fun sense of humour too, which makes the lessons enjoyable. I strongly recommend Lidia. She cares about what she does and thanks to Lidia, my French is noticeably improving.

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