Before the instrumental or vocal technique, the quality of listening, and the development of the relative ear are the keys to being able to play music. Not to move the fingers mechanically on the instrument, but to play literally, to have fun with the notes, rhythms and harmonies. During my years at the conservatory, I lived, as a child, this emptiness of meaning that young students in music theory can feel. At the time I was a diligent student but rather mediocre in music theory. I simply did not understand the method that was dictated to us during Musical Training. This actually favors children with perfect pitch, and those who do not lag behind. What a pity ! But I was passionate about it and so I looked for other ways to develop my listening skills. I studied Indian music, I followed the teachings of American, German, Swiss pedagogues ... And finally by practicing ancient music, I discovered ancient music theory. The latter is the one who gives the real bases from which all Western music derives. Counterpoint and harmony, everything became clearer to me. Calm and patient by nature, I would be delighted to help you or your child to appreciate music theory thanks to a personalized creative and playful approach.

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