As a former teacher, I'll learn German with you by simply talking to each other. You can tell it's getting better and better. And it can be easy. If it's fun, we just learn. So we can have a cup of tea or coffee together and talk about general, current issues. Of course, you can also bring your questions with you.
Learn to meditate. When you arrive in this moment you can experience all abundance. The fullness of life right now and that's what we're here for. You take your time not to be in the future or the past, but entirely with yourself. And to feel you whole. Here at this moment. A meditation routine, completely independently, for you, will help you to live life more relaxed and with more ease. Accepting challenges and letting yourself swirl under the waves less and less because you are connected, deeply connected to yourself. And nothing can happen in this place that you will get to know. This journey goes over several weeks, so that you can develop a routine for yourself to really make a difference in you, your life and your perception.
Find your superpower - when finding a job becomes finding a calling Everyone has their abilities. And it is not only very individual to personally determine a contribution for yourself, it is a contribution for everyone. And this decision does not even need to be made by our head, deep within us we feel what is our path, what our next step, what our contribution is. I accompany young adults and students in precisely this phase. The last 2 years at school, the time after school. We answer the following questions step by step: What is it that I'm really looking for? If I no longer limit myself, what and who do I allow myself to be? How can I get in contact with my inner voice, my intuition? What do i hear When I listen to my heart / stomach from my head, what do I hear? And when these questions are answered, we develop a strategy. I am at your side step by step. You are worth it Your child is worth it to you. I'm looking forward to this trip together.
I am a former primary school teacher and I accompany students individually. So that learning can finally be fun again. Because it can. And for your child, too. Because learning is allowed to make sense, and everything that seems meaningful to us as human beings is easy for us, sometimes it even falls to us (suddenly).

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