Writing, reading, grammar, communication, dialogues. The choice of the method depends first of all on your objective, also on your current level in the language. Oral expression is at the center of my method, which is based on an active and repetitive memorization. Practice the most by talking, reading, listening to the language. The grammar will be learned intuitively with short sentences of everyday life.
The naturalization course is aimed at people who are preparing for the naturalization course as well as at those who have not passed the naturalization test and who must take the naturalization course. -Geography, history, languages and religions of Switzerland and the cantons - Democracy, federalism, rights and obligations of citizens - Social security, health, work and training - FLE (grammar, expression, comprehension, communication...) - Understanding of the Swiss political system and voting - Applications of the rights and duties of citizens - Mental preparation before the exam - The attitude during the exam
Speak French from the first lesson. Phonics and fluently reading, communication and using the language with confidence, carefully structured grammar presentation. I have a greater abundance of materials for learning French. French speakers are practically on every continent, with most significant representation in Europe ... Enjoy learning it.
Graduate teacher with 35 years of experience at your side for any need in Russian and offers courses for all levels and for all ages with an "Individualized Pedagogy". My program adapts to each person. At the request of my bred, I can do a program "custom": writing, reading, grammar, communication, dialogues. My classes are studied to learn as easily as possible.

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I enjoy my French lessons with Karine immensely. She is always motivated and exceptionally well prepared, which makes me also mobilise all my knowledge and skills. Karine, has a broad understanding of languages and the culture behind it, which makes studying a lot more exciting and up to date. I truly appreciate her professionalism but also her humility and kindness.
Exercices variées entre lecture, écoute et dialogue. Karine est méthodique et pédagogue. Je recommande.
Karine is an outstanding educator with a great skillset and a passion for teaching. She is very patient, analyzes the issues, and finds the best path to reach the student's objectives.
Karine est une professeur expérimenté, très attentionné et super gentille. J'estime que nos leçons seront très efficaces.
We have just started lessons together and we are so enjoying it. Karine is gentle, kind and understanding as a person and as a teacher. I have learnt more in a few days than ive learnt in 6 months living in France!

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