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Are you intrigued by this approximately 30,000-year-old eucalyptus stick and would you like to learn how to play Didgeridoo? In this Didgeridoo course, you will follow step by step a complete training allowing you to tame this atypical Australian instrument. You will approach the instrument with ease. You will understand that learning the Didgeridoo is only a question of very "soft" and controlled techniques to make your Australian instrument "sound", In this didgeridoo course, your trainer, will make you discover the whole universe of the didgeridoo , how to play the didgeridoo, the history of this Australian instrument, the breath, more advanced techniques such as circular breathing are just as many themes that you will address during this training to learn the didgeridoo. This training will allow you to reach a level equivalent to about 3 years of practice. Discover our body with its respiratory system to better learn the didgeridoo Understanding, Positioning and Control of the Air Column Develop the independence of our muscles of the mouth, facies, cheeks, tongue, jaw ... How to play the didgeridoo: master solid and effective sound bases Control Circular Breathing and its variants, Vocalises and several types of percussion Analyze, reproduce and acquire notions of musical rhythms that surround us on a daily basis Kick back and relax while playing this Australian instrument and practicing music! Listening to music and our environment differently
You can choose one or more subjects for the lessons: - Drums, douf sufi, darbouka - Percussion - Theory of clave rhythms: a very useful composition an analytical tool to understand rhythmic structures in all kinds of musical ensembles - Rhythm with sign language: a great language to lead group improvisations - Rhythmic training for all musicians. How to develop and improve your rhythm skills Let's put more music in our lives. Now is a great opportunity to find out more. You will learn to play the music you love. Whether you are a beginner or already playing and want to improve your skills and creativity. I have a lot of experience teaching people of all ages and skill levels. I await your news.
I teach the 3 components of computer music: computer music, composition, and sound processing. If you are looking to get started with Computer Aided Production, you have come to the right place! Musician passionate about electronic music for a long time and teacher of didgeridoo also, I have the pedagogue spirit and I like to be able to transmit my knowledge, relaxed atmosphere and I can adapt to many different kinds of electronic music. This course is aimed at musicians and those interested in learning to compose music entirely by computer, from scratch. I established a lesson plan allowing to start from nothing and thus to go over all the important stages, from the composition to the arrangement, until the mixing and the publication of the finished pieces. Beginner level, the training includes: -Bases of Ableton Live software -Bases of music production -Mixing -Choose the right set-up -Exploitation of samples -Exploitation of VST The goal being to acquire the right basic knowledge in a few time in order to be able to be autonomous in the creation of your own projects. Travel to the student's home is possible otherwise I teach at my home and provide my studio.
I give Tunisian dialect lessons at home. It can be confusing at first, but if you take the time to study it, you'll start communicating here in no time. Tunisians are very nice, so you will have no problem starting a conversation with a stranger. Send me a message if you want to learn Tunisian dialect and let's start your journey. Languages I can teach with: French Arab

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