As a university graduate economist, I have been supporting students for years who need support to perform adequately. I provide the support by reading, understanding and explaining the issues of economics together, but usually also by adapting the study method so that the student can continue independently with more self-confidence after some time and also start performing better for other subjects. The tutoring starts first on location, the webcam can later be used additionally.
Ideal for graduates and school leavers who do not (yet) know what to do. Personal Branding is a scientific, practical method to put yourself on the map in a credible way. As a certified Personal Branding coach, I give you insight into your current motivations and strengths during 6 half-days (approximately 18 hours): what do I really enjoy, what can I do, what are my points for improvement. At the end of the course you can present yourself as a "brand" and profile yourself in internal and external applications and manage your further development and career. After the course I will continue to support you as a coach if desired. The course can take place at your home or at another location.
With the Small Boat License II certificate you qualify to sail on wide water in Europe with small ships that can run faster than 20 km per hour or that are longer than 15 meters. That is possible with a ship that is your property but also with rented ships in Spain or Italy for example. This certificate can be obtained if you have the certificate of Small Boat License I and pass the Small Boat License II exam. During the course I prepare you for all important points for passing the exam for 8 hours. In this case, especially learning and practicing navigation issues.
The VHF radio is a means of communication / telephone with which people on the water can talk to bridge keepers, lock keepers, harbor masters and other ships. In particular, the radio is intended to call in professional emergency and rescue services in the event of an emergency. Only after passing the Basic VHF certificate exam and possession of the certificate can one have and use a VHF radio on board a ship. During the course, students will learn the basics needed to pass the exam for 6 hours. The course concludes with a test exam that the student can use for testing.
With the Small Boat License I certificate you qualify for sailing on European inland waterways with small ships that can sail faster than 20 km per hour or that are longer than 15 meters. During the Small Boat License I course, I will teach you the most important topics for successfully completing the official Small Boat License I. (in Belgium Steering License) certificate in about 10 hours.
Anyone considering selling their company, for example to retire, often needs a realistic estimate of the value of the company. Many entrepreneurs have too rosy a picture of that value. During the course I help the entrepreneur to determine the valuable points of the company, but also the weak points as they will be noticed by a potential buyer. Before the course starts, I sign a confidentiality agreement with the entrepreneur so that everything that is discussed remains private. After the course, the entrepreneur will be able to properly estimate the value of his company. If desired, I can also guide the sales process.

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