No matter which style, you want to make progress in, i am here to guide you through the first steps/years! With 20 years of experience in playing both on el-guitars, and spanish guitars. - all basics - intuitive learning by blending practice and theory in well balanced portions.
Having worked with three languages for several years on a daily basis, i present to you My German, danish and english - classes. - Offering the most efficient ways of learning. - Teaching on all levels from beginner to expert. -Great teaching skills included;)
- Experience peace, well-being and strength. A condition that strengthens the immune system and prevents stress. - - Based on the body's natural movement patterns. - I use concepts such as body awareness, flow, energy, power and variation as supporting elements in the teaching, everyday movements such as walking, running, pushing or pulling to train the body's muscles and coherence. - Simple and repeated movements provide peace of mind and body. Breathing is central to man. When we practice gymnastics, we consciously work with the breath to create grounding and flow to supply the body with more oxygen and new resources. We use stretching, stretching, relaxation and simple massage exercises to create increased contact with individual body parts and muscles. In this way, one can maintain balance of tension and movement around joints, which provides increased well-being and postpones age changes.

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It's been great to learn German with Jan!
I really appreciated Jan's holistic approach to learning Danish.

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