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Hello, I am Ibrahim. I was teaching biomedical courses for 6 years in simple, organized, and clear ways. I am a graduate of one of the best 500 universities around the world and I was graduated with the first rank on my batch. My students claim that my explanations and teaching make complicated topics much easier, more than 90% of them scored better in their courses and passed in courses they never expected to pass in. I am looking to make you one of my students to enrich my teaching journey and make you an expert in the most complicated courses you have in your college curriculum. I can teach in Arabic(العربية) and English languages. I teach these subjects: علم الأحياء : Biology الكيمياء الحيوية والعضوية : Biochemistry and organic علم الفيروسات Virology علم الفطريات و البكتيريا Mycology AND Bacteriology علم الجينات Genetics علم السموم Toxicology علم المناعة immunology علم الفسيولوجيا : physiology علم الأمراض : pathology علم الجينات والتقنيات الحيوية : Genetics and biotechnology علم الأدوية و الصيدلة : pharmacy and pharmacology
Hey There. This class is for high educations students in the medical field. We help them by providing clear and simple demonstrations and tutoring in: How to write a presentation for a research or review paper presentation skills How to read articles and analyze them How to write effective research or review articles How to write effective Proposal and study designs

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