Posture, Attitude, Movement is necessary in everyday life. With ballet you get introduced into a long history of classical dance and the adaption into the modern life. Still classical ballet focuses on precision, dynamics, coordination which creates a space for concentration and slow motions. From ballet your needs for ... are served. - stability - independence - space - acceptance - affection - communication - care - inclusion - mutuality - presence - respect/self-respect - stability - warmth (maybe hotness, and sweat) - awareness - challenge - discovery - groth - learning - movement/exercise - participation - stimulation - understanding - balance - order - air ( never forget to breath, even the focus is on other parts of your body, than the lung) - safety (physical), lets keep that in mind!! And get a little bit routine in the hand washing, keeping the needed distance, and if you need to go to a store afterwards or to a bigger crowd of people, I’d suggest to bring a mask (but I leave you the choice). - I wont touch you, as a consequence of the distance - but a lot of movements are learn through touch, so hope you can touch yourself for the needed correction ;-) - water (take a bottle with you to be able to drink when needed) - fun - humor - joy - relaxation - stimulation In case it is needed, I will turn to online classes.

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