The academic support I offer is designed to help homeschooling children and their families achieve their educational goals. My approach is focused on autonomy and responsibility, and I work with each family to develop strategies and tools that will enable them to succeed in the long term. In addition to homework help and customized lesson preparation, I also specialize in developing soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and time management. I also create personalized educational materials for children or manage collaboration with the structures they have chosen to follow (distance learning) to help them effectively and enjoyably reach their goals. My classes are available in Spanish, English, or French, depending on the needs of each family. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for more information. I would be delighted to help you accompany your children so that they can achieve their goals and develop useful skills in all areas of their lives.
Would you be interested in learning how to use Artificial Intelligence in your daily life? In my AI classes for kids, you'll learn how to use this advanced technology in a practical and fun way! During our sessions, we'll explore different ways that AI can improve our everyday lives, from shopping online to playing video games. You'll also learn how to program and create your own AI applications. My classes are suitable for children ages 8 and up and are held online via video calls. No prior programming experience is required! If you're interested in learning about AI and how to use it in your life, don't hesitate to get in touch with me! I'm looking forward to teaching you all about this incredible technology.
I believe every child has the potential to be a successful entrepreneur with the right support and guidance. In this course, I will help your child to turn his/her ideas into successful businesses by teaching him/her the skills he/she needs to succeed. We'll cover a range of topics, including: Developing a business idea and understanding the market Creating a business plan and identifying necessary resources Marketing and branding your business to stand out Building and leading a team Using technology to grow and expand your business The course is designed to be interactive and hands-on, so kids will have the opportunity to put their skills into practice and receive feedback from me and other young entrepreneurs. I will also connect them with business experts who can offer guidance and support as they work on their startups. Are you ready to help your child turn his/her ideas into a successful business? Contact me to learn more.
Financial literacy is an important skill for kids to learn at an early age. I know many adults who would have loved learning about it earlier. They will learn about saving money, spending money wisely, and managing their finances. First, they will learn and think about how and why saving money: - short-term and long-term goals they can save for (e.g. a toy, a trip, college education). - how to create a budget and track their spending. - Compound interest and the impact of starting to save early. How to spend money wisely: - difference between needs and wants. - how to compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions. - learn what is impulse buying and method to take the time to think before spending. How to managing money: - Keeping track of spending and creating a budget - Different types of bank accounts, type of money and currencies - learn what are credits, how they work and how it can impact their finances in the future. This class is made for kids, so it'll include use games, puzzles, and interactive activities to help them understand the concepts while having fun.
In this course, I will introduce your children to the exciting world of technology and help them become confident and skilled users of the latest tools and devices. Through hands-on exercises and interactive activities, they will learn how to use new technologies to communicate, create, and explore the world around them. I will cover a wide range of topics, including: Introduction to computer hardware and software Basic coding and programming concepts Using the internet and social media safely and responsibly Creating and editing digital media (such as videos, images, and audio) Exploring new technologies and their potential uses Learning about AI, blockchain, and robotics Understanding the jobs of the future and the skills needed to succeed in a technology-driven world Ethical use of technology and dealing with ambiguity Building critical thinking, autonomy, and flexibility skills to thrive in the era of technology and information My goal is to not only teach them the technical skills they need to succeed but also to foster a love of learning and a sense of curiosity about the world of technology. I believe that anyone can learn to be tech-savvy, and I can't wait to help them get started on their journey! So let's grab your devices and get ready to explore the latest technologies with me.
In this class, kids will learn the fundamentals of programming and computer science in a fun and engaging way, and discover how these hard and soft skills can be used in their personal and future professional lives. Through interactive lessons and hands-on projects, kids will explore the world of code and create their own digital creations. Throughout the course, they will: Learn the basic concepts and terminology of programming Experiment with different programming languages and platforms Create simple programs and apps using code Collaborate with peers and share their creations Develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and other valuable skills that will be useful in any field By the end of the class, your children will have the knowledge and confidence to continue exploring the exciting world of programming and computer science and will understand how code can be a powerful tool for achieving success in any field. They'll be able to choose the job they want in the future or even build their own company. So, join us and code your way to success!

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Gaelle went above and beyond to help my son build a love of programming by making it fun and integrating me in his learning, making it a bonding experience as well :)

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