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Getting started with cryptocurrencies is difficult... How to buy it? How to secure them? Which ones? You will find everything and anything on social networks. When I started in 2017, there was not a lot of information on the subject to train. Today, there are far too many and it is easy to get lost. Graduated with a Master's degree from (GEM) Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and trained in cryptocurrencies since 2017. I help you familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency ecosystem (web 3.0, blockchains, nft, play to earn, Defi, metaverse, etc.). But above all, I give you the keys to becoming autonomous in this environment: - introduction to the different themes -familiarization with the crypto ecosystem (Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, layers, etc) and its vocabulary (token, miners, Proof of Work, PoS, PoH, etc) - basics of fundamental analysis of blockchain projects (utility, project team, tokenomic) - technical analysis to identify and optimize sales and purchases -money management (budget, risks, objectives, psychology, market cycles) -use and configuration of social networks to follow the news and get the RIGHT information -methodology for continuous training All this, with the aim of allowing you to invest gradually and intelligently in the short, medium or long term according to your objectives. By using my services, you will also have access to a private discussion channel in which I share my market positions. When I buy, when I sell, for cryptocurrencies and Nft.

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