My 4-step teaching pedagogy Step 1: Introduction of a lesson - lateral thinking skill. To enable students to use lateral thinking skills to associate a new set of learning goals with their prior knowledge. An effective way is by giving relevant examples or worked examples. Step 2: Development of a lesson To make abstract concepts more concrete, three types of skills to be developed: (a) Visualisation skill Use of molecular models to improve students’ visualisation skills. Students are to analyse how and why the atoms of a molecule are arranged in 3D according to its chemical formula. (b) Observation skill Use of experiments or videos or any hands-on activities to enable students to observe and analyse the changes introduced during a chemical reaction or inter-molecular interaction. (c) Analytical skill Emphazise on chemical formula and balancing a chemical equation. Students who use molecular models to learn the molecular structure or shape of a chemical formula will be more analytical in representing chemical formulae and equations. Step 3: Questioning It is used to monitor the focus and learning progress of students and to arrest any misconceptions being developed during a lesson. Step 4: Maximise the learning outcomes Identify the learning outcomes by giving higher order or challenging questions to students, hence learning goals which need to be learnt again or adjusted can be identified.
How to use watercolour pencils in painting? Unleash your creativity in art. Lesson 1: Create a simple colour chart with watercolour pencils. Lesson 2: Using a wet brush to create watercolour effects. Lesson 3: Create a more advanced colour chart with watercolour pencils. Lesson 4: Using a wet brush to create more watercolour effects. Lesson 5: Mastering lines and shapes with watercolour pencils. Lesson 6: Using a wet brush to create watercolour effects.

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