Philosophy is taught in Terminale class and the year passes very quickly, especially with a new subject as dense. I propose courses of methodology, learning, writing for the pupils anxious to succeed in this subject in Terminale. Nevertheless, I also propose to give courses from the First to actively prepare the test in advance to deepen this beautiful subject. For those interested, I also teach philosophy classes for children. because I think this subject should be taught very early. Philosophy makes it possible to discuss, to go further, to think about arguments, to express them clearly on all domains. It is a contemporary topic that opens the dialogue on society, ecology, the human being and its nature, politics ... Do not be afraid to go further!
Learning French is often long, although not complicated once you have grasped the method! And what a pleasure to dive into the writings of great writers, to grasp the nuances, the difficulties, the context .... I also propose to provide help with learning to read for the youngest!
I am here to help the student understand the language and speak it in order to succeed in school. Being French-American, courses will be mainly in English with obviously explanatory points in French so that the student progresses a maximum and can continue to speak and understand the language outside of school. In addition, I propose to speak English to children so that they are bathed from an early age in learning this language. Fun and entertaining classes!

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