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    Trusted teacher
    Tin Whistle .... the Irish / Celtic instrument par excellence. The instrument with the special tone. I offer a solid introduction for beginners, reveal "tricks of the trade", and explain the fundamental differences to how to play the flute. The Irish whistle is certainly not the cheap "fun instrument" that it is often viewed as. Inexpensive yes, but by no means cheap.
    We offer online lessons via Zoom for adults and older children (from approx. 12/13 years) for well-known and not so well-known instruments like ocarina (known from "Zelda"), the Irish / Celtic tin whistle, or the clarineau, also often called saxonet or children's clarinet. With the block flutes we offer all instruments from soprano to bass. In the field of keyboard instruments, we offer keyboard / piano and harmonium / pedal organ. We are musicians by nature and are happy to convey music in addition to our concert activities.
    We offer block flute lessons for adults and children. The block flute is not only the traditional entry-level instrument, but a full member of the woodwind instrument family. Composers of the 16th and 17th centuries have written well-known works for the soprano flute. In the late 17th and 18th century. the alto flute was "the" instrument for composers like Bach, Haendel, Vivaldi and many more. For the "easy" entry into the world of music with little fingers, the soprano flute is ideal, adults can start immediately with the larger alto flute (in F, but don't panic, that's "normal"). For adults who would like to stick to the C-flute, but find the soprano "too small", the tenor offers a wonderful deep and warm tone. Many alto flute players will sooner or later develop an interest in the bass flute. It has a deep, mysterious, deep sound. Unfortunately, many players then rely on the fact that the bass part is / will be transferred into the treble clef, as they cannot read the bass clef. For these players we offer bass clef reading as a workshop. We offer another workshop "Celtic playing on the block flute", in which we show, explain and work out the differences between traditional and Celtic playing styles with the student / participant.

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