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👉 I offer distance learning courses, programming languages such as JAVA, Python, C #, C ... from basic to advanced level, individual or small group 📌 With nearly 2 years of experience as a Full Stack Developer, I participated in many projects in several different fields for French, American, Australian clients, ... I hope to bring you not only the theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences drawn from my personal experiences. 💯 The program based rather on the practical applications side will give you the opportunity to acquire knowledge, practice and hone your skills in the most comprehensive way! ⏰ Study time: weekday evenings from 8:00 a.m. and weekends 📨 Those with any needs don't hesitate to message me for specific study program advice
A relational database is a collection of data organized as formally defined tables, from which data can be accessed and assembled without having to reorganize the tables in the database. Relational databases are the most used in the software industry around the world, in this course I will explain exactly how to manipulate data in an RDBMS in an optimal way, how to connect an application with a data store of your choice and I will answer all your questions in detail. Yours truly.
Object-oriented programming is a model of programming language that revolves around objects and data, rather than actions and logic. The challenge of programming was to write the logic, not to define the data. Object-oriented programming has changed the perspective: what matters is the objects to be manipulated rather than the logic required for this manipulation. In this course, we will try to describe what object-oriented programming is (often abbreviated as OOP). We will try to get to the point and stay close to the practice.

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Excellent !
good explanations
Ayoub is a calm and thoughtful tutor who really cares about our difficulties (me in JAVA). He helped me through my final exams and I would highly recommend!
Disponibilité, ponctualité avec une pédagogie permettant à tout apprenant de mieux comprendre .
Bonne compréhension du cours

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