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the method is based on a number of progressive exercises, The teaching is based on constraints which, far from freezing practice in dated frames, actually provide tools capable of liberating pictorial expression. The corpus of exercises of this method makes it possible to develop technical fundamentals useful to all artists, amateurs or professionals. Tools: Pencils, watercolor, ink ... Portrait face profile 3/4 ... detail Eye, Mouth, ear, nose .. faces, expressions ... face in perspective Human body and anatomy: naked, standing, back, front, sitting, lying, moving ... body details: Hand, Foot, chest, back, hips ..
Perspective: The goal of this workshop is to learn perspective drawn by hand and through the rules of geometry. draw in 3d this workshop is suitable for architecture students, architects, decorators, designers, archi draftsmen, painters and technicians this workshop is the result of personal work over several years during my classes in architecture and design schools. Adam is an architect and watercolor artist who has been teaching architecture and fine arts for over 15 years.
watercolor workshop based on the introduction to color the mixture ... find its color. master the water, the brush and the effect on the paper. thanks to very simple exercise the student gradually gets to master the technique and have more confidence in him.
Prépa-Archi: The goal of this workshop is to prepare you for the entrance exams to the great schools of art, architecture and fine arts. Drawing, sketches, plans, perspective, history of architecture ... Adam is an architect and watercolorist who has been teaching for more than 15 years of architecture and visual arts. He developed a prep course based on drawing and initiation to the architectural project.
Online watercolor workshop in groups or individually for Adults and teens and children Heritage Architect in France and professional watercolorist other workshops are offered: Academic drawing, Perspective, computer graphics, photoshop, Architecture prep, archicad software ...

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