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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano lessons for all ages and levels - Piano lessons for all
--- english below --- I am a Canadian and Greek pianist completing my graduate studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. I offer personalized piano lessons in French, English and Greek for students of all ages and levels in a warm and friendly environment. During my studies I gained a lot of educational experiences in several countries by giving private lessons and teaching in music schools as well as in international masterclasses. My life as a musician has allowed me to collaborate with many musicians as a soloist, with orchestra, in chamber music concerts, accompanying singers in different musical genres, accompanying choirs and accompanying masterclasses. I propose to introduce this acquired flexibility into my musical teaching, in other words, the ability to adapt to the needs and interest of the student while having fun and making visible progress. I'm a 24-year-old Canadian and Greek Master's student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel offering individualized piano lessons in English, French and Greek to students of all ages and levels in a friendly and encouraging environment. Throughout my studies I have obtained plenty of teaching experience in multiple countries and languages giving private lessons, teaching at music schools and at International seminars. My life as a performer has allowed me to collaborate with many different people as a soloist with an orchestra, in chamber music concerts, accompanying singers in a variety of musical genres, accompanying choirs and as an accompanist of International masterclasses. It is this acquired flexibility that I wish to encompass in my teaching, the ability to adapt to the students needs and interests while having fun and making visible progress.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two English and Maths Lessons
Having a strong foundation in Maths and English is essential for a successful learning experience in Primary and further education. I believe that consistent revision in Maths and English can provide students with the valuable knowledge and skills needed to attain the best grades and confidence for a bright and thriving future! I offer excellent lessons in Maths and English at primary level ensuring the children learn all the key areas as effectively as possible.

saxophone lesson in modern music and jazz: improvisation and intéraction
Musician graduated in jazz saxophone at the KCB (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel) offers individual lessons for begginers and intermediate level students. Experienced since 2014 in teaching with different age groups, the lesson is adapted to the interests and needs of each student. Diversity of teaching materials are used: listening and imitating exercises, technical exercises, music theory applicated to improvisation, sight-reading and more.

Private lessons for the French baccalaureate in History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Sciences, and in French
Private lessons for the French baccalaureate in the following subjects: -History / Geography / Civic education (from 4th to 1st) -History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Sciences (1st) -French (from 4th to 1st) -All the literary subjects of the Lebanese patent (4th and 3rd)

Piano lesson, Music theory, ABRSM exam, Piano accompanist
I am a professional pianist from Taiwan, with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in UK with a master degree in piano performance and an advanced postgraduate artist diploma (both with scholarship and graduated with distinction). I have participated in masterclasses with many leading pianists, gained lots of awards in competitions and had several concert performances around Europe and Asia. My teaching experience spans over several years, in UK, Taiwan and Shanghai, both in a piano school as well as individually. I have helped my students prepare for the ABRSM exam (and pass it with Distinction), as well as attending competitions or performing in concerts. I am happy to teach students of all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. My lessons include ear training, sight reading, music theory, music history, depending on the interest and ability of the student. I am patient, yet passionate about music, and enjoy sharing its joy and beauty with everyone. I am willing to travel to students' place and happy to accommodate your needs. Feel free to arrange a trial lesson first. Looking forward to hearing from you!

School support for exam preparation and academic success
Contact me: lina. coursprives @ gmail. com Student in MBA (Master of Business Administration), and having completed my secondary studies at the Collège du Léman, a renowned international school, I obtained my bilingual federal diploma with honors as well as the American High School diploma. My specific option (OS) in Economics and Law defined my choice of university studies and today I am more than happy to share my knowledge with students of all levels. Having several years of experience in teaching private lessons especially in French (dissertations, text studies and literary analyzes) my method is based on the pedagogy and the adaptation of the content and the form of the course according to the needs of the pupil. I work with the student in order to optimize his academic performance and consolidate his confidence as well as his abilities with a view to obtaining a demanding higher diploma. Please take into consideration that the first course offered consists of a ten-minute session during which a first contact is made with the student in order to identify his shortcomings and set performance objectives.

Private lesson in acoustic and / or electric guitar
Guitar lessons with an experienced teacher, I offer individualized lessons adapted to the rhythm of each (e). From classical guitar training, I evolved into different influences which allow me today to play several styles, folk, pop, rock, blues as well as many covers. I have been practicing the guitar for 25 years, I am a very pedagogue and adapt to all styles. I also created several music groups and gave lessons to several students. The objective of the lessons is to get to master your guitar, understand logic, be able to play barre chords, string together several chords, in minor, major, 7th or others, do a solo according to the key of the piece, play times etc.

Everything you need to know about home Audio Recording and Editing
Concepts, tips, techniques, just ask. I have 20 years of background working as Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Installlations Consultant and designer. Conceptos, tips y tecnicas. Solo pregunte. Tengo 20 años de experiencia como Ingeniero de Grabacion, Ingeniero de sala y monitores para eventos en vivo y diseño y consultoria para intalaciones de audio.

French or Italian private class - Revision of translation and correction of French or Italian texts
I am a 24 years old from Switzerland. Grown by speaking the three national languages (German, French and Italian), my native language is Italian but for several years I studied at the University of Neuchâtel and worked in the French speaking part of Switzerland. I am currently a master's student at the University of Bristol. Overcoming the language barrier is one of the first steps that can bring you closer to others people and to an other culture. I would enjoy given French or Italian individual private lessons to strangers who are interested in studying or they need to improve their grammar, speaking, listening and/or writing in one of this two beautiful languages. Moreover, I am available to review translation and correction of French or Italian texts. I have a few teaching experiences by given French and Italian lessons to immigrants.

Cours de Trombone Jazz et Classique et cours de formation musicale
Classe ouverte à tout les niveaux petits grands pour approfondissement ou découverte de l’instrument ! Possibilité d’enseigner la formation musicale ! J’étudie le trombone classique et jazz depuis maintenant 16 ans ! J’ai suivi une formation en 2 ans de pédagogie au conservatoire de Douai.

Lessons for children in primary / secondary school with difficulties
I help students who have difficulty in school branches! -French - German - English Oral, written, for expression, vocabulary, reading, or comprehension. I take with them the material seen in class or the checks that caused a problem.

Piano Lessons for beginner and intermediate levels Classical
Piano lessons - Classical music for beginners and intermediate levels of all ages. I finished my Bachelors degree in London and am currently studying for my Masters. I have been teaching since high school and I love adjusting to each student's individual needs and understanding.

Norma Shannon
German Language Course with professional education
I am a German mother tongue master student and I teach and help with tasks for all German levels from A1 to C2 online or directly at the home of the person concerned in Geneva and surroundings. For my lessons, I always recommend the purchase of didactic books and simplified vocabularies to have a methodical and continuous learning, even outside the lessons. Regarding the courses for children and students, I work a lot by following the school programs and through various interactive activities and preparation of educational games. I am also fluent in Swiss German if required.

Russian lessons at home or on Skype with a native speaker
I give Russian lessons to beginners and more advanced levels. I help to do and correct homework for students who follow this language. I give one hour lessons, for beginners who want to initiate themselves to the language and learn the basics, common expressions or to prepare a trip to Russia and learn more about Russian culture. As well as more advanced levels who wish to deepen their knowledge, improve their accent, enrich their vocabulary and practice speaking with a Russian speaker. The learning method can be focused on: - the grammar ; - oral / written comprehension; - preparation for exams; - discovery of the culture and traditions of Russia. At your home Don't hesitate to contact me!

English lessons with a bilingual student (20 at the English bac)
I adapt to the skills and demands of my students. I seek to advance each one with methodology and efficiency. I am a working framework (oral expression, reading, conjugation, grammar, oral comprehension, vocabulary, ...) but if the student wishes to progress in a specific field (English literature, written comprehension ...) I modify my course to suit him.

English lessons - Homework help - French lessons
Hello everyone, My name is Lucas TORRES, future graduate of a license in Public Law; I offer private lessons to finance my future projects. I have a strong experience in home lessons and I have allowed several college students to gain a few points on their average. Coming from an economic and social bac, my classes are completely open to most subjects and my teaching is versatile. Having completed most of my schooling at the UPPA in Bayonne, I have rigor and several teaching tools. My humor, my passion for the benefit of the future.

Music Tuition Across the Board - Guitar, Music Theory, Music Tech and Composition (from Jazz to Pop to Classical)
I have over 10 years of music composition, production and performance experience. Having studied at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Jazz Guitar) and Leeds Conservatoire (Jazz and Production), I incorporate my education background in jazz and classical music to bring an in-depth perspective on teaching the likes of the guitar, music theory, composition and production for a range of ages and abilities. I can also provide additional support for students studying GCSE/A-Level Music, as well as delivering unique and personalised lesson plans tailored to musicians’ and artists’ own career goals and aspirations (from recording to music business). I teach in both 1-1 and small group scenarios, both online and face to face. As an actively recording and touring artist and session musician, I have worked with a huge array of different musicians, artists and producers and have been exposed to a broad range of genres worldwide. I use this knowledge and experience to bring a unique and fresh approach to teaching music in a range styles and techniques, from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Classical Music - whether that be analysing and examining a tune together, learning to improvise over your favourite piece of music or simply playing for the fun of it! It is important that I grasp an understanding of where my students are at with their instrument or subject before we begin learning together, so that I can plan and ensure I approach the lesson in the right way. I provide materials in advance of a lesson, such as worksheet activities or listening references, to allow enhanced learning as well as efficiency during sessions. Most of all, it is important that my students feel relaxed and that they are learning what they love. I make it my challenge to bring something fresh and new to every lesson!

Law courses for beginners (L1) - Homework assistance for primary school (French, History, Mathematics...)
I am a 3th-year student in law at the University of Paris (Paris Descartes). I can do mentoring for first-year students (work method, advice, assistance for "Travaux Dirigés"...), as I was head of the year. Indeed, law studies require rigour, persistence and a very specific work method which can be shaped only by a regular work and an individual coaching. I also propose work assistance for primary school in all the subjects (French, History, Mathematics, English).

English classes with a qualified, experienced native teacher
My name is Gráinne and I'm an English teacher from Ireland. I have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, experience teaching all ages (4+) and levels (beginner-advanced) and have spent the last few years teaching English around the world- in Chile, Madagascar and Italy, as well as online to Chinese students! I have taught classes on general, conversational and business English, and have also prepared students for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and the Cambridge exams. I look forward to having you as my next student!

Spagnolo per stranieri con professoresa certificata. Conversazione e cultura.
Ciao, ho lo spagnolo come madrelingua (vengo dal Messico) con certificazione livello master in "insegnamento dello spagnolo come lingua straniera" per l'UNAM. Sono insegnante sia privata sia in diverse scuole da 8 anni. Mi piace fare le lezione dinamiche e mi adatto ai bisogni degli studenti. :)

Creativity Music Guitar - compose and play the music you like with the guitar
During my lessons we will find the most suitable way for you to express what you like most. We can learn wheter how to compose your music and how to play the music you like to listen to, playing both classic and/or electric guitar. We'll practice tecnique, music and repertoire on the guitar, from classical/acoustic to pop/rock/electronics or whatever you like. We'll practice both composition and improvisation. We'll also practice vocal intonation and rhythmic coordination. Then we'll have a look at the music theory and history, and above all we'll listen to a lot of good music. As you see, the teaching method is tailored on you, but then you have to follow the rules and practice, practice, practice! Creativity is not teachable! But everyone has his own creativity to express. Music is a good way to let your creativity coming out, especially guitar is the best and the most complete musical instrument to do it. About me: Since 2010 my musical practice is based whether on teaching and on performing. I graduated in classic guitar at the Conservatory of Bologna in Italy with a Certificate of Teaching Ability. I attended my second year master at the Conservatory of Gent. During the years, I attended several seminars and workshops about didactics: Orff-Schulwerk Approach; Gordon Music Learning Theory; Dalcroze Method. As a teacher I give lessons to students of all ages and stages, both individual and group classes. As a performer I compose my music and play many music genres and repertoires whether as a solist and in musical groups, playing both classic and electric guitars. Last but not least, I graduated in philosophy at the University of Bologna. Looking forward to hearing from you!! Best, Leonardo