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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn how to have a good holiday in Thailand and enjoy our curtures.
Nowadays, Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world that you must visit someday. However, when you travel to Thailand one of the most problems is communication and too different cultures. In this class, we will focus on basic words that you must know and about how to live in Thailand and understand our culture better to avoid making problems with no intention.

Chinese Mandarin;listening, speaking, reading and writing
I have 7 year's Chinese teaching experience. I had more than 120 students across the world. I teach daily talk and also business Chinese. And I tend to encourage students speak as much as possible. My course is customized for your specific needs and expectations. Let‘s study with fun!

English course for beginners or children given by a student
An English course for those who would like to improve their oral skills. Individual lessons for children or beginners. I am a student of exchnge of the Czech republic I want to give English lessons, because it makes me happy. It all depends on the agreement, I have no problem adapting to your needs.

Useful Mandarian in Daily Conversation for travelling and making friends
Learning Mandarin Chinese is the trend of globalisation. The focus is to learn the pronunciation and writing of Chinese characters and sentences frequently used in daily life. You will understand how to greet and chat with Chinese people by mastering a global language in the future! If you are a beginner, don't worry, I have rich experience in teaching and organizing activities for better understanding.

Dynamic Dutch lessons by a smiling native ;-)
I use several methods to learn Dutch which are specially designed to advance a student whose Dutch is not the mother tongue. I love to use out of the ordinary ways of learning such as role playing or short games that can be easily adapted to the situation and the student's goal. Having learned several other languages myself, it is easy for me to detect the difficulties that a student may encounter and to adapt the exercises so that the student can move forward. I can teach in French, English, German and Russian.

Learning Italian has never been so easy! Give it a try!
I am an Italian girl, born and raised in Italy, who would love to share such a complex language that is Italian with those who were brave enough to give it a try. My goal is to improve the communication skills of my students, providing them with native-speakers' insights to learn how to successfully use the Italian language.

Viola, violin, music theory and musical awakening lessons.
Professional musician with a master's degree in viola at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I would be delighted to make you discover this instrument or improve your current level (up to an advanced level). Violin lessons are more for beginners / intermediates. I can also give music theory lessons or musical awakening for the little ones. I have experience in pedagogy and I am very comfortable with children. Adults are welcome too :-)

ESL English Tutoring and ESL Conversation Practise
こんにちは!私はカナダからのネイティブスピーカーです。私は文学士号を取得しています。私は大学で英語コミュニケーションを学びました。 Hello! I am a native English speaker, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Communication from Simon Fraser University, Canada. I specialize in tutoring reading/writing skills for basic beginner to intermediate-level ESL students who want to improve their English skills for academics, career, travel, and/or daily life. I can also provide conversation practise on a variety of topics. I can design lessons according to your preferences or personal goals as well. I will organize homework and self-studying according to your learning style/objectives because my goal is that you will always enjoy learning English! We will have classes in public areas/cafes only, no private residences for safety reasons.

Music theory all levels and exam preparation - composition
Theory lessons with student in composition and music theory I offer music theory lessons with joy and creativity for all levels. Private tuition at school or for preparation for the Matura Preparation for the entrance exam at a university Teaching music theory for personal progress Do you want to improve your hearing or rhythmic skills in order to be able to make music better? Or just know what rules are at work when you listen to music? Depending on the areas of interest, we can look at different epochs and styles and the corresponding rules, write analyzes and practice analytical listening. My musical home is in classical music, but if you want to concentrate on pop music, we can discuss it.

Violin and Viola lessons, ear training and music theory
As a concert violinist and violist trained at the prestigious Mozarteum university in Salzburg and at the Paris Consevatory(CNSMDP), I love teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for classical music. My goal is to fulfill each student's desires and help them achieve the best results. I make sure beginners start with the correct technique which will give them the skills required to advance with ease as they pursue their musical pathway with joy.

Private lessons in Classical Arabic and/or Palestinian dialect in Brussels
I offer Arabic Language classes. For all ages and all levels. I have experience with teaching it for people from different background. The courses are adjusted to your own need and wishes. Options are: Standard Arabic: Writing , Speaking, Reading. Standard Arabic: only speaking. Dialect Arabic: Writing, Speaking, Reading Dialect Arabic: Speaking only. Material of teaching is decided regarding to the topics of your interest. A discount is available for long term commitment. My teaching method is very interactive, includes games, songs, news, etc.

Support course for students with difficulties in the cycle or college
Hello, I am currently studying at the University of St. Gallen and have a gymnasium option in Spanish. According to the different requests, I adapt and respond to the needs of the student in question which will allow him to move faster.

Vos objectifs et motivation sont la base pour trouver l'approche individuelle appropriée à l'apprentissage de l'anglais
Follow your dreams. Understand. Speak. Read. Write. Your goals and motivation are the basis for findng the appropriate individual approach to learning English. Suis tes rêves. Comprendre. Parler. Lis. Écrire. Vos objectifs et votre motivation sont la base pour trouver l'approche individuelle appropriée à l'apprentissage de l'anglais.

Private lessons of Electric & Acoustic Guitar.
Electric and acoustic guitar lessons. Professional guitarist, former student of the American School of Modern Music and graduate of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Philosophy, specialty Music. Guitar lessons for all ages and all levels. Practical and theoretical course: • Work on rhythm, chords, solos. Rock, Pop & Jazz repertoire. • Picks and fingerings technique. Reading on tablatures and scores. • Introduction to improvisation. Learning scales and arpeggios. • Harmonic and melodic study. Knowledge of notes, chords and composition logic. Deepening of music theory and harmony. • Introduction to studio recording.

Christian Ivan Lpz
Hello I’m Christian Ivan Lopez, I’m in Bachelor 3 in the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, I’m 20 years old and I’m Mexican. I love teach, I was teaching in Mexico in some music schools, and my students from there, they are now in very nice projects and schools in all Mexico I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. If you are interested please ask me and let’s have fun with music!

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) language along with calligraphy
- I am a native Chinese speaker. I have lived abroad for over 7 years and now live and work in Amsterdam. - I have taught Chinese to students learning Chinese in my sparetime when I was living in Budapest a few years ago. - I like to exchange knowledge and insights on language, culture, art and history, which is an integrated part of learning a language. - I started practicing calligraphy when I was a child and I am happy to teach calligraphy in addition to the Chinese language if you would like to learn:)

Music production from home / Home studio setup & configuration
From connection to production through and configuration and until the final result is obtained on social networks or music platforms, you will learn all the intermediate steps to spread your creativity in the connected world. With specific expertise on Apple Logic Proc X and Ableton Live, the same principles are valid on any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as well as on the configuration that is specific to you. I also advise you on the hardware (physical hardware / software) to buy according to your specific needs. This applies to anyone without age barrier, as long as the will and passion is there ... ================================================== ========= From connecting & setting up to producing and getting the end result on to social networks or music platforms, you'll learn all the steps in between to get this creativity of yours out to the world. With expertise in Apple Logic Proc X & Ableton Live but can work on basically any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as well as any set up you might like. I also advise on gear (hardware / software) to buy depending on your specific needs. This is applicable to anyone with no age barrier, as long as the will is there ...

Private yoga class to find strength and balance - taught in English or German
A private class is recommended for everyone – if you are new to yoga or already advanced, a private lesson can help to build the yoga basics and deepen the practice. It allows to focus on the individual student by offering adapted asanas and postures and to respond to wishes regarding the yoga and meditation practice. Yoga (re-)connects the body, mind and soul. It is as important for your mind and heart as it is for your (physical) body. Through physical exercises (asanas) combined with synchronized breathing (pranayama) a good basis for the yoga practice is created. The classes can take place at my home (10 minutes walk from Leuven train station) or at the student's home. In the introductory session we will look at your intention, background and needs. We will create a plan for regular yoga sessions that are perfectly tailored to your body and your life. Your wishes and goals are the primary focus. I am a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher (RYS 250 hours) and have been practicing yoga for about 10 years. I first came in contact with hatha yoga as a teenager. During this time it helped me a lot deal with stress and fear. And to this day, my regular practice still adds more balance, openness and ease to my life. So it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your background is: Yoga is for everyone!

American English Conversation & Pronunciation Tutoring
I specialize in English casual conversation and comprehension; I also specifically focus on pronunciation and idiom use. Students who attend my class will be given short assignments between lessons to implement their knowledge in fun and practical ways, focused primarily on pop culture and current news. Advanced students will benefit from my guidance in shortening and expediting common English words and phrases; these lessons will help you sound like a natural English speaker and move you away from the over-precise classroom uses of the language. Beginner students will be able to practice important habits early. I help teach Japanese vs. English mouth shape, conversation tips, and article use. I am very nice, and very friendly, so don't worry! 英語を話すことは怖いことを知っています!私はあなたが完全に快適で楽しい時間を過ごしていることを確認しようとします!

Business English ,Conversational English ,Free Conversation,phonics ,Spelling correction ,Comprehension Dictions and neutralizing accent& Grammar
This class is for business owners finding it difficult to communicate effectively in their conversations .This class is not limited to businesses ,but to professional who will like to prune their communication.This course may also be for expatriates and professionals coming into Nigeria who would want to have a feel of Nigerian English. For pupils,students who want to get their school assignment done and would want to improve in spelling ,phonics and grammar.

Private lessons in English at home and homework at home
Teacher in upper secondary school and MBA graduate, I offer my services in English for all levels. Previously, I worked in English-speaking banks for more than 15 years (adding more business terms to my credit). I also supervise homework in English and French.