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Recently Posted Private Classes

Various private lessons for primary or college student
As a Master student, I offer to individually support a primary or college student who needs explanations to supplement those of his teachers. I try to identify, at best, the most suitable learning method for the student I am accompanying.

Singing lessons pop / soul / jazz - professional vocal coaching
Trained musician and vocal coach offers individual singing lessons adapted to your voice! Long singing makes you hoarse? Are you out of breath while singing? Does singing exhaust you? Your voice could be more flexible (riffs / runs)? Does your singing voice sound unnatural? Would you like to change your sound in a healthy way or adapt it to a certain genre? Are you just interested in what happens anatomically when you sing? No matter what your motivation, I can help you with a few simple rules to develop a sustainable practice concept - adapted to your voice! Since I have dealt with various singing schools (speech level singing, CVT, powervoice, functional voice training) and have already been able to help many students with a wide variety of problems, I can fall back on a wide range of tips and tricks to help you too!

Piano lessen - Piano lessons (klassieke muziek, moderne muziek voor kinderen en volwassenen)
Pianolessen succesvol, snel en creatief.Vele jaren ervaring. Zie alles over mij op Piano lessons successful and creative. Check my website and you can find everything about me,my work and my experience.

Telmo Ferreira
Help with homework or revisions! Low price (important)
My name is Telmo I am 15 years old I am a pupil of the slopes in Peseux, I am Portuguese. To do a project I will need some pocket money so I decided to help children with their homework and study. I am very nice, kind and cool ;-) My number: 078 669 62 78 Email: I am also available to travel to the lower part of Neuchâtel but call me for more information I am available all day until 22:00.

Math, English and Test Prep Tutoring with 5 year experience
I specialize in tutorinng math and English for school and the SAT, GED, GRE and GMAT exams. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I do progress tests every two weeks.

Dance, Drama, Singing, Fitness/Basic Gymnastics, Mum and Toddler Imaginative Song and Dance.
Ballet, modern, jazz and tap are all subjects you can choose from to learn from beginner to an advanced stage. You can also choose drama, where we will be playing fun drama games, doing useful exercises and scriptwork for gaining confidence and improving imagination and creativity. Singing is available in the musical theatre style. All of these can be taught separately or you can choose a mixture of them all or two. Dance/gymnastics or dance acrobatic basics can be taught also to get moving and improve strength and stamina. For the little ones, they can take part in a fun-filled session of movement, song and drama - taking them through a different story every time. (This class is best in a small group) Small group classes also available online and in your homes for any of the lessons. For group classes, prices slightly differ, please contact. The aim is to have fun but also learn along the way!

Piano lessons in Angers, 8 years of experience
I give piano lessons for all levels, students without any musical concept or confirmed, from 3 to 80 years old. I adapt my teaching to the character, work time and taste of each, combining progress and pleasure. I include the main notions of solfeggio and harmony during lessons and in a fun way. My goal is to convey my passion for piano and music and I constantly question my pedagogy so that my students are as satisfied as possible. I can also teach solfege lessons alone, piano support, musical awakening for the youngest and in the history of classical music. I have been teaching piano at home for 8 years, including many children of all ages. I also did group workshops in primary schools in Paris. So I'm used to children, even younger ones, and I'm very patient. I can motivate an adult, beginner, in recovery or with higher goals, and give confidence to my students so that they can fully develop in their instrumental practice. I currently teach in the Paris region, but I will move to Angers at the end of the 2018/2019 school year. Classical pianist of 28 years, I started the music at 6 years old. Having first graduated from other fields (chemical engineering and archeology), I returned to my primary passion for teaching this passion full time. I have a DEM (Diploma of Musical Studies) end of conservatory curriculum obtained at the Conservatory of Clamart (92) with a mention TB. I attended classical piano lessons with Gohar Zorikian (1st prize in Armenia), chamber music, solfege, analysis, jazz piano, choir, music history and classical dances. contemporary conservatory. I am also currently validating a Bachelor of Musicology from the Sorbonne to perfect my knowledge of the history of music, harmony, writing, and sociology applied to music. I am now a full-time auto-entrepreneur teacher and I have been teaching piano lessons for 8 years. I currently have thirty students and I had fifty students in total. I was fortunate to have varied teaching experiences: - music theory for children and adults, - musical awakening from 3 years, - harmony for professional composers, - piano for beginners from 5 to 80 years, - piano for intermediate or advanced students or piano rehearsals after long periods of stopping, - support courses in addition to the conservatory.

Zoltán Csaba
Violin lessons for Amateur, Intermediate and Advanced players
Do you want to learn how to play your favorite tune on the violin? Or just enjoying making music and you want to take it to a higher level? Perhaps you want to get some ideas for the piece you are learning? I am a substitute player at Brussels Philharmonic. I take part in music festivals and masterclasses all around the world. I am here to teach!

Concert flautist, 12 years of experience, teaches transverse flute. Come alone or in pairs :)
I adapt to the needs of each of you. We do not all have the same desires or ambitions and I know how to listen to your desires to allow you to give the best of yourself. I rely on classical methods of teaching the transverse flute by bringing more modern pieces, even contemporary for a little more pep. The frequency of one lesson per week is recommended for follow-up and concrete progress but we can adjust according to your schedule. Holder of the French State Diploma, I subsequently validated two specialized masters in Belgium (soloist and contemporary) I have 12 years of teaching experience both in music school and private lessons. I also know that it is sometimes easier to take the step in pairs, with friends for example, so I also offer lessons in pairs.

Support courses in German, English and French for primary / guidance / college levels
My goal is to help the student to progress in the subjects which pose a problem to him by insisting on the obstacles which he meets. I am used to working with children, having myself a 9-year-old little brother, nevertheless my level is quite suitable for more mature students I know how to adapt to the needs of the student and rely mainly on books or documents from my own courses or elsewhere, and which I find to be very effective for anyone with difficulties in German, English or French. In addition, I particularly enjoy writing theory sheets.

Irene Cervera
Music and Cello (violoncello) lessons for people all ages
I am a Master student of Violoncello in the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen and I offer private music and cello lessons! I have experience teaching to children all ages and adults too. We can also organize music lessons for small groups of children (friends, family...) I am very enthusiastic and I adapt the content to your level. I will start learning Dutch as well, so soon enough I will be able to do the lessons in Dutch too!

Italian lessons for all levels (beginner to advanced)
Growing up in Ticino, I am fluent in Italian and will be available for beginners to advanced courses. I can help in all areas, be it grammar, conjugation, literature, general history of Italy, pronunciation etc ...

Homework help at primary level / English tutoring at college level / FLE for all ages
I have been giving tutoring lessons for 20 years with primary school students mainly but also college students in French and English. The primary level courses are mainly focused on helping the learning of fundamental acquisitions (reading, writing, arithmetic ...) but also on monitoring and updating in all subjects. For college-level students, I offer English courses because I hold an English license and the Cambridge First Certificate. I also give FLE (French as a Foreign Language) courses for any public wishing to learn French or improve their French. Dynamic and attentive, I propose to test teaching methods adapted to my learners in order to give them more pleasure in learning.

Flute lessons in Bern for all ages and levels
Hello, I'm Lea and I'm studying flute at the University of Bern. I look forward to making progress on the flute with you and finding joy in making music. You are also welcome to come by for a meeting and a trial lesson!

Experienced Violin, Music Theory, English and Romanian language tutor
Hello, I'm Adelina! I'm Romanian and I'm currently a violin master student at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Apart from playing music, one of my other passions is teaching. While having a degree in pedagogy, I've had several violin and music theory students so far. I especially like working with children and teenagers because we can have fun lessons while learning through games! One of my other passions is foreign languages. If you're Romanian, but you've lived abroad for a long time and don't remember much of your native language, contact me! We'll have a few lessons and you'll be able to speak Romanian again. Same goes if you're Romanian and you need an English tutor; I could most definitely help you! Don't hesitate to contact me and let's make learning fun! :)

Piano all levels. Open to the world of music. Home tutoring.
I am for anyone looking for piano lessons in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! Whether you are a beginner or already more experienced, the idea is to make you progress at your own pace in a modular course according to your desires and adapted to your musical tastes. My name is Mathieu, I am 25 years old and I come from Geneva in Switzerland. I have been making music since I was little and studied piano at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne as well as theory and composition at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Bern. Beyond learning the piano, I offer a course that allows you to open up to the world of music through listening, singing, improvisation, body management as well as music theory or composition. . The instrumental practice is obviously a priority but rather approached from a play point of view and not from school. Whether for regular classes, for help with an exam or for occasional classes. I am at your disposal and offer courses at your home.

Violin and Music Theory Lessons for beginner to advanced students
I am an enthusiast and experienced teacher, and I have taught students of different level and age. I always tailor the lesson according to the specific student need, goal and learning process. Part of the lesson is dedicated to music theory as well, and I have a wide range of violin duos (all levels covered) that I often play along with the student. I prepare students for violin exams (ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall), as well as nurture the passion for Music as extracurricular pastime.

British English offers lessons at home (or by webcam)
Hello English teaches via SKYPE Academic support, upgrading and improvement. Preparation for exams and competitions and training for adults. By using interactive, dynamic and fun teaching techniques, I can help you improve your English. I prepare my lessons in an individual and personalized way according to each student, we always better remember what we like. CONVERSATION, GRAMMAR, support for COLLEGE, LYCEE as well as preparation for PATENT, BAC, BTS, TOEIC, etc. I am dynamic, punctual, just as serious as friendly, always attentive to the needs of students. I will be able to see the capacities of each one and adapt to your level, whether you are a beginner or an expert - adult, teenager or child. Given the current situation, I am currently offering distance learning courses (Skype). do not hesitate to contact me for further information Price: 25 € / hour

Music, Piano, and Harpsichord lessons for all levels
I offer lessons of Music, Music Theory, Solfège, Piano*, and Harpsichord (klavecimbel). I adapt myself to the needs and wills of the student. Lessons for any level: for beginners we can start from zero. I also offer lessons for conservatory students who need help with Analysis, Harmony, Counterpoint, Improvisation... Enjoy learning music with me! ;) (* for piano lessons, it has to be at your location)

Tutoring all school level Math&Physics, SAT/IB/A levels Math&physics.
I'm a Math&Physics tutor for school students of all ages, Mostly help graduate students in SAT, IB, A levels Math&physics. My classes consist of only one student because every student needs a different approach. I believe that the best way to teach someone sth is to understand how his/her mind works and after that find the most effective and convenient method for the individual. Teaching is one of my hobbies and I do this to help students by sharing my knowledge and skills, so if you think you are motivated enough to do your best then I will be more than happy to teach you! And if you aren't motivated enough, then I will do all I can to help you find that motivation that you need for success. Currently, I'm doing online classes with a virtual board, which makes classes the most efficient. If you have any questions feel free to text me, will reply to you as soon as possible ;))

Opera Singing with a professional Soprano from Theater Basel
Let me teach you to use your voice in a natural, healthy and powerful way. We will work on a variety of music suited to your interests. My experience in yoga also informs my style of teaching in that we will focus on correct posture and breathing to help you find your very own voice!