Mathematics teacher and author of lesson videos. I practice differentiation by designing activities adapted to the level and profile of each learner after observing them at work and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Rigor and creativity are my strengths. My course videos are designed to address the difficulties of the majority of learners. The course of a private lesson session: Questions about the course to assess mastery of concepts and vocabulary --> Application exercises to identify difficulties and strengths --> Remediation and upgrading --> Problems to guide and organize reflection.
If the four steps seem as easy to you as putting one foot in front of the other to walk, this may not be the case for your child. The manipulation of objects, and in the case of distance learning courses, the visualization of animated lessons, are tools available to the specialist in the subject to allow your child to understand the meaning of each concept. Developing logic, systematizing reasoning when faced with a problem situation, knowing the exact vocabulary are the keys to good learning of mathematics.

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