The timetable (SIMPLE PRESENT, PRESENT CONTINOUS, PRETERIT, FUTURE, PRESENT PERFEECT, PLUPERFECT PAST PERFECT, PAST CONTINOUS, CONDITIONNAL) Vocabulary Oral language Written language Irregular verbs French classes Grammar Ortograph Vocabulary Written expression-writing Conjugation Text study
THE PRESENT SIMPLE: It is used to state a usual fact THE PRESENT PROGRESSIVE (PRESENT CONTINOUS): It is used to state an action that is happening to relate an event that is happening as we speak. THE PRETERITY (SIMPLE PAST): It is used to state a bygone, often dated fact (Ex: Richard NIXON RESIGNED IN 1 976) THE PRESENT PERFECT: It is used to state facts straddling the past and the present THE FUTURE: (Constructed: Pronoun + WILL + Verb) to state a project, a prediction, THE CONDITIONAL (Constructed Pronoun + WOULD + Verb)

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