I teach literary Arabic and / or spoken Arabic (Lebanese dialect). - Basic learning: alphabet, phonetics, writing - Spelling, grammar, lexicon - Oral and written expression - Text analysis, analysis of audio conversations
I am a professional engineer, I am passionate about science and I have 3 years of experience in private lessons. I teach courses in science subjects (mathematics, physics / chemistry, SVT) for middle and high school students. - Reminder / re-explanation of the course - Help with homework - Preparation of exams - Opening, approvals
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Engineer of training and trade, I give courses of sciences of the engineer, mechanical engineering, robotics, mechanical design.
I attended a preparatory classes and engineering school, I teach maths and science for academics. I propose a rhythm of work adapted to each student, and evolutionary to reach and exceed the normally expected rhythm. I propose at the same time a work on the fundamentals and a deepening to better control the studied subjects.

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