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    Sleep better and reduce stress with Gentle Somatic Yoga

    Are you suffering from insomnia?
    Or are you recovering from an injury / unable to exercise or suffering from pain, stress, or anxiety?
    This gentle, slow Yoga series is for you. This program integrates Dr. Thomas Hanna's Somatics with gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga.

    Helps you to release contracted muscles and chronically-held tension in your body
    Returns your body and mind into a relaxed state
    Enables you to rest, restore and sleep better

    Private sessions: Your preferred time and date

    Group sessions: Online via Zoom (link will be sent to you upon registration)
    Private sessions online or in-person (in Turin, Italy)

    Wenlin is an E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®, IAYT-IT Yoga-Alliance certified Yoga trainer who has been studying movement since she was 9. Originally from Singapore, Wenlin is now based in Turin, Italy, and has taught for private resorts, hotels, studios, and Yoga festivals and led retreats, workshops, and masterclasses. Students know her for her unique teaching style and her warmth, humor, knowledge, and clarity. Wenlin was trained directly by Dr. Eleanor Criswell Hanna, ex-chair person of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (USA), co-founder of the Novato Institute of Somatic Research, and wife of Dr. Thomas Hanna.

    Wenlin offers guidance so you can find comfort in your body and calm in your mind.

    Extra information

    If you don't have a yoga mat, all you need is a padded surface such as a carpeted floor or a non-slip towel to practice on. If you don't have yoga blocks, toilet rolls do just fine!


    At teacher's location: Come nei sogni di Barbara Pantano - Wedding Planner Torino, Via Tripoli, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
    Online via webcam

    Use ⊞+wheel to zoom!

    General info

    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)
    Student level:
    60 minutes
    The class is taught in:English, Chinese, Italian

    About Me

    I am a movement and mindfulness educator and Yoga teacher trainer, certified with Yoga Alliance USA (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®). I was born and bred in Singapore but am now based in Turin, Italy, and I have taught for private resorts, studios and Yoga festivals and led retreats, workshops and masterclasses. Students know me for my unique teaching style which integrates Qigong, Somatics, Vinyasa Yoga and Eastern Philosophy, and my warmth, humour, knowledge and clarity.
    I'm here to support you to cultivate comfort in your body and calm in your mind.


    2020 Clinical Applications of Yoga, My Vinyasa Practice
    2020 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, My Vinyasa Practice
    2019 Birthlight wellwoman Aqua Yoga Teacher Training
    2019 Qi Gong Immersion YTT with Mimi Kuo-Deemer
    2018 Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Singapore
    2017 Levels 1-3 Thai Massage, ITM Massage school, Chiang Mai
    2017 50Hrs YA certified Yin Yoga Training, With Yin Yoga, Bali
    2017 50Hrs Anusara Yoga Immersion, Hom Yoga Singapore
    2017 6th No borders project (Contact Improvisation), Unity Space
    2016 15Hrs YA Anatomy Connections, New Angle Yoga Singapore
    2016 200Hrs YA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga House TaiTung
    2010 Bachelor’s in Arts & Social Sciences, Psychology (NUS)

    Experience / Qualifications

    2020 Private Yoga Therapy, Yoga Torino (ongoing)
    2020 Restorative Yoga, Straits Clan, Singapore
    2020 Vinyasa Flow, Tribody Fitness & Anytime Fitness, Singapore
    2020 move make muse workshop, National Library Board, Singapore
    2020 Yin Yang Fascia Flow, Lyf & Funan, Singapore
    2019 Yoga Movement Workshops, Uncommon London & Fabrika Tbilisi
    2019 Creative Workshops (Art, Writing, Yoga), Obonjan Private Resort
    2019 Partner Yoga & Massage, Brighton Yoga Festival
    2019 Hot vinyasa, Vinyasa group classes, YogaUnion, Turin (ongoing)
    2019 Dynamic Yoga group class, Pilates Torino PPM, Turin
    2019 Pair yoga community class, Art of Yoga, Singapore
    2019 Chair Yoga for wellness, Senior support group, Diabetes Singapore

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    Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

    Availability of a typical week

    8  Monday at 8:00  Tuesday at 8:00  Wednesday at 8:00  Thursday at 8:00  Friday at 8:00    
    9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00    
    12  Monday at 12:00            
    13  Monday at 13:00            
    17  Monday at 17:00          Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
    18  Monday at 18:00          Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
    19            Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
    from $41.88At teacher's location
    from $41.88Online via webcam

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    • Instructor since October 2020
    • Phone number verified
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    Availability of a typical week

    8  Monday at 8:00  Tuesday at 8:00  Wednesday at 8:00  Thursday at 8:00  Friday at 8:00    
    9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00    
    12  Monday at 12:00            
    13  Monday at 13:00            
    17  Monday at 17:00          Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
    18  Monday at 18:00          Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
    19            Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
    from $41.88At teacher's location
    from $41.88Online via webcam

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


    Learn Chinese language and culture (all levels)
    "It's Chinese"!? Maybe, but he is very mysterious and logical. With me, you will learn how this logic works, and you will also discover, the beauty of its originality. I have been giving private lessons since 2010 and my students are of all ages. (they are adolescents, adults, or even retired) My classes are written and spoken, and I hope to be able to talk to you in Chinese. The goal is of course to be able to speak it. I base my texts on dialogues, stories, great moments of China, but also poems, songs, culture, etc. I personalize all my documents, so the level adapts to the interest of all. I have also created a "WhatsApp" group to make day-to-day learning easier, as it is important to keep it entertaining. I am really passionate about my work, and will be happy to teach you my native language. In addition, I also teach Chinese meditation (Jinggong, which refers to qigong achieved through self-control of awareness and breathing without moving the body.).

    Private Yoga classes (Iyengar, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Ashtanga) at home
    Having 20+ years of experience, I am interested in sharing my knowledge of yoga and the benefits of Reiki (energy harmonization) with everyone. I was trained in India where I lived for several years (Iyengar, Sivananda). Iyengar's individual approach allows you to work the postures accurately using the breath, without hurting yourself, learning to listen to him. I currently practice dynamic yoga based on a series of postures by consciously breathing that allows the mind to gradually let go. Private lessons allow you to establish a personal practice program. After a first interview, during which your motivations and needs are studied, you will leave with a personalized session to practice at home autonomously. I establish and guide a practice that will be reevaluated and intensified gradually by integrating reflexology and Reiki (energy harmonization) during each course. Private lessons can be done at the teacher's home or in English or in French. Enjoy a moment of well-being!

    Private lessons in accounting, finance or mathematics - personal development - meditation
    Introductory course, repetition and / or consolidation of knowledge in economic branches, accounting, finance. Support for more than 50 students since 2018 Help as a summer camp facilitator / monitor. Personal development assistance, from beginner to advanced for meditation.

    Online Pilates classes private or in small groups in your place.
    Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important adjunct to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

    Professional and personal coach through L'Art therapy as a TRANSFORMATION tool of the person.
    Goal ? The purpose of these workshops is not artistic production or learning techniques, but the discovery of a link through creation with oneself and others. This bond of life is a guarantee of a better being. These workshops provide a creative space for people wishing to connect with the forces of life. It is a work to find oneself, with its sensitivity, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Who is it for? Art Therapy is for anyone looking for a process of self-transformation and evolution. For all audiences; children, adolescents, adults, the elderly. The workshops or sessions are addressed to the artist in each of us. The search for pleasure and aesthetic emotion is linked to artistic activity, with the guidance of the art therapist. Art therapy in institutions: children, adolescents, adults with difficulties or margins (hospitals, retirement homes, social reintegration areas, schools in priority teaching areas or with the razed network, class Cliss ...) Outside institutions: workshops also open to those who want to discover themselves through an artistic expression that is shared. Conduct of a session. Listening & Demand Meditation & breathing Choice of material to work inspiration or creation Silence Look & write the work "in due time" To leave appeased Duration of a session: between 1:15 and 1:45; variable from one individual to another, from one session to another. CONTENT Meet her body, her sensations, her emotions in a playful and gentle way. To enter in relation with the outside world (of oneself towards the other then the others). Development of his awareness of space. Listening. Work on his creativity through expression, stimulation of the imagination. Depending on the groups and the difficulties we will only work on the expression, the setting up of a play area. The tools are the theater, the mask, the body expression, the writing, but also the relaxation, the breath, the voice. Personal development: develop the feeling, the feeling for adults - adolescents. Small group - à la carte - internship.

    Personalized Yoga Sessions (taught in English). Online and In-Person
    Having a physical and mental outlet- such as a regular home yoga practice- is so important. During the first confinement in France, I turned my in-person yoga classes into online sessions. The virtual classes I teach have proven effective for my beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. I have also resumed teaching in-person yoga sessions and classes in Paris. Yoga aligns your physical movement with your breath and increases physical strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga with a private teacher enables you to have the proper alignment for the postures, which ensures the most benefits. Yoga is great for people of all ages, shapes, and physical capabilities. Just a few of the many benefits of yoga include relaxation, relief of back discomfort, muscle tension, and stress. The private lessons that I teach are tailored to your goals and physical abilities. Yoga sessions will be given in the comfort of your home, or outside as weather permits. I am happy to answer any further questions you have, or set up a session with you at your convenience. Please take note that different fees will apply for groups, or corporate classes (depending on location and number of students). Thank you!

    Learn how to live a Fullfilling life - Mindfully and Soulfully; in Seven easy steps!!
    * I am a highly organized professional with significant management experience and an enthusiastic human. I would like to make you believe that you can achieve everything by being a simple, humble and extremely kind being to self and to others. My journey was never easy but I am happy for where I am now and I am ready to reveal with you the secrets to life and living it. The simple fundamentals of living a good life and finding your purpose. *the course includes overview to: - healthy cooking, vegan/vegetarian and gluten recipes from cuisines across the world. - protips to making fresh and easy peasy smoothies, fruit juices and desserts at the comfort of your home without having to invest in any fancy kitchen tools - Healthy lunch and snack box ideas - Hacks to live free from illness, sickeness and medicines - Revelations to some big myths of the pharmaceutical and beauty industry, so you can break them, get real and joyful with your lives - Tips to Sustainable fashion, beauty and living - Happiness, Positivity and finding true purpose to your life. *Disclaimer: There are no inclinations to any religious subjects associated with the course, neither will any inputs or suggestion be appreciated. thank you * This class is for anyone aspiring to find the right balance between their ideal and real life. if you are an absolute beginner, dont worry, we have all been there. there is no rush, the secret lies in slowing down and we can all make it * on a side note, I have over 14 years of experience working in the Information Science Industry from major corporations across the globe and have been fortunate to progressively enjoy a successful career with year on year recognition and awards!!

    Yoga for stiff necks, shoulders stretched: Flexibility, mobility, breathing
    Yoga workshop, Saturday, December 10, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m .: Rigid neck, shoulders stretched: Flexibility, mobility, breathing To relieve the pain in the upper body from the reorganization of our tone, seeking to strengthen in the regions that need it, to create space in the joints and to open the hips to unload the neck and shoulders of their tensions. This series includes postures (asanas) to open the shoulders and upper back, to stabilize the pelvis and improve posture. It also includes breathing exercises.

    Online Class of Meditation/Yoga/QiGong/Kung-Fu/Fitness for everyone
    After 20 years of practice in a broad variety of sports, my daily practice now encompasses all these styles for a holistic approach to fitness and inner peace. It is applicable to any level, from beginners who want to discover the potential of their bodies to already sportive people who want to increase performance. During the practice, I emphasize mindfulness and sensations for students to learn how to listen to their bodies. If you want to focus on one style more than the others, don’t hesitate to tell me! I try as much as possible to work without any equipment, although a yoga mat would be useful. However, if you already have weights, ropes, or anything else, let’s make good use of them.

    Hatha Yoga, Dietology, Personal Sport Training, Meditation
    The word Hatha is the Sanskrit word for ‘Forceful’, and represents a system of physical techniques. Broken down, the Sanskrit word Ha translates to ‘sun’ and Tha to ‘moon’, equating to Hatha being the yoga practice of balance. Hatha yoga has developed in the western world into a style of yoga that is widely practiced. Classes described as Hatha Yoga would be more basic and gentle with a focus on alignment, and physical and mental benefits of each pose, making Hatha the perfect choice for a novice yogi. In addition to asana practice, Hatha yoga utilises breath in the form of pranayama exercises (controlled breathing techniques), lot of cleaning techniques and meditation which is at the heart of traditional Hatha yoga. Pranayama exercises are useful for degradation of body blocks, total aeration of the body, better oxygen supply for the brain and transformation of emotions. Cleaning technique will help you with antioxidation processing, regeneration of internal organs and overall restoration of life-giving power. Meditation will give you a lot of benefits for cleaning and calming your mind, better sleep and deeper relaxed. For completly beginners I can show you how to prepare ethereal muscles, how to start be more active and concentrate during the practicing. Like nutritional and wellness coach I can help you to make special diets for your type of body, to be in nutritional balance and show you what training for which part of the body to perform. We can stay in contact every day and motivate and helping you to choose a good way of living and eating.

    Vinyasa Yoga - Body Awareness Practice - Yoga philosophy
    Yoga allows us to find relaxation and relieve stress through movement. During a yoga class we connect with our breath and bring awareness to our bodies and the present moment. During this session you will be guided through a body awareness Vinyasa flow, combining different elements of asana practice that gradually help you to be more conscious of your own body. Vinyasa yoga is an active yoga style where the different poses are sequenced in a gentle flow. This class is suited for all levels, I will provide modifications and options to make the sequence easier or more challenging depending on your needs. I am really passionate about yoga philosophy, combining the physical practice with daily self-observation practices create a powerful tool to connect with subtler layers of existence, and start living with more freedom. If this resonates with you we can include this elements in your practice as well.

    Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flow classes (Teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance)
    My classes suits well for beginners and intermediate levels. The rythm is energetic and dynamic. I'm specialized in one-to-one or two person classes, even though I can handle bigger groups. I preferably move to your place, and I got mats for you. My classes are challenging but accessible, and you will learn to create a deep connexion between your mind and body through breathing exercices and a complete hatha yoga practice.

    Learn Nia Dance to condition and heal yourself from inside out
    Nia dance is a healing and conditioning practice which integrate 3 movement arts. 1) The precision of the martial arts of tai chi, aikido and tai kuan do help develop power and agility. 2) the dance art of Duncan, and classic and modern jazz help develop self expression and creativity 3) the healing arts of yoga, Alexander technique and Feldenkrais bring pleasure and comfort to the body The moves are simple, easy to learn and fun to practice. The goal is to find joy and comfort in moving your body, to build confidence, resilience, grace, strength and use them on and of the dance floor.

    LOSE WEIGHT TODAY... giving you all the best and healthy methods for weight loss
    This is just a class for people who want recipes, methods and the best ways for healthy and sustainable weight loss. It is hard losing weight on your own so if you frequently attend, you will have someone checking up on you to ensure consistency.

    Private yoga classes in English, French or Spanish
    With private yoga lessons, you will receive personalized instruction based on your body type. I will carefully prepare a class that meets your personal needs. Private yoga instruction can help you improve the basics and expand your yoga practice. People of all ages are welcome to practice yoga, with no need for previous experience. Classes can take place at your home or at mine in Leuven. Group classes are possible (5 € extra per person). In the first class, we can talk about your intention, background, and experience in yoga. From this, we can adopt a series of sessions that suit your personal needs and your preferred yoga styled. ABOUT CAMILA I started yoga when I was a teenager. My mom suggested me to go with her to help me cope with stress. Since I went to my first vinyasa class (a dynamic yoga class), in 2007, I was completely hooked. After a few years, I also started Ashtanga classes, the modern form of Indian classical yoga. In 2018, I decided to take the opportunity to become a teacher and obtained my 200h vinyasa training . In 2019 I moved to Belgium, and apart from my daily work, I would like to share my yoga experience and learn from the students.