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Singing Class in Paris all levels

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I am a professional vocalist with a lot of experience on stage (musicals, concerts, cabaret and music hall) and as a teacher. Graduated as a Vocational Instructor in Italy and France at the Richard Cross School with a particular attention to the vocal technique, to the proper breathing of the singer but also to the interpretation and the good posture. my method is to advance students with awareness by giving tools and solutions very different and personalized, but especially with patience, gentleness and a smile to discover and exceed oneself.
This is also why youngsters and beginners are welcome.

Extra information

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learning to sing brings good health and happiness!


At teacher's location: Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris, France
At teacher's location: Rue des Petites Écuries, 75010 Paris, France
At teacher's location: Gare d'Ecouen Ezanville, 95440 Écouen, France
Online via webcam

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, Italian, English, Spanish

About Me

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Singer Performer - Vocal coach - Singing teacher - Author - Professional coach of the scenic movement - Consultant in learning strategies.

I am a professional vocalist and vocal coach graduated in the Richard Cross School. I have a training of singer and professional dancer. For several years I have worked for musicals, events and cabarets in France and abroad and as a singing teacher.
I therefore prefer to give lessons with a technical study of the voice in a body and body freedom to allow the best performance but also to discover more his own personality by speaking with his own voice. Learning the technique for a good use of the microphone. In addition I teach with my experience as a dancer and actress theater a more powerful and expressive than purely technical way to bring out a stronger identity without limitation of repertoire and style and for all levels.
I also give lessons by skype or facetime
Do not leave out the happiness of singing!


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Bac +5 in the field of music and performance, diploma of professional singer and actress, vocal coach, dance diploma. Training as vocal coach at Richard Cross School.

Experience / Qualifications

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Graduated voice coach and singing teacher at Richard Cross School.
Singer in several musicals and operettas, orchestra, leader of Revue in various cabarets, dancer Disneyland Paris.

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De très bon conseils dès le 1er cours :)
Graduate teacher in the Italian language offers a personalized pedagogy according to the requirements of the students and uses the written and spoken language. Preparation for exams, interrogation or interview or for the ability to speak in public. All levels and all ages

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Voice Lessons in English - (All Styles, All Ages, All Levels)
From New York City, trained at Berklee College of Music, experience performing in off-broadway productions, as well as many more events in several different genres of music. Nicole has a love for Jazz, Musical Theatre and Contemporary music but was trained classically and likes to approach each student based on their individual needs and aspirations. Nicole has taught people of all ages, and is also very good at helping non-native English speakers with any pronunciation goals they wish to achieve in their voice lessons. Nicole has taught music in the US, UK, Italy, and now here in Paris, France. Nicole is a member of the Paris Choral Society which performs at the American Cathedral of Paris.

Young Guitar Teacher / Bass / Vocals / Music / Jazz / MusicCurrent (All Ages / Levels / Styles)
Young qualified teacher gives individual music lessons at home in Paris and near suburbs. All styles, all ages, all levels - Guitar (electric / classical), vocals, bass - Classical music theory, jazz harmony, current music theory Personalized teaching, to structure oneself and to free oneself. Development of auditory perception to feel - to understand - to play Regular or one-off course Many availabilities, contact me or if you have any questions ... do not hesitate!

Singing lessons in all styles and French by graduate teacher
Professional lyric singer and professor of singing graduated from the conservatory (DEM singing very good mention), I give private singing lessons or collective, at home or at my home, in Paris and its region. All styles of singing, lyrical, variety. All levels: beginner to advanced (preparation for singing competitions, entrance to the conservatory). Having also taught music and French in high school and college (Master of Arts), I also offer French classes. All levels: from primary school to secondary school.

Singing Lessons/Cours de Chant
Hello! My name is Olivia, and I am an American opera singer now based in Paris! I give 45 minute and hour voice lessons at a studio in Paris teaching all different styles of music to students of all ages and levels in both English and French. While I have extensively studied classical technique, I also have a performance certificate in musical theater and have recorded pop and country songs. I teach a classically based, healthy technique that can be applied to sing any style of music. I also teach the basic ear training, music history, and music theory to give students a greater appreciation for music! I specialize in beginners.

Voice, Singing and Interpretation Course
Course given by Magali Based on singing techniques, this workshop offers actors and singers (or neophytes!) The tools they need to perform in order to "resonate" in their voice the richness of their inner world. Course objectives: - Learn to find "your voice" - To relax by the work of breathing and the vibrations of the voice - To propose to the actors the tools of a good diction, without falling into an outrageous theatricality - Take your first steps in the approach of singing, possibly useful for those who have a multidisciplinary approach - Learn to interpret text by singing using the tools of the Actors Studio method

Singing lessons
Graduated in Performing Arts, I give private singing lessons. I have experience in this field as a teacher of singing, teacher of musical awakening and teacher of relaxation by singing (reference available on request) All the breathing exercises and vocal techniques have been developed in partnership with phoniatres and speech therapists for an optimal approach and a real security of the voice. The purpose of these courses is to learn to master quickly a piece and especially, especially! to do it by singing.

Singing lessons and classical vocal technique
Whether you are an actor, singer (all styles), or even a teacher, learning to use your voice is important to keep and use as you wish. Being able to project the sound without getting tired, to be able to use this internal instrument and to understand it are the bases that I propose to teach. Learn to know your body, to breathe and manage the breath, so you can sing, speak and express yourself freely. I have a master of lyric singing at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, and I teach on the basics of classical vocal technique.

Singing lessons, voice coaching, music theory
Whatever your level and your goals, we offer personalized support. WHAT WE OFFER Thanks to an experience of more than 15 years with children, adolescents and adults, we accompany you in achieving your desires, listening to your tastes, your pace. - Beginner, intermediate, advanced, pre-pro level - Individual or small group lessons CONDUCT OF A SESSION Each student is unique, so is each session. We propose : - Relaxation, body awareness, sensory awakening, warm-up, work on the breath to (re) connect to oneself and its creative potential, to approach the practice in openness, relaxation and energy. - Discovery and deepening of the pieces - Targeted exercises according to your needs THE TEAM - The Myriade Ensemble's teaching team is made up of practicing professional musicians, in particular within Ensemble Myriade. They are all graduates of music schools (Master of Radio-France, Schola Cantorum, University of Southern California, Royal Conservatory of Brussels ...). The Ensemble, in parallel with its productions in the field of classical and contemporary music, is committed to offering educational actions to promote music as a factor of social, intercultural and intergenerational ties. Join us !

Singing lessons for all levels Paris and southern suburbs!
After studying 9 years at the conservatory classical harp and singing, I decided to turn to composition, exploration and vocal improvisation. I approach singing by relaxation, and pleasure. Each session begins with a time of physical warming then vocal, to finally work on the songs of your choice, by appropriating them! I also offer Harp lessons, music theory and musical awakening for children. Hope to meet you !

Piano, Singing, Theory, Analysis, History, Solfège lessons
En tant que docteur de musique diplômé de 3 pays (Angleterre, USA, Allemagne) et publié par des titres musicologiques renommés (Perspectives of New Music, Lexikon des Orchesters) je crois pouvoir partager des idées nouvelles et intéressantes avec mes élèves. Ce parcours diverse a été possible à cause de ma motivation à explorer la musique globalement en refusant d'être indoctriné par des idéologies particulières qui souvant sont associées à un certain pays ou même par le sentiment de souffisance qui caractérise l'ignorance académique de certains étudiants aujourd'hui.

Flute, clarinet and singing lessons
Whether you like classical music, current music, jazz or free improvisation, I can help you learn or develop your technique as much as your musical inspiration. Graduate of conservatory and experienced in the musical life, I like to teach as much as to play! See you soon !

SOLFEGE / PIANO / LYRIC SONG Learning of Singing and Piano
Student at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, and classical pianist since childhood, I offer lessons in operatic singing, but also piano and solfège. I have been practicing music for over fifteen years, and I will be delighted to be able to share with you all that I have received during these Conservatory years. I especially want to work in a demanding way, but in a constant good mood and in the love of music.

Private lessons Music
Student in lyric singing at CRR Aubervilliers-La Courneuve, I propose: - private lessons in vocal technique (work on posture, breath, warm-up) and repertoire, lyric or not. Possibility to give also bases in solfeggio (deciphering, reading of partition, rhythm) - One-to-one music theory classes: support for conservatory students or learning the basics of music theory, deepening. Open to listening, musical analysis and the history of music.

SINGER PRO, BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Sciences-Po Paris (teacher at the Arts office)
SONG / VOICE TECHNIQUE / SPOKEN IN PUBLIC BREATH, PRESENCE, AND SOUND. VOTED VOICE - VOICE VOTING Through fun exercises, the goal is to make you know and then master your voice and its many possibilities. It is about developing this magic tool, often badly and under used. Beyond direct applications to singing or speaking in public, the work of breath and voice brings well-being and better self-awareness. Issues addressed: set up the air column and explore the breaths, breath / emotion unit, search for vocal identity and sound use of the organ, explore all facets of your vocal tool (low / high / high / soft / blown / ...), mastery of your different registers (chest / head / passagio), construction / reinforcement of specific techniques (belting / twang), ear work (melodic / harmonic precision), homogenization of the stamp, interpretation (address, gestures, meaning). Skills acquired after the court: - projection of the voice without damage to the vocal cords - body unit / breath / emotion - fluidity and precision of the song - development of the vocal palette 30min, 1h or 1h30 lessons. ALL LEVELS. The exercises are "tailor-made"

American Technical Singing Course
Technique brought back from the USA opening on the blues, the soul, the jazz rock and the variety ... For professionals, amateurs and passionates of the song. I learned the trade by the blues, the soul of the years Motown: Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Ray Charles ... styles of voice which open you on the blues, the rock, the jazz, the r & b and even the variety ... I resided in the USA where I signed with a label from 1991 to 96 for a CD. After many concerts and tours across the United States, before returning to France, I completed my experience and my mastery of singing through training courses in New York. In my last year in the USA, I taught by an association of American teachers with this technique that I reported. In Paris, I have been teaching these courses for 15 years. 1h30 lesson. Vocalises for voice placement, breathing techniques, accuracy and rhythm control. Work of vocal stamp .... I am passionate about teaching and sharing my experience.What give quick results ..