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Mounir - Tokyo$72
Math · Physics · Chemistry
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Pablo - Tokyo$27
Trusted teacher: Hola !!! みなさんこにちぐあ Hi everyone! Qué tal? How are you? My name is Pablo, a Spanish teacher from Spain. Also, you can call me David, or Debiddo, as my Japanese family does. Currently living in Tokyo, developing my career and enjoying the amazing gastronomy here. Most of my time, I am helping students to get their goals with this amazing language. -How my classes are? Funny as possible! And 100% Hispanic experience. In a few specific important moments, we could speak English. Just if we really need. I offer classes in 3 different systems, in order to suit your needs and goals. You can choose between: 1- BESPOKE, Lessons are customized to suit you in order to get the most out of them. 2-CONVERSATION, Designed for students already at the elementary level, level A.2, since a foundation is required to be able to communicate. 3-COMBO BC, The conversation and bespoke systems blend it. -How is the first class? We will talk about your goals and objectives. And mainly about you, your likes, hobbies, and skills. Why?? Because every student is different, the same as humans, and the best way to teach is to discover what kind of student you are. You will surprise how much words you know from the first class! Learning Spanish will get you in the second most spoken language in the world. -What do I use? I use varied material to customize the lessons and exercises for you. I have my own material, but also I use professional resources like books or interactive activities. -How I am? Dedicated, empathic and funny. I really like to make the lessons the easiest way possible, the same style as kids learn: with fun. I roundly curious about everything, as I have traveled a lot and I have taught in the cosmopolitan city of London for a while to different nationality students. I love books, healthy style of life, and documentaries. -What kind of skills I have? I am a huge Japanese food lover... I am certificated as ELE professional, a Spanish teacher for foreigners, for International House Barcelona, recognized for Cervantes Institute. Most important I enjoy teaching for a while, not just Spanish. Different subjects as yoga, documentaries or meditation for beginners. I speak also English and two more languages, Galician and Portuguese. Plus currently, I am learning Japanese. -Is Spanish a difficult language? Maybe is easier English? Well, nothing compared with Chinese or Hungarian language... ;) I promise you. The Spanish language has important differences with Asian languages, true. But when you identified which they are, is just a question of practice. A good explanation for this is that especially for Japanese students, Spanish phonetic is much easier than English. And both languages, Spanish and English, share many words, structures and phonetics. You will surprise how much Spanish words you know already and you didn't realize. Despite this, I understand how hard could be in some moments. But DON'T worry, please! Step by step, together, you will get confident and motivation pretty high to make this fantastic language, YOUR language. You will learn not just in class time with me because you will use some of your hobbies and passions to keep and improve your Spanish. I will design these activities for you. -Where do I teach? I use to meet students at their home or some places like a quiet coffee shop. Around my area or yours. We could arrange the best place for you. I love parks on a nice day too! -Do you teach groups? Yes, definitely. I am more than happy to give lessons to small groups. Students groups give me many options and wide opportunities to make fantastic activities and games. And with economic prices. -Are you a little bit curious but you don't want to take a decision yet? I am happy to send you an example of how my classes look like. I appreciate your interest and time and don't hesitate to consult me, please. Gracias, and see you!
Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Santiago and I am native Spanish speaker from Uruguay. I am offering individual and personalized virtual Spanish classes to improve both your oral and written communication. The main focus of my classes is focused on developing fluent and structured communication of the Spanish language either to prepare international exams, or to be able to communicate properly in the professional field or to reinforce and maintain prior knowledge of this language. I am a graduate, graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in the USA. Having learned English as a child at the Ivy Thomas Memorial School in Uruguay, and lived a year and a half in Thailand, followed by 4 years in the USA I acquired great knowledge and fluency in the English language. In Thailand I spent a year and a half studying communication arts, which helped me, prepare for my studies in the US. I had several communication classes, learning techniques of how to speak better using not only our words but also our body to help us speak more naturally, calmly, and without getting nervous if we get stuck or forget what we wanted to say. During my career in the US, I was constantly writing essays for my classes, in addition to having to present projects in front of my teachers and classmates. At the same time, I was working at university and after graduation I worked for a year, mainly having long phone conversations with people from all over the country. If what you are looking for is to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language, I will help you. My methodology is simple. Each person is different and I adapt the content of my classes to the needs and interests of my students. We all learn in different ways and at different times,
Public speaking · Spanish · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: はじめまして! オーストラリア生まれのイギリス人で、英語のネイティブスピーカーです。 日本に東南アジアに合わせて12年暮らしています。 これまでに語学学校での教師だけでなく、プライベートでのマンツーマン、グループレッスンなど様々なスタイルで初心者の方たちから上級者の方たちまで英語を教えてきました。 お一人おひとりのニーズに合わせたレッスンで、みなさんが自分史上最高の英会話力を手に入れるお手伝いをします:) まず始めに、生徒お一人おひとりの希望やニーズをお聞きします。「なぜ英語を学びたいのか」を明確に、そこから目標を一緒に立てましょう。細かく内容が組まれたレッスンよりもフリートークを通して英会話力を伸ばしたい方には、レッスン毎にトピックを立て会話を進めていきます。発音の訂正や新しい語彙を増やすことはもちろんですが、何よりも生徒のみなさんが間違えることを怖がらずにどんどん話せる環境をご提供します。 文法や語彙習得に力を入れたい方には、目的・レベルに合わせたプログラムをご用意します。要望があれば、英語新聞や雑誌を利用し、タイムリーなトピックを通して "real life English"を身に着けることを目指します。 Hi everyone, I am a native English speaker with over 12 years living in Japan and South East Asia. I have hands on experience teaching English in Japan using multiple methods in various situations and environments. I am here to serve you and make you the best, most confident speaker you can be :) In terms of my teaching methods, First of all, I will listen to my student's needs and assess what it is they want, how they would like to learn, why they are learning etc so that we can create a goal to aim for.  If you wish to have a less structured, more free flowing conversational lesson then I will think of a topic and we can discuss.  I like to correct pronunciation and add new words to their vocabulary but most of the time I want the student to be talking whilst unafraid of making mistakes in a comfortable setting.    If the student prefers a more structured lesson with clear grammar points and/or vocab building, I can also structure the lesson more formally to suit their needs.  If the student prefers, I can use materials such as newspaper articles, magazine pieces so that real life English is studied.  
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Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - Lycee - 19 average (London)
Mounir has been tutoring my daughter for a few months (French syllabus, 3eme - Brevet level). She loves the lessons and looks forward to their weekly Zoom meeting. Mounir easily builds a good rapport with his students and makes lessons interesting and fun, building confidence along the way. He is methodical and organised in his approach and makes sure to go over any aspects of the lessons which may have been less well covered in class, leaving the student with a solid grasp of the entire syllabus. He also recommended alternative revision cards and exercise books with corrections which my daughter finds much more user friendly than the ones provided at her school. Overall a very satisfactory experience and we would recommend Mounir without hesitation to anyone looking for an excellent maths tutor.
Review by PASCALE
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN
Private tuition and homework assistance in Tokyo in science subjects, English, and French (Tokyo)
Juliette is an excellent tutor and a wonderful person. We have very much enjoyed our sessions with her. She is consistently professional, communicates well, is always well-prepared and offers very insightful and supportive comments. She is open to suggestions and provides useful feedback. I have noticed significant improvements since our tutoring sessions with Juliette began. I look forward to continuing our sessions.
Review by CHRIS