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Trusted teacher: Micaela had her first contact with music at age 4 through the piano and with cello at 9 years old. In 2012 begins her Bachelor’s Degree in Jed Barahal’s cello class at Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (Oporto, Portugal). Over the years had masterclasses and private lessons with several world-renowned cellists: Cédric Conchon, Martti Roussi, Oliver Parr, Carolina Landriscini, Johannes Moser (listener), Marin Cazacu, Mats Lidstörm, Daniel Geiss, Denis Severin, Justus Grimm, Stefano Veggeti, Francesco Dillon and Miriam Prandi. As an orchestra musician she has worked with soloists such: Anabela Chaves, Dmitri Bashkirov, Bernado Sasseti, Chloë Hanslip, Stéphane Chapuis, António Rosado, Stefan Hadjiev, Eric Ferrand-N'Kaoua, Miriam Prandi, Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi. In addition, she worked with the conductors like: Ernest Schelle, Raf De Keninck, Christoph König, Yoel Gamzou, Fuad Ibrahimov, Anja Bihlmaier, Sir Roger Norringthon, Gianluca Marcianò and the stage director Peter Konwitschny. Micaela also had the opportunity to work with great jazz musicians during the Guimarães Jazz Festival editions 2013/2014. She has collaborated with Sandro Norton on the project "Flying High ... At the Heart of It" where she had the pleasure of sharing the stage with 6 times Grammy winner Gary Burton. In 2016 she becomes part of the Neue Philharmonie München Youth Orchestra (Munich, Germany) where she has the opportunity to play in venues such as Herkulessal Der Residenz (Munich) and Stadthalle Kassel (Kassel). In 2019 is invited to participate in Al Bustan Festival Orchestra Academy (Beirute, Lebanon) and to be part of Suoni dal Golfo Festival playing with Orchestre Excellence based in Italy, Lerici. After a very successful collaboration, she is invited to participate in Al Bustan Festival Orchestra Academy and Orchestre Excellence in the 2020 season. She is in the reserve lists of US Chamber (Norway) and Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra (Belgium). Since 2017 she had the opportunity to study with Lluís Claret (Barcelona, Spain) and Claes Günnarson (Gothenburg, Sweden). Currently she is part of cello class at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels where he was given the privilege of playing a cello from 1675.
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Laura - Spain$35
Trusted teacher: - I use vocal training in my classes that brings together the most advanced techniques in the world: I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER for MODERN VOCAL TRAINING. Vocal training used by GRAMMY Award winners. Also, in classical training my specialties are SONG and MUSICOLOGY 🎓 🎤 As a Vocal Coach I have taught classes to more than 100 students. Among them, a contestant in the Melendi team of "LA VOZ Kids España" and singers in festivals such as "Festival de la Luz, Festival Noroeste Pop-Rock, Atlantic Fest". 📚 Always looking for new advances in vocal science and technique, I have been trained with some of the best vocal training: I am certified in levels I and II of Estill Voice - Voice Craft (USA), I have studied with experts in Speech Level Singing (USA). And I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER of Modern Vocal Training: It is a training that brings together the most advanced vocal techniques in the world, has the support of the latest scientific advances in the study of the functioning of the vocal system and a solid pedagogical method. In my training as an MVT teacher I have been able to learn from Celine Dion's Vocal Coach, which she learned from Michael Jackson's teacher in the 80s. In addition, I have been a contributor to the UK music examination institution, Trinity College London (2014 - 2019). Being also, in person, supervisor of music theory exams. I am a trainer for these certifications and for other British institutions such as ABRSM and LCM. In the musical field, some of my experience: Graduated with Merits Degree in Singing by Trinity (UK), scholarship by the Society of Artists and Interpreters of Spain, scholarship by the International University of Valencia, studies in the degrees of ABRSM (UK) piano and music theory, studies in Professional Diploma of modern music and jazz, studying at the International University of Valencia Degree in Musicology and Conservatory specializing in Lyrical singing.
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Trusted teacher: Being a professional piano teacher and pianist it was very important for me to understand how to make my online piano classes a real good and effective learning experience. My class is fun, easy to grasp and as close as possible to the real live-piano class. I provide my online students: - four different camera angles, so that I can explain technique, fingerings and posture. - great quality sound so that we can work more in depth with the pieces. - high quality image, so that this whole experience feels more natural and close to the student. - copies of my remarks that are send directly to my students after class, as well as displaying my remarks on the student`s music sheets in real time. (If you wish to attend my class in person please see my other class labelled `Klavierunterricht / Piano lessons. All levels are welcome to join.`) MY TEACHING STYLE: In my style of teaching, I approach the challenges together with my students, working as a team. This way, the study progress allows for an individual pace while ensuring understanding due to frequent and implicit feedback. Having fun and learning exemplary pieces are considered as necessary as training technical fundamentals and musical understanding. The entire program is individually composed to meet each student’s interests and needs, so that any level and kind of student is ensured to find a fit. `` Learning the piano is a fascinating lifelong process. It can be compared to learning a new language from the very beginning, step by step. I love guiding students, who share the same passion with me through this wonderful experience of self-discovery. All levels and ages (6 -100 years old) are welcome to my class``
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Trusted teacher: Hello, it's Rita, your voice teacher! No matter which level you might be, you will learn the theory about body and voice anatomy, ear training, diction, body language, performance, audition/competition preparation, as well as understanding sound production. Defining bad habits, removing vocal weaknesses are both mandatory to anyone willing to work on its voice development, perfect resonance, and technique progress. Remember that singing is natural, and the sound produced by the vocal cords is carried on the breath. This is the technique of ‘bel canto’ which means beautiful singing. Each lesson is divided into 3 main parts: • Breathing exercises, correct posture reminder, and stretching mobility • Warm-up exercises to stretch the vocal muscles: starting with a single-note, interval, and scale using pure vowels, words, and song phrases. Humming, straw, lip rolls, vocal sirens, Plenty of exercises tailored based on your level, ensuring never to make you feel bored of this essential routine • 3rd part is usually the fun part where you apply all the basics into a song study and interpretation. We agree on the choice of your repertoire, pitch, and rhythm, try to sing-along with the original song, Acappella, acoustic, and karaoke. On monthly basis, I offer group masterclasses and publish on my blog topics related to the life of a singer and musician, in the categories of art, wellness, nutrition, psychology, therapy, along with interviews. With more than 11 years of experience in music academies and online, I teach students teenagers and adults up to 65 years old, music genres such as pop, pop-opera or crossover, soul, R&B, rock, musical theater, and of course classical as it is my specialty where I attended masterclasses, workshops and opera studios around the globe. I look forward to singing with you!
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Hello Everyone, My name is Swapnali. I have learned the art of music since my early childhood. For me, singing is not only my passion, but I have a great deal of devotion attached to it as well. It is the purest art that I can teach a student. I have been honored to study under the deep guidance of my Gurus, belonging to Gwalior . I have the opportunity to nurture myself under the guidance of gurus, Rhidaynath Mangeshkar and Adinath Mangeshkar. ✨✨✨By Singing 92songs of LATA MANGESHKAR JI non stop for 4 Hours as a Tribute on her 92th Birthday, Me along with My Students Made a Wolrd Record. Which Have Recorded In High Range Book of Records. And For That, I Honerd By Hon. Governor Of Maharashtra. ✨✨✨ I have been a national winner of AAKASHVANI, a Radio music competition. I have been trained in Hindustani classical music. In addition, I take great delight in delving in semi-classical as well as Bollywood music, Marathi songs, Hindi songs, Devotional songs, Bhajans etc. Age Group: I have students who are as young as 4 years old, and as old as 65 years old. I believe imparting musical knowledge should not be restricted to age. Teaching method: My teaching method is very simple. I start with the pronunciation of 'SA' by getting you accustomed to Tanpura, eventually moving to other swaras. To keep it very simple for all my students, I have designed a very simple, customized syllabus, which should meet the expectations of any beginner to intermediate singers. Theory: I start with the basics of Indian Classic music (Aaroha - Sa, Re, ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa; Avaroha - Sa, Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma, Ga, Re, Sa). I cover music forms like Classic, Semiclassic, Bollywood, Ghazal. It would be my great honor to teach you Indian music!! :) Thnku🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Trough FUN learn the basics of accordion, the basics of music, and IMPROVE your accordion playing skills! SKYPE
Enjoyed his class! He was very detailed in his teaching - particular about the posture and attention to detail in terms of the fingering and pacing, despite it being an online class. His class had very good pacing in his teaching and provide relevant teaching materials for beginner accordion students. He is also very responsive on Apprentus and accommodating to virtual lessons. Highly recommend!
Review by JANICE
Learn how to play the piano with an experience musician (Leuven)
Ioanna is a very nice and pleasant person with a great ability to patiently explain easily comprehensible, even to an ABSOLUTE beginner without ANY musical knowledge. I am really impressed with her, great choice for me!
Review by NADINE
Piano, Language, harmony arrangements, composition Improvisation, Musical Softwares, Musical production
Erick is a really nice and professional teacher. Always willing to help and accommodate to last minute changes. We are super happy to have him as a teacher. He makes piano fun!