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For the past 7 years, I have tutored 80+ IB Biology and Chemistry students online up to date, and hundreds of students face-to-face. They have all achieved top grades (levels 6 and 7 only), and many of my tutees have gone on to study Medicine, Dentistry and Natural Sciences at top universities in the world (University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCL, Imperial College, King's College...). I, myself, have studied Master of Pharmacy at UCL (MPharm) and Graduate Medicine at University of Cambridge (MB BChir). For every exam period, I take up approximately 10 students to teach online. Every student that I tutored from last year's batch (May 2019 exam) received 7s (from Bio and Chem when I tutored them the subject). I teach students in groups of 2 or 3s at my house in London. Moreover, I also teach crash courses of IB Biology and IB Chemistry before the final exams in April time. If you're interested in normal tutoring lessons, I will help you understand any IB Chemistry or Biology concepts in an easy manner. I have taught the International Baccalaureate Chemistry and Biology programmes for 7 years, and am aware of the ins and outs of the curriculum. If you're interested in assistance and support in writing Internal Assessments or Extended Essay for Chemistry and/or Biology, I can help you achieve top marks - all the students I helped received 7s. With the vast amount of resources, past papers and experience that I have accumulated, I'm looking forward to helping you achieve a 7 (or at least a 6!). Anyone can do it with the right guidance.
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Trusted teacher: It happened so that all my adult life I have been studying medicine a lot and going through a variety of training in this area. It helps me not only to develop programs, but also in teaching English to medical practitioners (doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals), as well as students who study medicine). Right now I teach only one-to-one lessons online. It's true that with doctors, who often run or join urgent operations, it is difficult to expect stability except 6 in the morning))) But we could try to predict the best times, days to arrange a meeting... I most cases we choose one of the options below for "Medical English Online" programs: 1) With students with a level of English Language proficiency at the level of "pre-intermediate" - "intermediate", I take the nursing course as a basis (although it is absolutely wonderful to study it for nurses, doctors, and future doctors). Of course, there's a variety of additional materials that I select depending on specialization, interests, etc. In the basic version of the course the materials are selected to prepare for the international examinations for CGFNS nurses (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools): • the patient's medical history, • examination of the patient, • private examinations, • research, • medical documents, • establishing a diagnosis, • prescribing the treatment, • additional topics - depending on specialization / request 2) Based on the English proficiency at the "Upper-Intermediate" and higher levels, I include some materials from the programs for nurses and doctors, while suggesting also a very large number of sources of original literature, articles, atlases, videos, etc. Of course, with discussions and real cases on the way. My interest is that you learn something new for yourself, not only in terms of the English language ;) And, of course, share with me (my personal professional interest;). 3) You request :) You choose some narrow topics your need. And we work it out as much as possible using all the means, sources, etc. This is especially good if you want to expand the topics of a particular specialisation for: cardiologist, midwife, physiotherapist, paramedic, pharmacist, paediatrician, surgeon, lap technician, anaesthesiologist, pharmacist, orthopaedics and various others. --- In all the options above we talk a lot, listen, discuss, act out typical situations, analyse cases, etc. In English, of course. It is very difficult to learn Medical English without using English ;) So, What is especially important for you today? When you would like and could study Medical English online (early morning is an option too)? What topics are you especially interested in? Fill in an application form, - I will offer any possible options or the ones I consider to be the best. See you soon!
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I can highly recommend Olivier. I haven't spoken much French in the past 10 years and wanted to refresh before an upcoming trip. Olivier prepares for the lesson by selecting articles of interest which we then discuss. The hour goes by very quickly because its fun and interesting! Give him a try!
Review by TRUSTIN
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Dr. Soha
Dr. Soha is a truly amazing and nice teacher. She always makes sure her students understand the concepts in depth and cares a lot about their learning experience! I strongly recommend her services to everyone! :))
Science; IB, IGCSE; Medicine & University Applications (Luxembourg)
She responds so fast and has high responsibilities. She provides us slides and media for better understanding. Additionally, she follows the results after teaching. Thank you Marie.
Review by DAO