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5 art history teachers in Ixelles‑Elsene

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Ana - Ixelles-Elsene$35
Trusted teacher: I have a double degree in Translation and Interpretation and in Human Sciences, as well as a Master in Spanish Language and Literature. I give English and Spanish lessons (specific or not) at all levels. I already have a few years of experience in teaching languages (L2) and also in the preparation of official language exams (Cambridge and DELE). I give courses in translation and conference interpretation techniques. My methodology adapts according to your needs. Tengo un doble licenciatura en Traducción e Interpretación y en Humanidades, así como un Máster en Lengua y Literatura Española. Imparto clases de inglés, español y francés como segunda lengua, específicas o no, a todos los niveles. Tengo varios años de experiencia en la ensñanza de segundas lenguas (L2) y también in the preparation of exámenes oficiales de idiomas (Cambridge or DELE). Además, imparto clases de traducción y técnicas de interpretación de conferencias. Mi metodología adapted en función de vuestras necesidades. I have studied Translation and Interpreting and Human Sciences, I also have a Master in Spanish Language and Literature. I give English and Spanish classes (specific or not) at any level. I have been teaching for few years now and I have also experience preparing official language exams like for example the PET or FIRST Cambridge exams. I also give translation classes or techniques in consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. I adapt my methods according to your needs.
English · Spanish · Art history
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One of the main goals I try to achieve as a tutor is to encourage my students to explore the world around them from a new perspective. With 1-1 teaching, I am able to create lessons that are specifically tailored to my student's interests, weaknesses and concerns and from this nurture a solid learning style that they will be able to take with them to further education. Currently, I am studying for my second degree in History of Art and have strong and extensive knowledge in structuring essays and approaches to the humanities. Honing and improving essay writing skills will prove invaluable to students when reaching higher education and exams which I believe my tutelage would help with! I usually have a methodical approach to learning where each lesson is planned out with upcoming exams, weak subjects and repeated mistakes in mind. I always find that my students work better when they have small and achievable goals to reach in each session. As an example, my lessons are structured with upcoming homework as a first target with each subject's homework being one goal smashed. After that, revision or any marked work with mistakes/problem areas is looked into and divided into sections/goals that they can achieve. I usually create a points system where with enough points they win a small prize. This is not a requirement of my teaching but I find it works very well! I also discuss with parents before starting tutorials what they know to be their weaker academic points, how best they respond to teaching and any feedback they may have from teachers with regard to the work outside school. Lessons are always planned with the student's learning style in mind and I am always open to adapting and receiving feedback from parents, teachers and students. Should a student find my teaching style, not to their liking, I will always be happy to change and amend my style to fit them.
Art history
Trusted teacher: Certified teacher of modern letters, I have fifteen years of teaching experience. This experience allowed me to work with audiences as diverse as college students, high school students and young post-baccalaureate students, preparing for a Bts. This course can also be aimed at foreign adults who would like to improve their writing, by approaching the French language more as an object of study and also wishing to be more comfortable in the exchange of a conversation. This approach is a teaching that is based on my experience in FLE (French as a foreign language), before my certification in modern letters. Otherwise, whatever your level, I suggest that you improve your French, both written and spoken, through literature from the Middle Ages to our contemporaries of the 21st century, always with a reading that will anchor the texts covered in a historical period. This is why the title of the course highlights the historical dimension, approached in connection with the history of literature. Grammar will also be covered from 6° to 3°: refresher and deepening, preparation for the patent, for the anticipated French tests with also a deepening which will be linked to the test, for the general culture tests concerning more specifically post-baccalaureate students. (although general knowledge can be approached at all levels in my opinion which makes the course much more enriching) Regarding the course for foreign adults, the method is inspired by that of Fle, but do not hesitate to send me texts that you would like to discuss or ask me for help with the writing. more administrative writing or other types of mail. My background also allows me to transmit Latin, up to the translation test in high school.
Grammar · Art history · French
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Language course (Spanish / English). Translation, interpretation. (Ixelles-Elsene)
A fantastic Spanish teacher, Highly recommended. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend Spanish grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me.She makes learning Spanish a highly enjoyable experience by creating a relaxed and fun environment to learn. I highly recommend her.
Review by ADNAN
Chinese art history from 5th century to contemporary (Uccle)
Penny is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about Chinese Art History. The lesson is perfectly prepared with good documentation but also with the flexibility to branch out in neighbouring subjects or drill down deeper on certain topics. The presentation is very entertaining and clearly benefits from Penny's experience and eductation in China. Enjoyable and profound.
French as a Foreign Language (FLE) course for adults (Business and everyday life) (Ixelles-Elsene)
Cécile is a responsive teacher who uses an interactive and structured approach. She listened to my needs and was attentive to my level, tailoring lessons to how and where i can best make progress. The strength I am most impressed by is her ability to identify where exactly I'm having issues, and to work around those needs and structure homework in a way that best exercises it.

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