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4 religion & spirituality teachers in The Netherlands

Since my childhood, I had several spontaneous spiritual experiences that opened me to the true nature of the mind, but they just came and went away, neither did I pay attention to them. I had some of my chakras opened at that time as well. Instead of seeing the world as suffering, I tried to embrace every aspect of my life joyfully. At the age of 12, I was introduced to an enlightened master from a powerful spiritual lineage in Sri Lanka, and he has been my spiritual guidance since then. I undertook my meditation practice diligently while engaged in daily activities. In 2016, I experienced a great awakening with my Ajna chakra opened and was able to be in so called "Oneness" state of mind for a prolonged period of time. The blissful nature of this "Beyond Mind" or "No Mind" experience was unexplainable and this shift in consciousness changed my perception regarding the world and surrounding. It has integrated into my daily life with improved mindfulness. Later I came to the Netherlands for my PhD and my meditative experience further deepened with many unique qualities. The "No Mind" experience further developed into deeper blissful samadhi states and I came to the profound "Near Death" experience in 2020. The delusional thinking of "I am my mind" and "I am my body" has disappeared once and for all. The freedom from this realization lead to an everlasting peace without the need of any religious, cultural and social bondages. Knowing our true nature is the best gift I have received so far in my life. Since then I started sharing my insights, meditative absorptions, techniques to people who want to live the same freedom as I do. Even though my main purpose is to lead souls to the spiritual enlightenment, my service is also there to tackle problems that we encounter in daily life which include stress, anxiety, fear etc. As the current holder of this profound spiritual lineage, I am also looking to expand our spiritual group with more and more enlightened souls. In a nutshell, I offer meditation and yogic techniques to improve your mindfulness, energies leading to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are really interested in spiritual enlightenment and deep samadhis to serve humanity, then we have a further step to take !
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Learn to make music straight from the heart! Study music as a spiritual practice. It is one of the most valued factors in music all over the world, though also one of the least understood. (At least in the western world, if not anywhere.) Often deemed a kind of sub-talent "one just has or one doesn't", I am very certain it is something any musician can learn. I know because I found out how that works. The technique is easy to understand, but hard to master. Mastering in fact takes a lifetime. As it is in essence the art of improving oneself through the medium of music. A lifelong student myself, I have always found it hard to study music in any other way. Most things therefore I had to find out by myself while carving my own path, never really staying with any music teacher for long. No matter how skilled you currently are at making music, you can learn this if you feel the motivation to do so. In fact it can be an advantage not to much already. One main medium we use for training is improvisation. Which might be scary at first, but can become something very exciting very soon if you open yourself to it. Anyone can learn this! The methods used can also be applied to non-improvised music. They turn studying music into a spiritual practice and performing music into the sharing of spiritual energy with other people. Are you interested in making music from the heart? Are you open to accept my teachings as a hypothesis, to find out for yourself if it works for you? Depending on what you prefer we can also integrate a variation of other spiritual techniques into our lessons. Get in touch! Lessons can also be online or in person, we will talk about this during intake. Other times and dates than stated here might also be available, please contact me for further enquiries. Usually very flexible when it comes to time and location. *** Background: Musically I am experienced with a wide variety of instruments. I am active in other artistic disciplines. Please read my profile for more information. For the past 10 years or so I have had much spiritual training, living practically like a monk next to having a part time job, until quite recently. For more information about this, please also read my profile.
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