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Trusted teacher: Testimonies --------- In just 5 and 1/2 days in February, 2022, I was beginning to transform almost roughly half a secondary school's children ! A Laboratory Technician & Former Senior Mathematics Teacher liked what I was doing - and noted I was the only teacher at the school she saw using my method ! The Head of Science wanted its success for her own children ! The Head of Physics wanted its success for his own children ! The school cleaners liked and agreed strongly with what I was doing ! Children kept clapping hands for me in different classes ! The most dangerous [ latent murderer ] boy, Will, was transformed by my 6th day ! His rebellious classmate, Jackson, was transformed by the 5th day ! From my 1st day to my 6th last day teaching at the school as a Supply Teacher, children kept calling out in the Playgrounds, " Hello, Mr Lee ! " That week I was helped by 72 million pastors & members of Christ Embassy praying from 6am for the children of the world and the Lord Jesus Christ answered miraculously our prayers. 92% Mathematics - By A Girl NOT In Top Sets - ca 7 Lessons ONLY ! In just 6 months of Home Tuition, 7 A, A, A, A, A, A & A* - BY A LOWEST SET Cardiff High School GCSE BOY ! 100% SUCCESS - with zero rejection of learning - BY DYSLEXIC CHILDREN - Since 2016 ! ALL BECAUSE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS BLESSED MY PEDAGOGICAL METHODS - Since 1985 ! Thanks to Him, He used me to bless many families - since I entered school teaching in 1992 ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXPERIENCED TEACHER - I BEGAN TEACHING - OVER 35 YEARS AGO ! HOME - SCHOOL - UNIVERSITY - BUSINESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIOLOGY - EASIER , MORE ACCURATE WAYS TO LEARN CERTAIN TOPICS In ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 100 % SUCCESS - Teaching Dyslexic Children - In RECENT YEARS ! * 100 % SUCCESS - UNIVERSITY Personal Statements - OVER ALL MY YEARS So Far ! 7 A, A, A, A, A, A & A* - By Bottom Set GCSE Boy - In JUST 6 Months' Tuition - Cardiff Hign School ! How ? * Since 1992, I have given my school and home classes ACTIVE LEARNING rather than the popular PASSIVE LEARNING. This lets students enjoy lessons and learn FASTER. * I use special layouts of 2s, 3s and 4s to aid the brain assimilate faster and easier. * I use special serene colours and avoid negative colours that slow the brain's cognitive processes. * I teach students which daily activities to avoid so that their brains go back to normal in 7 to 31 days - for many if they follow my advice fully. * I show school & university students a FAR EASIER & MORE EFFICIENT JAMES WAY TO DO HOMEWORK ! …. so be more than ready and well prepared BEFORE THE EXAMS if you follow my simple, easy methodology fully properly ! All because in 1987, I decided to read the Holy Bible more - and my wife prays for my students ! The Lord Jesus Christ is the One Who has taught me to teach in EXCELLENT WAYS ! MANY Subjects ! It was not by my 3 universities. The best Teachers' Training College at the time , Sir Robert Black College Of Education, where I obtained a Certificate of Special Education trained in some ways like what God Almighty gave me through The Holy Bible. If it had not been for the Lord Jesus, I would have been like all the other teachers - and would not have achieved dynamic top results for pupils who followed my methods fully properly.
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Learn German playfully «Language is the key to the world.» It is part of our life. Every child has their own distinctive course of development. But what characterizes this ability to acquire a language? at the time when we consciously think about our language, we have already acquired it. We cannot explain to ourselves how we acquired them. She belongs our life, as well as walking or seeing. Regarding the language, most children understand around the age of one and two years already much of what is said to them, even if they themselves can't speak yet. It is important to always be aware of this, basically every child has one existing strong will to learn. It has the ability to speak a language acquire, it should always be the different courses, temporal shifts and respect each child's distinct areas of interest will. This basic attitude towards the child makes me an important learning companion through close attention and observation of each individual child to each point in time creates the opportunities to deal with the ones that are just right for him Discuss learning material and learning content. Learn mathematics in a playful way "Math can be so easy if you get the right tools". For many students, math is literally a closed book. How many times have you heard this sentence from your son or daughter? "I'll never understand math!" I believe that it's usually not a lack of understanding, but rather a lack of a suitable learning strategy. Mathematics plays an extremely important role for every child during their school years. It is a key tool when it comes to finding your way around in everyday life. Mathematics lessons in elementary school pick up on the students' everyday mathematical experiences. It helps them to deepen and expand their understanding of mathematical relationships. However, if your child loses touch with arithmetic rules early on, it will definitely have trouble solving complex arithmetic problems later. The mere numbers are far too abstract for children to really understand them. I notice this again and again in my tutoring. It is important for all mathematical learning areas to use materials that convey the learning content, illustrate it and, above all, are tangible for the children. Above all, it should give the students the opportunity to understand numbers, quantities and arithmetic operations both visually and practically. I made a conscious decision to specialize in tutoring for the 1st to 4th grades because I believe that the personality of the teacher has a decisive influence on the children's school career and it is precisely in this period that it is important to keep it positive to shape. Therefore, my main focus is to provide teaching materials that enable multi-sensory learning and make numbers tangible. When the basics have been established and the individual knowledge gaps have been closed, the completion of the current mathematics learning material will soon be completed. This basic attitude towards the child makes me an important learning companion who, through careful attention and observation, gives each individual child the opportunity to deal with the learning material and learning content that is right for him at any time. As a parent, it is much more difficult to catch up on the learning material with the child in the scarce free time, despite understanding the problems of the offspring.
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Arabic for non-Native Speakers. How to understand and use Arabic in better way. (Amman)
Dana A.
Dana is a great teacher, the lessons are really clear and she extremely attentive to the needs of her students, answering to all the questions and sharing all the necessary material to ensure an effective learning. She is extremely flexible in terms of scheduling and re scheduling of the lessons. She is really kind and supportive, it is really nice to lear with her!!!
Review by ILARIA
Behavioral Therapy For Oppositional Defiant Child.
Nikole is a reliable teacher! Her lessons are interesting and she can keep the focus of my son with special needs.
Review by JAZER KOBE
Greek language teacher for students 7-18 years old or adults (Néa Smýrni)
Very helpful, enquired on my language needs, and then provided great instruction.
Review by DAVE