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29 private teachers in Sartrouville

Trusted teacher: My name is Jeanne, 2nd year student at the London School of Economics (LES) in Geography and Economics. I am currently based in France due to the covid situation. Bilingual but originally French, I lived in the UK for three years in my childhood, before joining an international school when back in France. I then pursued my studies in the UK. I obtained the highest honors in my French baccalaureate with international option (OIB, mention TB). I, therefore, speak English and French fluently and have always enjoyed taking and teaching the languages. I have throughout the years used my fluency in both languages to teach children. I have joined the 'tutoring London' team this year, tutoring UK natives in advanced French. I particularly helped a family whose children wished to join the French primary school in London. They had the French basics but needed to be more fluent, I, therefore, helped them reach the respective levels of French required to join classes in each age group (CE2, CE1 and GS). When I was in France, I tutored children in English, teaching them the basics of the language. Despite not having an official teaching diploma, I passed my OIB Baccalaureate mention TB, and obtained the highest score at the TEOFL, which proves my fluency. I am therefore used to both help out with homework, and deliver prepared language classes. I enjoy teaching and seeing my students better themselves throughout classes. I start my classes depending on the requirements of the child, to try and meet the day's expectations. I do not hesitate to spend a lot of time on particular topics if the child is finding it difficult. Always listening to the child, I acknowledge there are days where desire and attention might be lesser than usual. I often use PowerPoint to have coherent class support. Aligning a theoretical class followed by exercises, I try to be demanding but fun, so as not to lose the student. I often review the notions studied previously at the beginning of the next class, so as to see if the student has remembered what he has been taught. I have also given a lot of babysitting, and I think my young age, my energy and my experience with children make it easier for me to understand them and teach in a fun but rigorous manner.
English · Tutoring
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Piano lessons given by concert pianist graduated from Moscow Conservatory named Tchaikovsky. (Maisons-Laffitte)
My first online lesson with Anastasia was excellent. After determining my level and goals, she jumped right into teaching. She has a personable style that made me feel comfortable as a beginner. Her instructions were clear and precise, so that despite the disadvantages of online lessons, I could follow them them easily. I left the first lesson with a lot to practice, and I'm looking forward to the next!
Review by LUCAS
Physics course: working methods, monitoring and permanent evaluation (Compiègne)
From only one lesson, I feel my son's confidence has increased hugely. Mr. Sarr understands that not only is my son learning to speak French but is simultaneously taking Chemistry in French at the same time. Even with this challenge, Mr. Sarr is able to walk my son through the process with patience, understanding, kindness and great knowledge!
Review by SAAM
Law course for undergraduate and master's students (Private Law) (Houilles)
Very good teacher, helped me with my assignment and provided me with helpful law sources.
Review by MUNEERAH