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Hello, I’m Nick: An English teacher with more than 8 years of experience, truly in love with what I do. :) There are so many tutors out there. Here is why you should choose me: First of all, I am experienced. I've taught 2-year-olds, as well as 60-year-olds and hold various teaching certificates. Secondly, I use high quality materials and awesome apps. For instance, Oxford’s Interactive English File e-books, along with a plethora of extra websites and exercises. When it comes to apps, I go for the best and most popular. For example, Zoom for video calls, WhatsApp for notes, chats and resource-sharing. I do my best to keep this part simple, yet take full advantage of the great functionality available. :) Another great plus is that my classes are tailored to each student’s unique needs. For instance, take my online Business English classes, which are perfectly adapted to your field, with materials sourced online or from your own practice. Or my General English classes, designed to prepare you for a Cambridge exam (PET, FCE, CAE), taking into account your time constraints and personal goals. Do you want to focus on Speaking and Pronunciation or perfect your formal emails? Together we can set clear objectives and achieve them in no time. Last but not least, having classes with me is fun! You will learn seamlessly through a combination of traditional methods, on one hand, and games, music and automatic self-assessment on the other. Furthermore, having worked as an animator, youth leader and entertainer, I guarantee you will laugh and have a good time. Sounds good? My kindest Regards, Nick
Tutoring · Alternative education · English
The course is dedicated to children from 8-10 to young adult till 30. Main patient/student are typically overrepresented female 15-25, filling lost (sometime depressed) by a missing life project (Professionnel, Education or Personnal). *STEP 1* After a fisrt discussion, about the current situation, issues ( incl addiction, psychiatric errance diagnostic, ADHA, Anxiety disorder, or something mental that prevent you to escape from a mind circle) I give my first impression regarding my background. Then, according to the suspected issue, this must be confirmed by other professionnal if needed, from psychologist to neurologist, from psychological objective measuring (test) to psysiological analysis (blood, brain waves, psychotropic issue, etc...) *STEP 2* Whatever is the issue, many choice can address it. Toogether, we establish the "scope of choice". I will fight against your auto-censorship to consider possible choices regarding your native skills (soft skills). NO CHOICE AT THIS STEP. The scope of choice MUST be as wide as possible, considering even what you did consider as out of option. *STEP 3* Me alone, or toogether, I create a tree choice. The question will be transformed to questions, with only 2 choices, at each step *STEP 4* Let's check what's at the end of the pyramid (potentially several choice) *STEP 5* Action plan *STEP 6* Action (with support if needed) *STEP 7* Failed ? Go to STEP 4 an try again *STEP 8* Thank a divinity if you beleive in it as it give you the force, and please, thanks me I did contributed for a better life. The money is nothing comparing to interhuman recognition. That is the true value, for 5000 years... Unfortunately forgoten nowadays...
Alternative education · Psychology (for students) · Neuroscience
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Spanish classes for beginners, easy, dynamic and inexpensive. (Amsterdam)
Ignacio has an extremely efficient way of teaching. He managed to quickly identify my level of Spanish and give me appropriate tasks. He can adapt to your particular style of learning and he is very flexible with planning the lessons. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fun way to take their Spanish to another level!
Review by PESHO
ART 🎨Drawing & Painting & Creating & Experimenting (Prague)
Denisa is doing a great job with my 11 year old daughter. She enjoys the classes and has been practicing the techniques that she's learned every day. Her drawing skills are really improving and she looks forward to every class. Thanks Denisa!
Review by BRYAN

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