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IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ MY AD IN FULL TO KNOW ALL THE MODALITIES: CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR COURSES IN FRONT OF FACE, I PROPOSE ONLY FOR COURSES BY WEBCAM MOREOVER, I WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FROM THE END OF JUNE TO THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT COURSE REQUESTS DURING THE SUMMER HOLIDAY BUT ONLY TO GIVE COURSE FROM SEPTEMBER. WARNING: MY RATES FOR ONE HOUR OF COURSE VARY FOR A COURSE BY WEBCAM AND FOR A HOME COURSE. A PACK OF HOURS ALLOWS TO PAY FOR THE LESS EXPENSIVE HOURS. You are in first ES or in final ES? Do you have difficulties in SES? You want to fill in your gaps? So register now to teach with me! I propose courses of SES INTERESTING, INSTRUCTIVE and ENRICHISSANT, so that you progress as fast as possible in this discipline! My main goal is that your average in SES progresses by 3, 4, 5, 6 points see more! How will I achieve such progress? I will help you first of all to acquire a RIGOROUS, PRECISE and COMPULSORY methodology in Composite and Dissertation to prepare you well for the baccalaureate exam. I will also help you to memorize the course and especially to understand it well. I will make sure that you take tastes to the SES! You prove that this is a subject that can be really interesting! Thanks to me, you will finally take a liking to the economic and sociological news of our society! My main objective is above all that the student has a good mastery of the course. The good mastery of the course will allow the student to have his own sociological / economic reflection. Finally, this sociological / economic reflection that the student will have built will allow him to respond in a precise and concrete way to a sociological / economic question. The +: The student will have the privilege to contact me when he wants (out of class) to ask questions or to give me methodological advice. The student will be accompanied to the maximum. He will have the privilege of being able to take exams prepared by myself. Information: I offer to start a one-hour class session for all my students only through WebCam. Thus, if the student adheres to my classes, I will then offer sessions of 1h45 courses at home or by WebCam Moreover, regarding the sessions, the duration of these is obligatorily of 1:45, for courses at home or WebCam. Transportation costs for home classes are included in the price. Why 1H45 sessions? After many experiences with students, I estimate that 1:45 of course is the ideal time to provide courses to a student. ************************************************** ********** EXAMPLES OF DISSERTATION PLAN OR EC3 TYPE BAC: What is the role of the family in social mobility? I / If the family plays a major role in social mobility ... A / Primary instance of primary socialization B / Instaure individual norms, values ​​and learning II / ... It can nevertheless be conducive to social reproduction A / Demonstrated by habitus according to the sociologist Bourdieu B / A family sociology that will promote social reproduction You will show that changes in employment weaken the link between work and social integration I / Beginner with a process of disaffiliation ... A / From a permanent contract to a temporary contract, temporary or seasonal B / From a fixed-term, temporary or seasonal contract to a job becoming more and more fragile, leading to no longer having a job II / ... moving towards a process of disqualification A / From a situation of unemployed with allowance to a situation where one does not touch any allowance and where one takes small distance of the majors of our society B / A situation where there is a risk of being completely excluded socially at the level of society MY SECRET FOR EC1, EC3 AND DISSERTATION: The Affirmation method in about 3 lines, Explanation in about 6-10 lines and Illustration in about 5-7 lines! A BANAL EXAMPLE OF THE METHODOLOGY APPLIED FOR EC1, EC3 OR DISSERTATION IN THE EDITORIAL FORM: Why are tomatoes red ? We must first know that tomatoes are red thanks to the brightness of the sun that it generates and thanks to its planting. STATEMENT Indeed, the sun, generates thanks to its rays of heat. This heat of the sun spreads later on the skin of the tomato. Thus, this tomato, by the heat of the rays of the sun, manages to blush little by little. In addition, you should know that tomatoes are planted in soil. This planting tomatoes allow them to ripen faster. The planting is due in particular thanks to a daily watering of these tomatoes so that they mature faster then, thanks to the sun, that they become red. EXPLANATION For example, Mr. Bonnet has been growing tomatoes for over three years now in his garden called "Le Potager". In his garden, he found that thanks to the sun's rays projecting a heat of 65 ° C that the tomatoes grow faster. In addition, Mr. Bonnet sprinkles his tomatoes every day. This allows the tomatoes to mature faster and become more easily red. DRAWING
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Trusted teacher: I am an eclectic and curious musician, before any contrabassist. I am also a composer and arranger. After a master of sociology I make the decision to train myself professionally; I return simultaneously to the conservatory of Agen in jazz and conservatory of Bordeaux in classical to learn bass. Then, in 2014, I confirm a National Superior Professional Musician Diploma at the Pole Supérieur Paris Boulogne Billancourt through the training at the Didier Lockwood Music Center. I was trained retrospectively by Jean-Paul Macé, Kent Carter, Gilles Naturel, Marc-Michel Lebevillon, Cristian Diaz, Jean Michel Charbonel, Chris Jennings, Cristophe Dal-sasso, and Carine Bonnefoy (for writing). All these people have nourished my love and passion for music, which remains for me a long way to explore in search of new knowledge. It is the diversity of cultures and the wealth of knowledge that drives me to continue to study everything within my reach. I'm interested in jazz, classical music, Indian music, rock and electronic music ... I hate taboos and separations between the musical worlds and I think that everyone wins to share their knowledge and their modes of operation. My way of thinking about learning Music: I prefer to stay on a principle of pleasure and sharing specific to music. I find it important to adapt to feed the motivation of the student, especially for young people with whom it is very important to have a fun approach. Too many students leave demotivated classes of music schools or conservatory; that I practiced for 5 years (since despite my criticisms I still have a prize of jazz conservatory and I followed the training to obtain the DE of jazz which is a diploma of pedagogy). This involves learning the mechanisms based on improvisation, understanding chords, rhythm and melody. Regarding the repertoire I am based on the culture of the students, after all they are the main concerned! So the choices of the pieces depend on the desires and the tastes. The mode of learning depends on the musical style approached, for example I will not make music theory to someone who wants to play the AC / DC (unless he wishes) conversely a person who wants to address jazz can hardly do without notions about harmony. The purpose of this approach is to develop the independence of the student. The teacher is there to accompany the student at the beginning; he must not become a guardian who can sometimes be transformed over the years into a crutch! This is my way of seeing pedagogy!
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Cours de Musique, Contrebasse, Guitare, harmonie, arrangement. (Montreuil-sur-Mer)
Très bon professeur, ambiance décontractée avec quelqu'un de très à l'écoute.
Review by ROMAIN
COURS DE FRANCAIS ECRIT ET ORAL, mémoires, soutenances (Paris)
Elle est expérimenté et très sympathique.
Review by SACHIKO

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