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23 arabic teachers in Tangier

Trusted teacher: Cette formation est destinée aux étudiants qui ont un intérêt pour l'espace francophone. Elle vise à développer les connaissances linguistiques et culturelles des participants. La formation se compose d'un ensemble varié d’ateliers tels que lecture, écriture, compréhension orale et après chaque atelier il y aura une activité telle qu'une discussion ouverte au sujet du cours donné. Le cours comprend trois ateliers écrit, une à deux heures par semaine et le reste du temps sera consacré au cours oral (deux heures environ par semaine). L'atelier écrit s'occupe de l’analyse, de la production et de la préparation de divers types d’épreuves orales dans les diverses matières tous les genres y compris l’argumentation, la dissertation et le commentaire critique. Les langues sont parlées, compris, écrit et interprétées. Le cours de langue est une forme de communication qui prend part à la vie du cours en amène des discussions ouvertes et libres. Les cours sont offert sans tout attendre pour finir à l’examen d'admission universitaire avec un plan d'étude détaillé, avec des activités non-seulement écrites, mais plutôt orales. Le cours Oral est un cours de langue qui sera donné en français. Son but est de faire acquérir des compétences linguistiques et communicationnelles en français y compris, l’acquisition de la phonétique, de la grammaire et de la syntaxe. La compréhension et l’expression orale seront notre objectif. Ce cours sera avant tout un travail avec les élèves, et ce, non seulement en classe mais aussi entre les étudiants et leurs familles. Il est nécessaire que la communication soit réelle, proposer des activités où pensée raisonnable de deuxième étape sera la plus importante. La coordination des activités formelles (lecture, écriture) avec d’autres activités non formelles (discussions) seront essentielles pour un cours à succès.
French · Communication skills · Arabic
Trusted teacher: French teacher. I have specialized for eight years in private lessons. My courses are aimed both at pupils in difficulty who wish to remedy their weaknesses or at more comfortable pupils who would like to deepen their knowledge and aim for excellence. I propose you: - Support and remediation adapted to all levels. - Preparation for exams: Brevet, study of works from the 1st year of the baccalaureate ... - Writing work: expressing oneself in correct, clear, efficient and rich French. Suitable for adolescents, students and adults (writing summaries, summaries, reports, cover letters, etc.). - School coaching: getting back into a spiral of success by regaining self-confidence. - For adults: preparation for competitions, job interviews ... I am convinced that success depends above all on self-confidence, on the intimate conviction that we can do it. This is why I include “coaching” in my approach, which makes it possible to give the student a good image of himself, to make him aware of his strengths, his skills and his uniqueness, the everything in a positive and reassuring atmosphere. Once confidence is restored, progress comes quickly and easily. In terms of working method, I favor reverse pedagogy: the concepts are seen upstream by various media (lessons, manuals, videos, etc.) then are worked on concretely during private lessons in practical exercises. I explain the misunderstood points, and I emphasize the know-how. My pedagogy is based on the progressive acquisition of a rigorous and infallible method.
Arabic · Business accounting · French
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Arabic and tunisian Dialect courses for children and adults (Tunis)
Zouhour is amazing at meeting the students at their level. I am Tunisian of origin, living in Canada and Zouhour has been tutoring my kids Tunisian Dialect. Her methods are great and her ability to adapt to the kids level and abilities to learn is also extraordinary. Thank you Zouhour for making learning Tunisian Dialect a pleasant experience.
Review by ATEF
Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Berber teacher with more than 7 years of teaching experience.
Soufiane is a great teacher, his classes are both enjoyable and informative, with personally tailored content and a friendly ambiance. He is passionate about teaching and that clearly comes through during the sessions with him. I can only recommend taking a class with him!
Review by ELLIOTT
German courses at home for all levels (Tangier)
Choukri is an awesome teacher. He helped me a lot to achieve my goal. He is friendly and very patient. He really gave his best to help me to improve my german. He is flexible and professional. I would book him again and I recommend him.
Review by MOHAMED