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Recently Posted Private Classes

Cours de guitare classique à Montegnée (Saint-Nicolas 4420) individuel ou à deux.
Formé au conservatoire supérieur de Liège et professeur depuis 14 ans. Ayant travaillé pour Artemusic, Musique et Danse, emi asbl ainsi que pour l'OPE (l'orchestre à la portée des enfants), je suis riche d'une belle expérience dans l'enseignement. Je donne cours aux personnes de tous âges, en général à partir de 5 ans. Pour la guitare classique, vous apprendrez à lire les notes via la guitare grâce notamment aux méthodes de Ctibor et Stepan Rak. Et nous nous délierons les doigts avec notamment Scott Tennant ou Carlevaro ! Pour ceux qui préfèrent les tablatures, c'est possible aussi. Me concernant: Spécialisé dans l'enseignement (guitare et percussions) , je suis un prof enthousiaste et très pédagogue. Ayant connu beaucoup de difficultés dans mon apprentissage, je suis capable de me mettre à la place de mes élèves lorsqu'ils sont face à une difficulté durant leurs parcours ! Membre de "Label Liégeois", je joue guitare et percussions dans ce trio, véritable passerelle entre jazz et musique du monde. Je compose également et poste mes oeuvres sur ma chaine youtube N'hésitez pas à me contacter Alexis

Piano Improvision and freedom on the keys with Jamie
Unlock Your Piano Potential: Discover the Art of Improvisation Are you ready to unleash your creativity and confidence at the piano? Welcome to a transformative journey where music theory meets artistic expression. In this online tutoring class, I specialize in piano improvisation, offering a unique approach that prioritizes freedom and self-assurance on the keys. What You'll Learn: Piano Improvisation: Delve into the exhilarating world of improvisation, where you'll learn to express yourself freely through music. Music Theory & Harmony: Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of music, empowering you to craft harmonious compositions with ease. Composition: Tap into your inner composer as you learn techniques to create original music that resonates with your unique style. Ear Training: Sharpen your listening skills and develop the ability to play by ear, enhancing your musical intuition and adaptability. This class is not about sight-reading or adhering to traditional classical methods. Instead, it's a dynamic exploration of musical expression and innovation. About Your Instructor: With a Masters (MA) in Music and a Grade 7 in music theory, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My experience extends beyond the classroom, as I actively compose for video games and short films/trailers, infusing my teaching with real-world insights and practical applications. I also live stream music on Twitch at where I compose fun orchestrated loops in styles of selected video game music or Jazz. Join me on this journey to unlock the full potential of your piano playing. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore new horizons or an experienced musician seeking to deepen your skills, this class is your gateway to musical liberation.

Beginner - Intermediate Guitar Lessons & Immersion Practical English
Hey there! 👋 I'm Scott, a passionate educator with a love for both music and language. As a guitar enthusiast and language lover, I've combined my two passions to create a unique learning experience. Whether you're strumming chords or mastering grammar, I'm here to make learning fun, engaging, and most importantly, tailored to your individual needs through the use of songs learning guitar and lyrics. Join me on this exciting journey of music and language discovery! Full immersion english but beginner and intermediate students (english and guitar) are welcome. EASTERN UNITED STATES/NEW YORK CITY DIALECT Salut ! 👋 Je m'appelle Scott, un éducateur passionné avec un amour pour la musique et la langue. En tant qu'enthousiaste de la guitare et amoureux des langues, j'ai fusionné mes deux passions pour créer une expérience d'apprentissage unique. Que vous grattiez des accords ou maîtrisiez la grammaire, je suis là pour rendre l'apprentissage amusant, engageant et surtout, adapté à vos besoins individuels à travers l'utilisation de chansons pour apprendre la guitare et les paroles. Rejoignez-moi dans cette excitante aventure de découverte de la musique et de la langue ! Immersion totale en anglais, avec un accueil chaleureux aux étudiants débutants et intermédiaires.

English as a second language, Language of instruction is English.
Hello everyone! About me: I am a masters student who has been studying in english for 18 years. Currently, I have an IELTS score of 8, which corresponds to C2 proficiency in English. Moreover, I have an A* in English as a second language in my IGCSEs from the university of Cambridge. Now, I am pursuing my master's degree in Transforming City Regions at RWTH Aachen University, where all my classes are conducted exclusively in English. The lessons can either be held online or offline at my flat in Aachen Mitte. *You can also contact me via WhatsApp at 01785077324. (This employment is compensated with a flat-rate wage tax).

Chinese (Speaking, reading, writing, and listening)
Embark on a journey to master Mandarin Chinese, a language spoken by over a billion people worldwide. This comprehensive course is designed for those who aim to become proficient in all facets of the language: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, this class will immerse you in the rich Chinese culture and the intricacies of its language. Through engaging lessons and practical exercises, you'll learn essential vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. You'll practice pronunciation and tone recognition with a native speaker, enabling you to communicate confidently in everyday scenarios. Reading and writing sessions will introduce you to the beautiful complexity of Chinese characters, building your abilities to navigate signs, menus, and literature. Our listening exercises will sharpen your comprehension skills, preparing you for real-world conversations. Cultural insights will be woven throughout the curriculum, providing context and depth to your language learning experience. By the end of this course, you'll be able to engage in meaningful dialogues, appreciate classic and modern Chinese literature, and understand spoken Chinese in various dialects. Join me to unlock the door to a new linguistic landscape, fostering personal or professional growth, travel experiences, or even a new hobby. The ability to communicate in Chinese opens up a world of opportunities and this class is your first step.

Private Spanish teacher online and at home. Preparation for exams, pronunciation classes, specific vocabulary, etc.
I am a graduate in Spanish Philology from a Spanish university that is dedicated to offering private classes at different levels (10-18 years and adults) with more than four years of experience in it. I offer classes adapted to each person and depending on their needs to learn the language (grammar, vocabulary of specific fields, pronunciation, conversation...)

Drama: the basics, technique, acting tutoring/help
In this class you will learn the basics of acting and performance, but also how to heighten the abilities you already have. Whether it be help with picking monologues, warm-up techniques, memory techniques or an outside opinion on your chosen performances, this tutoring session can help you gain the confidence you need to help you through exams. This tutoring can also offer some small insights into the industry and will try and answer any starting questions you may have. This course is mainly for those studying Drama in secondary school who are looking to improve their background work outside of class.

Learn how to paint using Watercolors a step by step guide
Learn Watercolor Painting techniques , step by step approach to paint using watercolors. Learn different techniques using watercolor such as dry on dry, dry on wet, wet on wet. Understand which brush, papers, colors to use for effective painting.

German lessons with a native speaker - all levels :)
I have been tutoring German for 7 years and love it more and more. I encourage you to immerse yourself in the language to learn more effectively and pleasurably than according to book patterns. I teach classes based on living language and personalized materials: we will use German articles, YouTube, music, media - we will immerse ourselves in the language and create our German-speaking space according to what will actually serve you - tailored to your interests, personality and needs. I offer conversations at all levels and for people of all ages. Class duration of your choice: 45-60 min.

HAPPY Drawing and painting classes for children, adolescents and adults
I am a painter who graduated from an Academy of Fine Arts. I enjoy working on artistic creations with children, adolescents and adults. I also have experience working with children with autistic disorders. I offer creative classes at your home or in mine. Drawing: observation, symmetry, perspective, framing, composition, shading Painting: painting techniques, knowledge of the use of acrylic and oil paints, Indian ink, combination of paints I adapt the learning level to the participant's age and their own interests. I also organize creative classes for small groups. See you soon! :)

Support courses in mathematics, German, English and/or biology
I am a student at the University of Geneva in international relations and hold a federal maturity in strong mathematics, biology and chemistry. I am also bilingual French-German which allows me to give lessons in both languages. My goal is to help the student assimilate the points not understood in class so that he feels more comfortable in the subjects where he encounters difficulties. I attach importance not only to the student's understanding and clarification of the material but also to their motivation and desire to learn. If you are looking for a tutor for mathematics, German, English and/or biology, do not hesitate to contact me!

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Procreate, Affinity, Canva, Blender, Sketchup - Experienced tutor graduated from Beaux-arts de Bordeaux
Hello Miss, Sir, I have been an arts teacher for 3 years. After a preparatory school at Prép'art Paris, I obtained my diploma in design of objects and spaces at the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux! Digital Arts: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, Affinity, SketchUp, Blender and Canva Whether you are in communication, graphics, art or want to discover the wonderful sector of digital arts, I will be able to satisfy you! After 1 year in Preparatory School at Prép'art, I graduated from Bordeaux Fine Arts. Currently a private teacher for three years and a young designer specialized in After 1 year in Preparatory School at Prép'art, I graduated from the Beaux-arts of Bordeaux. Currently a private teacher for three years and a young designer specializing in the design of space objects. Achievements: - Cultural mediation graphic designer for the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts, as part of the program A foot at the Museum of Fine Arts - Speaker at the Van Cleef & Arpels Heritage Gallery (Paris) - Speaker for in Ephad for Artora and at the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts for Art Explora ️ - Scenography and mediation of the Gilbert Shelton exhibition at the Bakery Art Gallery (BAG) in partnership with the IUT of journalism Bordeaux Montaigne - Collective exhibition “Too/not Enough” at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Madd) in Bordeaux with designer Mathilde Pellée With pleasure! Cécile

Conversation in English with Louise, a real Englishwoman who has a lot of experience
➖Conversation lessons especially to be sure to boost yourself - fun and interesting! ➖I send you articles, video clips for your level..... ➖Online or audio - as you wish! ➖I am here to help you advance!

Coaching Vocal
Cours sur la posture, la respiration, le geste vocal, technique vocal en

(Native) Italian classes for English or Spanish speaking students
In a typical Italian class we start with a warm welcome and a quick review of previous lessons. We then dive into new vocabulary and grammar, often through interactive activities and examples. Conversation practice follows, where students engage in dialogue and listening exercises to strengthen their speaking and comprehension skills. We then focus on reading comprehension, discussing passages and exploring language nuances. Writing tasks are assigned, with personalized feedback provided to aid in improvement. The class wraps up with a summary of key points and feedback, ensuring students feel supported and motivated in their language learning journey.

Spanish lessons. Native teacher. All levels and ages.
Learn Spanish with a native tutor, with personalized fun lessons, for all levels and ages. Learning a language improves our intellectual skills, as our opportunities for working, travelling, studying and making friends. Contact me to assess your level or begin your journey.

🎸🎶 Beginner Guitar Lessons in Luxembourg! 🇱🇺🎸
Have you always dreamed of playing the guitar? 🌟 Now's your chance to turn that dream into reality! 🎵 🎸 About Me: Hi there! I'm Ronan, a passionate guitarist with 20 years of experience in both acoustic and electric guitar. I'm thrilled to offer beginner guitar lessons in Luxembourg! Whether you're into the soulful strumming of acoustic or the electrifying sounds of an electric guitar, I've got you covered. 📚 What I Offer: Tailored lessons for beginners. Learn at your own pace in a friendly and encouraging environment. Comprehensive curriculum covering chords, strumming, basic music theory, and more. Lessons available in English only 🏡 Location: Lessons are conducted in my cozy studio located in Luxembourg or I can travel around the city as well. 🎉 Why Choose Me: I am dedicated to making your musical journey enjoyable and rewarding. My goal is to help you become a confident and skilled guitarist, whether you're strumming by the campfire or rocking on stage. 🤝 Contact: Ready to embark on your musical adventure? Send me a message and I will get back to you straight away! 🌟 Let's make music together! 🌈🎶 Book your first lesson now and let the music begin! 🤘🔥 #GuitarLessons #LuxembourgMusic #LearnGuitar

Experienced Teacher/Tutor: fostering a love of learning in a calm, stress-free way!
I am an experienced teacher and primary school leader, with a wealth of knowledge about the British Education System and about teaching English, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the ways children learn. I can offer the following: • Individual/small group English lessons. • Individual/small group support and preparation for the British school state SATS examinations at primary level. • Specialized advice on supportive approaches for children with special educational needs. • Tutoring and support for parents to help their children’s learning. All lessons are interactive, fun, and tailored to the learner's needs and preferred learning style and ability.

Beginner / Advanced Guitar Classes Geneva / Onex
Classes or private classes in various styles such as blues, rock, pop, Latin and jazz are offered with a methodology related to improvisation, notions of harmonies and solfège, at very attractive prices for effective and progressive learning and development.

Ukrainian Language Adventure: From Basics to Beyond!
I'm sorry to inform you that, at the moment, I am not actively providing lessons. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you explore the Ukrainian language! Thank you for your interest in Ukrainian culture. It's a pleasure to share its beauty with you. I offer customized Ukrainian lessons for expats in Kyiv, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Additionally, I conduct Zoom classes for individuals planning to visit Ukraine for travel or business, emphasizing Ukrainian culture and lifestyle. My lessons adopt a real-life approach, concentrating on enhancing communication skills and practicing language relevant to everyday situations. Furthermore, I always tailor my teaching method to each student individually.

Fun and Engaging English Adventures : Learn with Games!
Are you looking to improve your English skills in a fun and engaging way? Join my English lessons where we focus on practical conversation, vocabulary building, grammar exercises, and more. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your English proficiency, my personalized approach caters to your specific needs and goals. Let's embark on this language learning journey together and unlock your full potential in English!