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Recently Posted Private Classes

LEARN SPANISH WITH ME! :) Learn Spanish with me! :)
Hello! My name is Marina and I am 26 years old. I have come to Monthey a few days ago "for love". I have studied Journalism and I have worked in a Spanish television channel. I have always been passionate about writing; Since I was very little I have participated in an infinity of literature contests. Also, I love cooking and I know English perfectly. If you want to learn English with me, we will do it in a didactic and fun way. Thanks for reading me! Bonjour! Je m'appelle Marina et j'ai 26 ans. I suis arrivé à Monthey il ya quelques jours "par amour". J'ai étudié le journalisme et j'ai travaillé dans une chaine de télévision espagnole. J'ai toujours été passionné par l'écriture; depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai participated à de nombreux littéraires concours. De plus, j'adore cuisiner et je connais parfaitement l'anglais. Si vous voulez apprendre l'anglais avec moi, nous le ferons d'une manière didactique et amusante. Merci de me lire!

Private Spanish lessons. Grammar, vocabulary, conversation.
I have been giving private Spanish lessons for over 10 years. If you want to improve your Spanish, learn this beautiful language or just practice so you don't forget it or expand your vocabulary, you can count on me to help you. I lived 16 years in South America. I give lessons at home but I can also move if it's not too far.

Nouta Albert
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French, English, Science
I have experience in tutoring Maths, Physics and Chemistry to advance level students, but i can tutor Maths and Physics too at bachelor level. I like using demonstrations with practical examples to ease understanding in my classes and i always try to explain complex things in simple terms.. Also, i believe practice makes perfect, so i always give assignments to my students that can help them to practice what has been thought. Been fluent in both English and French, i can tutor any of these laguages.

Course of paintings and drawings aqurée oil painting and pastel
Teachers graduated from Fine Arts in Milan give drawing / painting lessons / art school QRegistration is done throughout the year. Each student follows their personal program. The courses are given by an artist-painter with a degree in Fine Arts. 1 - Oil painting 2- watercolor 3- Drawing 4- Academic Drawing 5- The Children's Course

I give Arabic lessons for all levels (Beginner - Advanced)
Hello! I am Safae, I am 21 years old and I am Moroccan. I am a Master's student in financial engineering at EPFL. I want to give Arabic lessons. I wish to share my passion for my native language by helping you to read, to write with the most suitable method for you. I can give beginners lessons as I can give advanced lessons. I will try to guarantee the fastest and most fun method. As I am Moroccan, I know how to speak the Darija dialect and I will teach it to you too.

organ, harpsichord and musical improvisation for all levels
I offer organ or harpsichord lessons for all ages and all levels. This is an individual lesson centered on the needs and objectives of each student. I also offer keyboard improvisation lessons for all ages and levels. All styles can be approached according to the student's interests (classical music, pop music or jazz as well). Organist and concert harpsichordist, I perform in concerts in Europe and have taught in various conservatories in France and Switzerland.

French lessons (school support, for adults)
My French course has three approaches varying according to the objective you are aiming for. - The first approach is aimed at secondary II students (college, business school, etc.) and is centered on in-depth learning of grammar (Grevisse method) and on the analysis and history of literature. - The second approach is aimed at secondary I students and consists of remedying certain academic shortcomings by a method aimed above all at giving the student back the pleasure of reading, writing and understanding how the language works. The third approach is for people whose mother tongue is not French and who wish to improve their ability to communicate. This learning mainly involves conversation exercises and the setting up of educational games.

Valerie Mbigna
Violin and Viola lessons for all levels and age in Zurich
I'm an Italian professional violinist graduated in the Hochschule der Künste in Zürich. I offer lessons for anyone who want to learn or improve their skills in playing the violin or viola. It is open to individuals of all age categories, from kids to adults. The lessons focus on allowing students to have fun while making music and expressing themselves through their instrument. I adapts the pace, materials, and choice of songs to each student's requests and needs. The classes can also serve as personal work support, where students can bring in their own scores from their main class or chamber orchestra. I have over 8 years of experience, I am able to teach beginner to advanced level students, and can communicate in Italian, English and German.

Lessons for Violin/Viola for Beginners to Advanced (for Children and Adults) in Zurich
Hello, my name is Izabel and I play the viola professionally and work in Zurich Opernhaus as well as other orchestras. I also have more than 10 years of experience teaching the violin, the viola and music theory. I can speak fluent English, Bulgarian and French. I can also understand German, but cannot fluently communicate. I would be happy to work with you or your child at your home, or in my studio, as well as give an online course. My weeks are often quite flexible and I am happy to accommodate to your schedule whenever it is possible. It is an important step in one's development to seek the right guidance and to have a teacher who helps them develop and grow. I was lucky to have been taught by incredible teachers, but I also needed to create a specialised way of practicing for myself, which I soon realised could help many others get through the difficulties of learning the stringed instrument. If you are interested in my course, please reach out and be sure that you will not regret it. All the best, Izabel

Hello dear parents, My name is Lucille, I'm French, and I offer my services as a TEACHER FRENCH CLASSES and sensitization, familiarization for BABIES, KIDS and TEENAGERS: my classes are made from babies from 4 months to 14 years old. Workshop to 1h/2h/3h. From September 2023. Classes will be done at your home, alone or in little groups. I'm certified in Sciences education and in Fine-Arts, I've also experienced working in a Montessori school with kids from 0 to 6 years old. Considering your child's age, a few activities will be offered to him/her : singing, manual activities, cooking, reading stories, games, acting, motricity, playing with puppets, oral and written understanding, oral communication and writing, grammar, etc. You can reach me by message if you need more information, I'm at your disposal. A bientôt !

Violin- und Viola Unterricht + Improvisation, Folks, Neue Musik
Geige oder Bratsche lernen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene - mit Freude und Verstand. Im Unterricht erlernen wir grundlegende und/oder erweiterte Techniken, spielen nach Gehör und lernen, mit musikalischem Text umzugehen, klatschen, singen und spielen zusammen, sprechen über individuelle Probleme und Perspektiven und diskutieren über Musik. Das Ziel ist das eigene Kreativität kennenzulernen und dabei professionelle Fähigkeiten zu erwerben. Mit AnfängerInnen können wir gerne Noten lernen, improvisieren und zusammen komponieren. Für Fortgeschrittene und professionelle MusikerInnen biete ich einen Kurs für erweiterte moderne Techniken an, sowie Hilfe im standarten und zeitgenössischen Repertoire. Ich beschäftige mich mit Musik von mehreren Stilen, von klassische bis zum Folks; im Focus steht aber Ihre Wahl und Interesse.

Piano lessons to give to those who need it!
I am at the school of general culture in Monthey in the second year, and I would be available to help anyone in need, the courses being adapted to everyone, I will adapt to everyone's learning so that everyone can learn at their own pace without any stress.

Jazz guitar and improvisation lessons for every instrument
I am a freelancing jazz guitarist, with a masters degree in jazz music from Manhattan School of Music. I offer jazz guitar lessons as well as improvisation lessons to every instrument. Together we will develop your jazz vocabulary, your harmonic and theoretical knowledge, your sense of rhythm, right- and left hand technique, knowledge of the fretboard and much more. I have years of experience, teaching all ages from beginners to advanced players and would be happy to work with anyone interested in becoming a better guitar player and musician! Morgan

private lessons for primary school students and the orientation cycle.
I give private lessons to primary school students and the orientation cycle. I adapt my course according to the demand and the need of my student. My goal is to make you understand the subject and help you pass your exams.

Private language lessons for all ages and all levels
Personalized courses according to the needs, objectives and expectations of each person. Student at the University of Friborg in psychology, I make available my knowledge of language, being of French mother tongue and having a C1 certificate (bilingual) in German.

Saxophone lessons and music theory for all levels. Improvisation and composition possible according to the desires!
I am a saxophonist with 15 years of experience from the conservatory. I offer you the most stimulating saxophone lessons! Here is my philosophy: playing the sax is not only technical mastery, it is also knowing how to transmit emotions through your music. I therefore attach great importance to learning being pleasant for the student and corresponding to his personality and his musical tastes. Coming from the conservatory, I have a classical musical training. I also diversified with more modern genres of music like Jazz, Blues, Pop, Hip-Hop, House, Afrobeat. Here is the flow of a typical lesson: 1. Musical awakening: I always start with exercises to develop the musical ear. This includes exercises rhythm (eg body percussion), exercises in harmony and tonal recognition. 2.Music theory: A moment of theory follows. This includes music theory (reading notes). I also teach the theory of improvisation according to the student's objectives. 3. Instrumental practice: Depending on the student's preferences, instrumental practice may consist of reading sheet music or playing by ear. I could play a duet with the student on the saxophone or accompany him on the piano.

~Individual piano lessons for all ages and levels~
On my lessons you will strengthen and develop your musical knowledge and skills according to your musical level; You will get the basic knowledge necessary for a beginner musician and you will gradually get to know with the specifics and techniques of the instrument, which are necessary to move to the next levels; Musical works will be selected according to your wishes, whether they are classical or other genres; you will get both, practical and theoretical knowledge; I can also teach children to sing.

Couple dances, ball opening, choreography.
Professional dancer and teacher for over 20 years, I offer private ballroom dancing lessons for your ballroom opening. Suggested dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rock, Salsa, Rumba etc. Packages 5 or 10 lessons, decreasing price according to the formula chosen.

Spanish and English teacher, if I could learn French in 10 months, you can also some language!
My name is Vanessa and I arrived in Geneva 10 months ago. I have studied Psychology in Valencia and I have worked in language academies, a Cambridge school and with private and group lessons. I have taught English and Spanish for 8 years. I can also help you with official exams and titles; grammar, speech, vocabulary... My French has improved a lot so I can also speak that language but the point is "el español!" or English. The best way to learn a language is speaking it so let's go out of your comfort area 🥰 My name is Vanessa and I arrived in Geneva 10 months ago. I studied psychology in Valencia and worked in language academies, a Cambridge school and with private and group lessons. I taught English and Spanish for 8 years. I can also help you with official exams and titles; grammar, speech, vocabulary... My French has improved a lot so I can also speak that language but the point is "el español!" The best way to learn a language is to speak it so let's get out of your comfort zone 🥰

German and English Tutoring by Cambridge Certified Tutor
[Deutsche Beschreibung unten] I have a master's degree in German Studies, and I am C2 proficient in English. Besides extensive work as a translator, I have experience tutoring university students from abroad, as well as refugees, and even my Czech girlfriend. Not just in English and German, but also specifically working to understand the swiss dialects. Thus I have a broad knowledge base that deals in all possible lingual backgrounds. I think in any language learning is easiest when respecting the unique backgrounds of people and their language, and focusing rather on the communalities than the differences. Being knowledgeable about linguistics certainly helps in achieving this. I believe in a personal approach, thus I would sit down with you and figure out what your goals are, your strengths, and your resources, either in person or via online tutoring. Ich habe einen Masterabschluss in Germanistik, und bin zertifiziert in der englischen Sprache, dank eines Diploms der University of Cambridge. Nebst meiner Erfahrung als Übersetzer, habe ich auch Erfahrung im unterweisen von Studenten, und im Sprachunterricht für Flüchtlinge. Und auch meine tschechische Freundin erfährt Unterricht von mir. Das alles nicht bloss in Englisch und Hochdeutsch, sondern auch im Kontext des Verstehens Schweizer Dialekte. Ich habe also einen breiten Wissens- und Erfahrungsschatz im Umgang mit allen möglichen sprachlichen Hintergründen. Ich bin der Meinung, dass es bei jeder Sprache am einfachsten ist, sie zu lernen, wenn man die Individualität des Schülers respektiert und die Eigenheiten seiner Muttersprache. Dabei fokussiere ich mich darauf, die Gemeinsamkeiten herauszuarbeiten. Mein akademischer Hintergrund in Linguistik ist da sicherlich behilflich. Ich bin ein Vertreter eines persönlichen Ansatzes, und würde somit zuerst mit dir zusammensitzen und besprechen, was deine Ziele sind, deine Fähigkeiten und Wünsche. Sowohl persönlich wie via Video Chat.

Drum lessons in Basel from a jazz drummer: jazz, rock, funk, pop, and other styles
Are you someone that is interested in learning how to play the drums, or someone that is looking to further your development on the instrument? I can help you! Whether you’re just looking for a new hobby, a different creative outlet or if music is already a serious passion for you, these lessons are for you. In our lessons, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to play various styles and in various situations- jazz, funk, pop, rock, metal or hip-hop. The following topics are covered: Learning essential grooves in different styles/genres Listening to and learning songs by ear Technique and sound on the instrument Sight reading (and music theory, if needed or requested) Improvising/jamming Each student has their own curriculum designed to help them progress according to their wishes. If you’re looking to play drums just for the fun of it, or if you’re someone that is looking to study and play on a professional level, these lessons will be suited to your needs.