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76 statistics teachers in Belgium

Trusted teacher: As a highly qualified maths teacher, a graduate of the college of teachers and with 11 years of teaching experience in public high schools, I am happy to offer tutoring lessons in mathematics at home for students from level T and Common Core Sciences, TC Technological, 1st Baccalaureate Experimental Sciences and final of all the sectors (SVT-PC-SC.Math-L), as well as for the classes of 2nd and 1st general, Terminale specialty of the French system, as well than the 5th, 4th and 3rd levels of college. My primary objective is to help students improve their level, deepen their knowledge, assimilate their lessons, fill their gaps and improve their skills in the discipline of mathematics. In addition, I am perfectly able to support them in the preparation of their exams and competitions for access to the Grandes Ecoles, and to provide them with homework help so that they can succeed in this subject. With my advanced math skills and knowledge, I am confident that I can provide my students with effective tools and techniques to help them progress. My goal is to give them confidence and help them develop a passion for mathematics, a subject that can seem daunting at first, but can be exciting and rewarding if taught in an interesting and fun way. By choosing my tutoring courses in mathematics, students can expect to receive individual attention and personalized help to overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals. My teaching approach is interactive and student-centered, which allows for a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and a more practical application of acquired knowledge. In summary, I am confident in my skills as a math teacher to help students of all levels progress and succeed in this demanding subject. I am convinced that my dynamic and stimulating teaching methods will help my students achieve their math goals and build a confidence that will follow them throughout their lives.
Test prep · Math · Statistics
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Robert - Uccle35€
Trusted teacher: A highly experienced Franco-Belgian teacher (ook in het nederlands!) offers private lessons in mathematics (including finance), probability and statistics, as well as physics, chemistry, and biology for secondary and higher education levels. For physics, chemistry, and biology, the instruction is tailored to the secondary level, specifically up to the 5th year of secondary education in Belgium. Whether you prefer lessons at your place, my place, or remotely, I am flexible to accommodate your needs. If necessary, I can travel to your home in Brussels, Walloon and Flemish Brabant, with a minimum duration of 2 hours per session. The lessons are designed to provide extensive practice with numerous exercises. Distance learning options are also available through platforms such as Skype, Facebook, etc. Please note that for students in France, only distance learning courses are provided. In mathematics, I specialize in various topics and frequently provide lessons covering the entire secondary school curriculum, including math 6 and higher. These topics encompass factorization, equations of the 1st and 2nd degree (with in-depth study of parabolas), limits, derivatives, integrals, exponentials and logarithms, as well as trigonometry. Additionally, I am occasionally called upon to teach analytical geometry in space, including equations of lines and planes. For statistics and probabilities, I provide instruction in descriptive and inferential statistics (univariate and bivariate), covering confidence intervals and hypothesis tests, applicable to secondary and higher education levels. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss and arrange the lessons based on your specific needs and availability. My aim is to help you enhance your skills effectively and provide personalized instruction. By tailoring the lessons to your requirements, we can ensure rapid progress in your studies.
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Jackie - Auderghem35€
Trusted teacher: 90% of my students don't have an iPad. Just like me. It works fine on a PC. You can buy a WACOM to write with a stylus, instead of a mouse. No camera needed. I'm doing screen sharing. The students see directly what I write on the screen. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Do not hesitate to take courses to aim for 700-800 on the GMAT test -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ With me, you will love math. Boss math, I had 100% in math during my primary and secondary. Selected every year for the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad, I also participated in other competitions where I was very well ranked at the national level. For me, there is no secret: practice, practice, practice ... The more you practice, the better you understand, the results will improve and you will love this material that is not so witch My pedagogy is flexible, I adapt to the student. Beyond repeating the classical theory, I explain things differently so that the student can understand better. I also like to accompany the student to do math exercises, so that the student can continue alone after my departure. Personalized math course for all types of needs - improve school results - special math & logic / reflection game during the holidays - preparation for the entrance exam for a new school / university
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Alexis - Ixelles-Elsene35€
Trusted teacher: Hello to you, my future and future students! I am Alexis, private mathematics teacher offering my services in Brussels and via webcam. My goal is to provide individualized support to my students to help them achieve their academic goals. I am available to give lessons in French or in English and can adapt to your needs in terms of location (at your place, at my place or by webcam). I am also able to help you in the preparation of your homework, assessments or exams, as well as entrance or admission exams. I am always ready to adapt my teaching and create new exercises to ensure a better understanding of the subject. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. about me : I am a student at the ULB in the second year of a Master's degree in Control and Optimization of Systems at the Polytechnic School of Brussels. I obtained my bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2021 and my secondary studies as an option Maths8-Sciences6 at Saint-Pierre College in 2018. I have a strong passion for science and mathematics and I have given nearly 500 hours private lessons, mainly for secondary school students and bachelor students in analysis, statistics, physics, computer science, etc. In 2019 and 2020, I was a tutor for the ASBL ScholaULB in schools in Brussels for maths, chemistry and physics lessons. Then, in 2021, I was a student-assistant at the EPB to give exercise sessions. I am available to give lessons in French or in English, remotely or on site. My pedagogical approach is flexible and I try to create new exercises for better understanding. If you are looking for a private math tutor, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and academic goals. I am available to answer your questions and help you choose the right lesson plan for your needs.
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Koen - Sint-Niklaas46€
Trusted teacher: EDUCATION Are you a student in secondary or higher education (college/university) and are you having trouble with maths? Then I can help you. I am a mathematician myself and also have a doctorate in applied mathematics. So I have a passion for mathematics and would like to share my knowledge, for example by giving extra lessons. So I have a broad basis in mathematics (algebra, analysis, numerical mathematics, statistics, …) and have taught mathematics during my PhD. For this I won a prize for best teacher in time! TUTORING In recent years I have successfully tutored both secondary and university students (Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Commercial Engineering, Bachelor of Physics, Bachelor/Master of Applied Economics, Bachelor of Biochemistry). During the tutoring I start from the problems that the student experiences while studying. I explain the theory using simple examples and we solve a few exercises together. Through my patient approach I create a climate where the student has the feeling that they can and may ask anything. My greatest quality as a tutor is that I am very patient and willing to explain everything frequently. PRACTICAL The tutoring takes place either online or within a radius of 15 km around Lokeren (including Ghent). The vast majority of tutoring sessions take place online with me and this is going well. I make live notes during the tutoring that the student can follow. These will then be made available to the student after the tutoring. I also give live tutoring in an environment around Lokeren, either at my home or at the student's.
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Tim - Antwerp49€
Statistics · Calculus · Algebra
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Masud - Brussels34€
Trusted teacher: Welcome! I recently completed a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence coding school following the successful completion of my master's degree from the esteemed University of Ghent in Belgium. With over 2 years of experience as a private Python tutor, I am well-equipped to assist you. My mission is to help you with statistics and data analysis for your projects. My courses are designed to cater to a diverse range of students, including teenagers, those in higher education or pursuing doctoral studies in sciences, as well as anyone interested in understanding statistics. I offer a flexible teaching approach that can be tailored to your specific needs. To ensure an effective learning experience, I kindly request a brief description of your objectives for the course. This will enable me to customize the content and adapt my teaching methods accordingly. Based on your requirements, my courses can cover the following topics: - Fundamental principles of descriptive and inferential statistics. - Various inference tests, including commonly used ones such as Chi-square, T-test, ANOVA, and linear regression, as well as more advanced techniques like multi-level analyses, structural equations, and data organization tools such as factor analysis and cluster analysis. - Practical application using statistical software such as SPSS, R language, and Python. - Engaging in practical exercises using provided data or your own dataset. - Regardless of your current level of understanding, I will focus on the specific areas that meet your needs and interests. I am committed to providing clear and comprehensible explanations to ensure your effective comprehension of the concepts.
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Ahmed - Uccle64€
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Mathematics Tutoring from Secondary School to Master's Level by a French Master's Graduate (Borsbeek)
Han is very professional and friendly. He does a fantastic job at preparing lessons and support that is tailored perfectly to the student. He goes over and above to ensure that students receive quality support that is appropriate for their level and that provides a framework for their exam success. I would definitely recommend taking Han's classes!
Review by JORDAN
Data Analysis and Statistics using (Python or R ) Language (Brussels)
Masud is a well experienced tutor and very patient. He understands diverse differential learning needs and always finds proactive strategies to ensure that you learn. The statistics lessons with him was very effective, that even when I had to take my statistics exam it was easy for me to navigate. I do highly recommend him.
Review by NOEL
🚀EVERY CHILD IS A MATHS GENIUS | British Tutor 🇬🇧 (Toulouse)
We are just getting started, but our experiences with Oliver have been great so far. He is prompt to communicate, professional and very patient. He does a good job of understanding where my daughter is, helping her at her level, and not making her feel bad that she is having a tough time with Math. Highly recommend!
Review by TAMMY